A few Mueller takeaways and one question

Let me be brief. I have three key takeaways from the Mueller report news’ summaries. My sources are PBS Newshour and ABC News, since I have not read the report.

– the Russians successfully influenced the election and Trump officials were unwitting participants in the process and guilty of horrible judgment.

– the President did and tried to obstruct justice; he would have been even more guilty if colleagues acted on many illegal or unethical acts he asked them to do. They protected him from himself (note this is important as all of those folks are gone).

– there is a very interesting addenda item – there are 14 more cases that have been recommended for prosecution by Mueller and his team. That should scare many.

The key question that must be asked is a simple one. Why did the President obstruct and try to obstruct justice even more if he were not guilty of something? An innocent person would not have done so. Why questions need to be asked more often in Washington, especially with this President.


9 thoughts on “A few Mueller takeaways and one question

  1. Why indeed? I am reading some of the report tonight, but have also read some analyses by Associated Press and others, and there can be no doubt that Trump, on more than one occasion, did attempt to obstruct justice. As you say, the only thing that kept him from it in several instances was the refusal of his people to carry out his orders. If his crimes are not indictable, they most certainly are grounds for impeachment, and I should think that even the republicans in Congress can see that by now.

    • Jill, a cause for alarm is the number of people Trump has driven away or fired who were the bumpers on the bowling alley. This was a key tenet of Bob Woidward’s book “Fear” based on 750 hours of interviews.

      They are gone and replaced with hard liners like Miller, Bolton, Pompeo, etc. When Mattis left it placed our country at risk. The President is to beholden to the person who agrees with him most. What many of his staff did per Mueller and Woodeard is not do what he wanted. That is akin to hiding a worsening dementia patient’s car keys. Keith

      • You are so right … the ones that brought sanity to the administration — Mattis, McGahn, Kelly, to name just a few — have left and we are left with warmongers like Bolton, fascists like Miller, and idiots like Kellyanne. I like your analogy of the dementia patient’s car keys … fits perfectly!

      • Jill, I just read today that Trump is fuming again as people actually read the report and highlighted what it said and not Barr’s windowdressing.

        He abhors the image (that has been reported in two well researched books) that he is being handled. He apparently does not like people taking notes and has fumed about them. So, now he is discrediting the report that Barr used to give him a hall pass. Keith

  2. I cannot stop myself from making comparisons between your D Trump and Hitler’s dismantling of the Weimar republic. Both off their rocker, both demagogues if the latter having a much better handle on making speeches, both intent on turning their nations into empires of war, both having the full support of the security state and the military by the simple expedient of ensuring that these two dovetailing aspects of control are fed the lion’s share of the country’s financial resources. Like Hitler Trump is easily manipulated by the military-industrial complex and he’s a flaming racist. As with the Zionist criminal “Nut-And-Yahoo” I see another electoral victory for Trump, and the final nails driven in the coffin of American democracy. ‘Tis said that those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. I see a repeat, and I certainly do not see nor sense any urgency that would lead to a revolution. I see those youngish, politically inexperienced candidates for president within the democratic circles as little more than side shows as far as the real power holders are concerned. They won’t even be threatening enough to earn themselves a martyrdom and Sanders is the typical old Von Hindenburg or a Marshall Petain. Those sincere types who would oust Trump are going to make all the classic mistakes of the Weimar republic. The writing is on the wall already but in the early morning few are awake enough to notice it. You’ll need a Daniel to interpret its meaning, Keith.

    • Sha’Tara, good comparison. The Dems must put up a candidate that appeals to Independents and Republicans who are embarassed by Trump. I am old enough to remember McGovern, Mondale and Dukakis. The first two got shellacked, while the latter was defeated by two ads – the tank and Willie Horton.

      I do like the candidates going on Fox and talking about issues of import. Keith

      • Your country needs people like yourself, Keith (and Jill Dennison) who take the trouble to go into the nitty-gritty details in the political underwear drawer and sort out the mess for the rest to see.

  3. Note to Readers: A couple of updates. I am troubled NC Senator Richard Burr was implicated in telling the White House who the FBI was investigating. He is the head of the Foreign Relations committee.

    The other is the two beacons of reporting at Fox News, Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace have shared their concerns over the obstruction parts of the Mueller report. They are outliers on a network that parades Trump sycophants as experts.

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