Pieces of April

A long time favorite band of mine is Three Dog Night. The three singers who took turn as lead and harmonized so well are Danny Hutton, Cory Wells and Chuck Negron. They had a huge number of hits singing songs written by great songwriters like Randy Newman, Paul Williams and Leo Sayer, to name a few.

A favorite and timely song comes to mind as we head into Spring. “Pieces of April” was written by David Loggin.

April gave us springtime and the promise of the flowers
And the feeling that we both shared and the love that we called ours
We knew no time for sadness, that’s a road we each had crossed
We were living a time meant for us, and even when it would rain
we would laugh it off.

I’ve got pieces of April, I keep them in a memory bouquet
I’ve got pieces of April, it’s a morning in May

We stood on the crest of summer, beneath an oak that blossomed green
Feeling as I did in April, not really knowing what it means
But it must be then that you stand beside me now to make me feel this way
Just as I did in April, but it’s a morning in May.

I’ve got pieces of April, I keep them in a memory bouquet
I’ve got pieces of April, but it’s a morning in May

I’ve got pieces of April, I keep them in a memory bouquet
I’ve got pieces of April, but it’s a morning in May

This song is one of melancholy and love lost. I love the reference to the wonderful time together in April, but it is now May. This is a metaphor that simplifies a longer break-up to just two months, but even if it were that short, it is impactful.

If you want great traveling music with your family, download or access a greatest hits CD and just sing along. Just a few of the many hits include “One,” “Mama told me not to come,” “Eli’s coming,” “Easy to be hard (from Hair),” “Black and white,” “Just an old fashioned love song,” and “Shambala.” Our kids would ask for this one.

For those interested in how they got their name, a girlfriend of Danny Hutton’s described that the indigenous Australians would sleep with three dingos on a very cold night. Three Dog Night gives us all great comfort.

14 thoughts on “Pieces of April

    • Jill, excellent. I look forward to it. You asked me about “Nine inch nails.” I must confess I need to listen to their songs as a reminder. Do you have any favoritrs. Keith

      • Ha ha … no, I can’t STAND Nine Inch Nails! Herb has been asking me to play a song by them on one of my music posts, and I thought, since you like more of the heavy stuff than I, that you might have a take on them. 😉

      • Jill, we listened to a couple of songs. They are certainly an acquired taste. We did listen to a song covered by Johnny Cash called “Hurt” that was written by Trent Resner of Nine Inch Nails. So, that may be one to write about it. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: Another couple of Three Dog Night hit songs are “Joy to the World” and “Out in the Country.” The latter is prophetic with the lyric “before the breathing air is gone…..”

  2. I can still hear every note, every nuance of that beautiful song. As you named the various songs, those came back to my memory with almost-equal clarity. It’s always great when you remind us of timeless songs — ditto for today’s post.

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