Legislators do your job – I have a dream

I have a dream of legislators working together. I have a dream that leaders like McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer, McCarthy and Pence will sit down with a to-do list and find common ground to pass needed legislation to help people. Stabilizing healthcare costs and addressing the opioid crisis, addressing deteriorated and needed infrastructure, providing better job retraining and community reinvestment, addressing the risks of climate change and addressing the increasing deficit and debt are a few priorities.

It is a dream I have. You may not agree with my priorities, but I hope you share my dream of our legislators being more concerned with doing their jobs than keeping their jobs.

Note: The above letter was forwarded to my newspaper opinion page. Please feel free to modify and use.

9 thoughts on “Legislators do your job – I have a dream

      • It is hard to discern Keith. No credible commentator is making any predictions.
        The legislative seemed mesmerised by the near 50/50 split in the nation over Brexit; just like animals in headlights….of a very, very large truck.

  1. Note to Readers: I am not a fan of policians that firmly stand in the way of finding agreement. I do not like it when the Freedom Caucus does it and feel similarly when the more extreme Democrats do it. With gerrymandering and party purity, we see far too much of this. I want our legislators to solve problems. In the past, the campaign rhetoric was set aside after the election and we governed off facts. Now, we govern off rhetoric. Just because Trump said it, does not make it so. We must work together.

  2. I share your dream, but more and more I am coming to think that is all it will ever be … a dream. Mind you, I’m not giving up, but some days it is tempting to just say, “I’m done”. My hope is that the democrats can pull together, reach across the aisle, and at all costs get Trump out of the White House before he blows the whole country up. Sigh.

    • Jill, I think more voters need to demand making it easier for independents to run for office. Either that or we need a moderate third party in the middle. If that occurred it would force more collaboration. Keith

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