Memorable concert moments

My wife and I have enjoyed many concerts throughtout our almost 35 years together as a couple. I wrote recently about our joy in seeing Joan Osborne in a small venue. Here are a few more memorable moments.

– Tina Turner is high up on a short list of performers. Before ending one of her famous songs, she asked the men in the audience to sing the chorus. She chided, “You’ve been saying this most of your lives.” The song was “What’s love got to do with it?”

– Billy Joel has so many hits, on three occasions during his performsnce, he asked the audience to vote on one of two songs to sing.

– Elvis Costello had this huge spinning wheel on the stage which had his song titles listed. He would ask someone from the audience to spin the wheel to pick the next song.

– Eric Clapton was joined on tour by Derek Trucks and Buddy Guy. Now, that was a treat.

– Bob Seger is one of my favorites. Near the end of his great show, he introduced the band. Don Brewer, the drummer, was a foundjng member of Grand Funk Railroad, a great 1960-70s band.

– Sarah Brightman, the London theatre actress who was once marriied to Andrew Lloyd Webber, can flat out sing. Her version of “The Theme to Titanic” was sung in French. Bravo.

– Elton John has a multi-generational following. It was so cool to see grandmothers, mothers and daughters sing each song word for word.

– Paul McCartney is a treat, anytime, anywhere. From The Beatles to Wings to his solo career, he has a significant body of work. The stories behind some songs were an added treat.

– Heart puts on an amazing concert. Ann Wilson was introduced by her sister Nancy as having one of the greatest Rock-n-Roll voices. No argument here.

– Tony Bennett and kd lang toured together after the cut an album. Her admiration for him was obvious. She offerred a humorous story about a hit song of hers “Constant Craving.” An uninformed fan had referred to it as “Instant Gravy,” which tickled her.

– Two concerts where I took my boys stand out, as Mom did not want to go. ACDC was terrific as we sat above left of the band. Also, Rush was outstanding as three musicians could produce so much sound.

And, there are so many more – Tom Petty, James Taylor. Chicago, Rod Stewart, Steve Winwood, Bonnie Raitt, Janis Ian, Don McLean, etc. But, let me end on a personal note.

We attended an outdoor concert of Jimmy Buffett’s. My brother-in-law went with us and was feeling no pain. Someone from behind was shouting for Buffett to sing “God’s own drunk,” then I realized everyone was looking at us – it was my brother-in-law standing on the bleachers shouting.

Well, that is enough for now. What are some of your favorites? Any amusing memories?


8 thoughts on “Memorable concert moments

  1. Note to Readers: A couple of sidebars. Janis Ian, is a dimunituve person, with a big story to tell. She walked on stage with one guitar and simply captivates.

    Don McLean is an extensive singer/ songwriter who goes well beyond his magnum opus, “American Pie.” A concert of his so memorable, as he keeps pulling these wonderful songs out of his pocket.

  2. Note to Readers II: I am recalling a few other concerts from our past. Arlo Guthrie with his son, daughter and son-in-law was cool. We saw Marcia Ball, Delbert McClinton, and Marshall Tucker in the same venue, which was a converted porn theater. We got to see Mary Chapin Carpenter who had a string of hits years before.

    The Allman Brothers put on a memorable concert, with three drummers who were worn out by the long guitar riffing songs. We saw Tom Petty and Peter, Paul and Mary at the same venue. Petty enjoyed the concert and I recall some people in front of us taking issue with Peter, Paul and Mary speaking up for people abused by rough police work.

    Yet, the Boss puts on a concert that wears you out. It is so good and lengthy, it truly and wonderfully drenches you.

  3. I love the one about Tina Turner!!! Never having been to a concert, I have no stories to share, but I most definitely enjoyed yours! You and your wife have been to so many … perhaps more than anybody else I know! Who’s next on the agenda?

    • Jill, Turner may be the finest entertainer of all. She had us in the palm of her hand.

      I just remember, I left off Gordon Lightfoot. We went to see him as we were surprised he was still living. His concert was good, as he told stories about the songs. Turner did that some, but with her dancers, she is high energy. Keith

      • That high energy is, for me, what makes the difference between an entertainer and just a singer. I’ve seen many singers who have great voices, but they just stand and sing, rather motionless and expressionless. I like one who shows the passion he/she has for their music!

      • Agreed. They must connect with the audience. The most disappointing concert we ever attended was from someone we both enjoy – Jackson Browne. We caught his first show of his tour and he was still working out the kinks. He was more concerned about his dozen guitars than his audience and did not sing any of his dozen or so hits for the first two hours – we had to leave, so we felt we missed out.

    • Thanks. That is a great list. I would love to see Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac. Note, we have seen many of these acts later in their career. I think they are more appreciative of the crowds. Thanks for sharing.

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