Call me crazy

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We are living in interesting times, some would even use the word “crazy.” Here are a few random thoughts to match the times.

– A real hero is someone like Lori Gilbert Kaye, a 60 year-old woman who lost her life in this weekend’s synagogue shooting. She lost her life because she threw her body in front of the Rabbi. Please share her story rather than the name of the cold-blooded killer, who not only killed her, but shot two others, including an eight year old girl.

– I agreed with the President when he said people need to get vaccinated for measles.. Then, as I read on, he said during the campaign the measles vaccine is linked to autism. When will this man understand that words matter and people do not realize that the significant majority of the words this man says are untruthful ones?

– Speaking of lies, The Washington Post has recorded 10,000 lies by Trump as President. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich defended the President saying he is a businessman and is allowed to exaggerate. Mr. Gingrich, I am a businessman and if someone in business lied like the President, people would not do business with him very long. Further, why did an independent contractor who dealt with Trump companies say “Word on the street is if you do work for Trump, get paid in advance.”

– A recent poll conducted by Opinium said 55% of Brits now feel the 2016 Brexit vote was a bad idea. They have time for another vote, but not if they wait. A fact based process would help, but it would also help here in the states.

– With the advent of market segmentation in all things, including the pseudo-news and now data, we seem to be moving closer to another Robber Baron period. Now, it is so easy to obfuscate voters, they do not know that elected officials are making changes that help the wealthy. What is also unsurprising is how easily more strident groups can be fooled to go along, provided you play to their fears.  Immigration is being sold as the problem, but the main problems are technology and CEOs chasing cheaper labor costs. In Western countries the haves and have-nots are even more divided. Unless something is tangibly done, this bifurcation is unsustainable.

– Finally, it is amazing how little the US leaders talk about our ticking time bomb problems – job retraining as technology kills more jobs, increasing debt, environmental degradation, global water crisis, stabilizing healthcare costs, crumbling infrastructure and climate change. The GOP is running on building a wall, proliferating gun ownerships, restraining abortions and how bad socialization is. Make all candidates answer questions about these ticking time bomb problems. If they cannot, do not vote for them.

Call me crazy, but maybe, just maybe, the ones who are crazy are the ones not addressing real issues and telling real truths. You be the judge.




22 thoughts on “Call me crazy

  1. Keith this is excellent, words do matter, this man has no moral compass or conscience or concept of what his actions and words have resulted in. His back tracking will not stop the fears that people have of vaccines or change the fact that hate groups are feeding in his hatred.

    • Holly, thanks. This is not the first time he has backtracked. He often does it when push back is negative saying he never said such things. The sad part is he gets away with it with his sycophants. Keith

      • Holly, the GOP members of Congress must support this, but Congress needs to threaten jail time for contempt of Congress for no shows. We must have oversight, especially with this autocratic-bent President. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: My favorite story about Newt Gingrich is after he naysayed global warming for several years, he did a TV commercial around 2007 saying he was wrong about global warmlng. Years later in 2012 when he ran for President, he said he was wrong to say he was wrong. You did a TV commercial to announce you were wrong. Now, that was wrong? What little credibility he had evaporated. Keith

  3. All good points, Keith. Trump would never last in most organizations. Who would want to work for or with anyone that can’t be trusted? The recent synagogue shooting happened not too far from where we live… much is being written about that amazing women. Hopefully the shooter will be relegated in the dustbin of history.

    • Janis, thanks. It is even more frightening when it is so close to home. What ifs go through your mind. To shoot innocent people is horrible, but it is even more heinous to shoot a child. Dante would need a to create a special layer in the Inferno for such a person. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: I received a canned letter from one of my Senators today. As before, he used the GOP talking point of the Russian influence did not affect the outcome of the election. I do not see how they can make that claim. Trump won the election by about 100,000 votes aggregated over three states. Trump had two strategies – get Bernie fans and African-Americans to stay home or not vote for Hillary. It worked, but it was abetted by the Russians.

    If you think he won’t do that again, he already is. He is telling Bernie fans the election is rigged to get Biden elected. The question is are people going to fall for it again. He said the election was rigged for HRC, at the same time he was courting the Russians. This is why Obama chose not to act. If he had, Trump would have screamed bloody murder.

    • The president promised to shake things up. I don’t remember his “precise” verbiage, but he vowed to turn everything on its head. His goal is to deconstruct America and make it in his own image. He’s doing a spectacular job of it.

  5. Very good post, my friend. So much to address, but it is late and I have much to do yet, so I will settle on a single point. The current measles outbreak that has, according to CDC reached crisis stage, can be traced directly back to Donald Trump and his words that the vaccine causes autism. That same 40% of the nation who follow him blindly, believed what he said, even though … even though he is not a scientist, not a doctor, not a medical researcher … they believed him, and they refused their pediatrician’s advice, and now … look what has happened. If children die, their blood is on the hands of none other than Donald Trump. (Yes, I’m in a pissy mood tonight … sorry 😉 )

    • Jill, I hope you had a good night’s rest. I would not place this only on the President. I think he was marketing to various groups saying anything to recruit them. When former Senator Michelle Bachman ran for President years ago, she got in trouble for her anti-vax statements.

      For Trump to now say “get vaccinated” is hypocritical. One of the key attributes of a narcissist is not to realize or accept their role in causing things – empowering white nationalists is the best example. Keith

      • You are, of course, right and the anti-vax movement started before Trump. But when the president says it, more people than ever will sit up and take notice. As we’ve discussed before, words DO matter and his words are likely heard by more people than any other. But, I don’t hold my breath waiting for him to take responsibility for his words. Sigh.

      • Jill, true. His followers would be good to note his 10,000 lies. By the way, I would wager Mr. Barr had wished he stayed away leaving his reputation. It shows Trump’s influence can diminish even those with good reputations. Keith

  6. Numbed to the crazy, I’ve stopped watching the news. That’s okay, because I’m Canadian, and it occurs to me that if everyone does the same, this becomes dangerous. Keep writing Keith.

    • Thanks VJ. I am watching a little less news, just to take a break. A Republican friend told me he detests Trump and cannot watch him. I fully understand.

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