Red flags all over the place

The Mueller report concluded that there was no evidence the President and his team colluded with Russians to influence the election. But, they also concluded the Russians successfully influenced the election through social media and facilitating the hacking, modification and release of emails. That middle word gets overlooked, but per Thomas Rid (a cybersecurity expert at Johns Hopkins University who has closely studied Russian operations) in an interview on PBS Newshour, the Russian agents would modify things they leaked.

Further, per an article in, entitled “Mueller report shows Trump campaign left itself wide open to Russians, officials say,” the Trump campaign naively opened themselves for being used. Here is a quote from the article which can be linked below.

“The Russians came up against a group of people who were not intelligence savvy and who were predisposed not to listen to the intelligence and counterintelligence community,” said Luis Rueda, who spent 27 years as a CIA operations officer. “The Russians made a very bold and aggressive attempt to take advantage of that — to try to compromise people, to try to leverage their access.”

More will come from the pending court cases, but this article notes the Mueller report paints a very unflattering picture of the Trump campaign and White House. I personally believe there was collusion, as they did not interview the President and they also did not dive as deep as they could have. To me, there was too much story changing going on, especially about financial ties to Russia, for there not to be some nefarious effort going on.

Setting that aside, even if there was no collusion, the Russians were invited in to play and they would not do this unless they had something to gain. I encourage you to read the attached brief article. Or, check out the PBS Newshour interview because the Russians will not go away in 2020.

8 thoughts on “Red flags all over the place

    • Holly, if you ever want to know what Donald Trump is guilty of, read, watch and listen to what he accuses others of. An attribute of narcissists is to blame others for what the narcissists do or say. It is a defense mechanism – if he calls you out, then when you call him out with more veracity, it’s a wash. So, accusers are liars, traitors, and bad people. “Crooked Hillary” and “Lyin Ted,” have more meaning when you think of the mirror.

      I regret that Senator John McCain is not around, as he would be the needed voice of reason and would also kick Graham in the fanny fof being a Trump sycophant. Keith

      • So true Keith. I was appalled that this infantile moran of a president has already belittle Biden and nicknamed him”sleepy Joe” (it’s kindergarten time again), just like old times with little Marco, etc. It’s unbearable. .

      • Holly, so true. But, in keeping with my narcissist summary, several books have noted the President likes to start his days later than other Presidents. Maybe his lolling around in his silk jammies is the reason for his name calling of Joe B. Keith

  1. From a realpolitik perspective (particularly a European one- where the game is much older) it could be argued thus.
    Whereas Trump is shown not to be guilty of collusion. he is guilty of naïve stupidity, which in the case of governing a nation can be considered a far worse crime.

    • Roger, while I believe collusion did occur as he is compromised in some way, one could argue thst Russia needed not collude with such naive political people, whose modus operandi is one of taking shorcuts. Keith

      • When settled and not in turmoil Russia is as Russia does, always in for the Long Game and looking for what is known in Russia as ‘The Useful Idiot’

      • Roger, well they certainly found one. The irony is the exploiter is so exploitable. It is that ego thing. Keith

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