On the downhill side of hump day

Tomorrow, the infamous Mueller report will be released in redacted form. Of course, the AG has called a press conference, so there are no guarantees. I would not be surprised by anything at this point. I do see a scared President.

What I find interesting is Giuliani and crowd are preparing a rebuttal, yet we have been told they had not see the report. I did not believe this for one bit, but I find it odd that you can write a rebuttal to a report you have not seen.

What I also find interesting is how someone can tout the summary conclusions that the AG offered and then denigrate the underlying report. This was akin to Trump saying Michael Cohen lied to Congress, except when he was bragging on Trump.

Herman Cain said he will keep his hat in the race for the Federal Reserve Board. This is giving the GOP Senate leaders heartburn as they see him as unqualified and unfit based on past issues. They have a right to be concerned, in my opinion.

Mayor Pete has some sound advice for his fellow Democrat Presidential candidates – do not make this about Trump bashing. I agree. Mayor Pete has impressed every where he has gone for interviews.

Speaking of impressing, Bernie impressed the Town Hall attendees on Fox. Dems need to do more of this, as their message is overall better than the current President and GOP. It is not perfect and needs to move to the center more, but talking about healthcare, job training, climate change, e.g. is much better than a border wall. By the way, the President, who feels Fox is his network, has fumed twice for Fox hosting Bernie. I find this amusing.

Finally, I was quite tickled when the President started criticizing Bernie’s taxes that he released. The response should be simple – “Mr. President, you are welcome to do this as I realized my tax returns. Where are yours? What are you hiding?”

5 thoughts on “On the downhill side of hump day

  1. Note to Readers: Apparently, it is reported the AG has briefed the White House. Call me crazy, but I thought the AG represents the people and is not the personal attorney to the President.

    I recall AG John Mitchell having to resign anc eventually going to jail along with about two dozen of Richard Nixon’s staff. Barr would be well-advised to remember people that work with Trump do not fare well.

  2. I don’t know whether Giuliani et al have seen the report or not, but I read that Barr had several lengthy meetings with them, so one must assume they at least know the key points that they are rebutting.

    Yes, Sanders, Inslee, Warren, Harris, Klobuchar and others have released their tax returns, which makes Trump look guiltier than any. I also read this evening that some states are trying to keep him off the ballot if he doesn’t release them … of course that won’t work, but it makes a statement, I think. Perhaps he could release a redacted version! 😀

    • Jill, I added a comment that is consistent with what you said. They are working feverishly on spin. The keu is for people to ignore the noise and read the report. Barr is damaging his reputation.

      As for the tax returns, I think every candidate should call him out as they release theirs. What are you hiding Mr. President? Keith

      • I think you added your comment as I was typing mine, for I saw yours just as I posted mine. 😉 Barr … he is naught but Trump’s puppet. I lost all respect for him over this. I really believe that Mueller should testify before the House … I want to know the truth, and we will not get it from William Barr or Rudy Giuliani or Donald Trump. I want it straight from the horse’s mouth.

        An interesting thing on the tax returns … some states are trying to take him off the ballot if he doesn’t release them. Of course it will never fly, and at least one governor has already vetoed it, but I thought it made a statement.

      • Jill, forget what party you belong to or what the issue is, if someone is going to this much trouble to tell me take what I am about to read with a grain of salt, that obfuscation is informational.

        Contrast that to Mueller’s no nonsense approach to deliver the report. I have two analogies. One is Barr as the Wizard of Oz – don’t look behing the curtain. The other is a woodworker with very coarse sandpaper working hard to sand away the rough edges.


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