Short and sweet on Saturday

On this beautiful Saturday, let me offer a few short and sweet (or sour) observations this Saturday morning.

  • No, Mr. President, there is no truth that wind mills cause cancer. GOP Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa, where 1/3 of the electricity comes from wind energy and who proclaims to be the father of wind energy tax credits, is less kind – he called the President’s assertion “idiotic.”
  • The British Prime Minister has requested an extension from the EU to June 30, which is pending approval. If granted, I hope Parliament will seek some form of vote to either approve a deal or decide to stay with the extra time. I read today how countries around the globe are recognizing and lamenting the Brexit train wreck.
  • The Dems need to stop the circular firing squad seeking purity in a Presidential candidate. Not to begrudge any woman the right to feel harassed, but to me there are different levels of harassment. I am not saying Joe Biden is without fault nor he is necessarily the best candidate, but I encourage everyone to watch “The View” episode where he consoles a distraught Meghan McCain over her father’s demise. That is the epitome of class and humanity.
  • As evidence of America’s strength in diversity, we have an openly gay man and countless women and races running for President and Chicago just elected its first black female Mayor who also happens to be a Lesbian. Going one step further, she beat out another capable black woman.

That is all for now. Go enjoy this beautiful weekend.

13 thoughts on “Short and sweet on Saturday

  1. Great post Keith. I will be run out of WP but I have to say the onslaught of women coming out of the wood work with accusations ( many years later) seems politically motivated . As the mother of a son it is frightening to imagine that should someone become angry with anyone ( not just men) they could literally ruin lives forever. If serious accusations are made they must be substantiated as in any other crime. Of course the very mention of a sexual assault whether founded or not is the kiiss of death for the accused. I abhor anyone who would sexually assault or abuse violently but this is beginning to look like a ploy to advance agendas in a lot of cases.

    • Holly, your comment is pertinent. I do not equate what Biden does (unless there are other more severe accusations) with what Trump, Cosby, Weinstein, Weiner, Clinton, Rose, etc. have done.

      It is a shame a man accused by about 20 women of inapproriate kissing and groping and walking in on disrobed teen beauty contestants AND who boasted of such in an Access Hollywood tape and in several appearances on Howard Stern’s radio show AND who had at least two extramarital affairs, is President of the US. It is also inapproptiate for such a man to criticize Biden for much less severe transgressions.


      • We know Trump can get away with anything he wants. I’m not saying Biden is innocent of inappropriate behavior but the accuser needs to have substantial backing for their claims rather than the proof of innocence placed on the accused. Innocent till proven guilty.

      • Agreed. Trump can say he does, but I don’t think he wants to run against Biden. Nixon did not want to run against Edmund Muskie, instead preferring to run against George McGovern. So, his cronies went out of their way to discredit Muskie. We will see a lot of over-egrandized stories and accusations. The Russians will be involved, but others will follow their planted story strategy.

        There are a lot of very good Dems running, so it would be good to let things sort themselves out.

  2. Note to Readers: The US President said we are “filled up” suggesting asylum seekers to go home. His comments were not just meant for the immigration system, but the country. The former is true because we need more judges not fencing. The latter is not true at all. The US is one of the least dense countries and we need more talent coming in with our aging workforce. Nuance and accuracy is needed and are not the strengths of the man in the White House.

  3. I don’t, as a rule, care for Chuck Grassley, but every now and then he speaks intelligently. 😉 I think that Biden has been set up, and I look for the republicans or Russians or whomever, to try similar tactics with the other candidates if they find a weak spot, such as Buttigieg’s sexual orientation. This is going to be an ugly 19 months … I hope we can all survive it. Good post!

    • Jill, I understand what you say about Grassley. As for Biden, I agree that every possible opponent will be targeted and the recipient of a Trump nickname. Social media makes it so easy.

      Dems need to have consistent policy statements, but also consistent themes about the Trump White House.
      – we need to stop the chaos
      – we need to restore civility and truth
      – we need to regain our allies’ trust
      – we need to take care of our planet

      For example. Keith

      • I so fully agree! We must rise above the republican muck and concentrate on platforms, policies. It’s hard, but the candidates AND the media must find a way to ignore the mudfest and be above the fray.

      • Jill, policies matter. A chronic immigration problem,which has not been resolved when three bipartisan bills were not taken up in the House (last one in 2013), has become crisis as a result of this President. More judges are needed, separating families was a mean-spirited and chaotic idea and not helping the countries where emigration starts are just three items. Keith

  4. Dear Keith,

    President Trump will never live down his lie, that wind mills cause cancer.

    We all agree. The assertions by women against VP Biden for having invaded their space, was politically motivated. Fortunately, most folks would not want him barred from running for elected office because of this. In some ways, its a good thing, this happened now where VP Biden has time to adjust his behaviors, as times have changed.

    I was thrilled when Mayor Buttigieg came out to talk publicly about his gay status. So far, he’s one of my top choices.

    I’m totally not supporting two candidates because they’ve attacked their own and I plan to hold to this standard.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, the time is ripe to lean in. People are impacted by climate change and enabled pollution. The Dems are on the side of the angels on this. Keith

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