Sully and Ben – right people at right time

Seeing a man in leadership who does not value or have the patience for studying issues highlights those who do and execute that knowledge in times of crisis. In recent memory, two heroic events bear witness to such people – Sully Sullenberger and Ben Bernanke.

Sullenberger is the more recognizable name as the pilot who safely landed a jet plane in the Hudson River. Dealing with a rare double bird strike shortly after take-off his calm, learned presence helped him evaluate options, then choose the best path, but still a dangerous one.

What is less known is Sully volunteered to study previous plane crashes to help all pilots and builders of planes. He took the time to know why planes crashed. In particular, he knew what had to be done to keep a plane landing in the water from flipping sideways when one wing touched the water and the other did not. He was the right pilot for the Hudson landing.

Bernanke is less known as the former Chair of the Federal Reserve. His tenure overlapped the housing recession and banking crisis in 2007- 09. Working with Treasury Secretary Hank Paulsen, they developed a plan to stabilize the banks and keep the economy going.

Like Sully. Bernanke studied why the US went into the Great Depression and how it came out. He studied helpful decisions and others that were not so helpful. He was the right person for the right time, a calming, analytical influence.

It should be noted being studious is not the only similarity between the two men. Their calm nature is also a key similarity. Their calmness is infectious and enables others to do their job and offer input. In times of crisis, those who lose their heads, are the ones not to follow.

From the books and news reports I have read or watched, neither of these two traits would be top of mind in describing the President. Aides lament his lack of interest to study and limited attention span. And, mercurial is a more common definition than calming.

I mention this as it seems far too many issues are contentious. A recent survey noted our nation is more stressed. And, this is without a real crisis, which worries me greatly. I have this looming sense the man will pick a fight for ratings.

So, kudos to Sully and Ben. May we learn from your lessons and example. The only thing I have learned from the President is how not to act.


4 thoughts on “Sully and Ben – right people at right time

  1. You picked excellent choices for your positive examples … I have tremendous respect for both. Your ‘looming sense’, I believe, is spot on. If for no other reason than to distract us from the ongoing investigations, the unlawfully ignored subpoenas, the true facts of the Mueller report, etc., I believe he will manufacture a crisis as he attempted to do regarding immigrants at the southern border. Notice you don’t hear much about that any more? My best guess is that he is trying to start something with China, unreasonably threatening to increase the tariffs from 10% to 25% on Friday for no real reason, as best I can tell. Beware of the man who acts without first understanding, for he is a fool — a dangerous fool.

    • Jill, your adage at the end is telling. What concerns me is how so many issues must be contentious with this man, even ones where his opinion should not be given importance like the Kentucky Derby disqualification. Sully and Ben are calming. The Donald is contentious. Keith

      • I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and I think Trump sees it as “Trump vs the nation”, in which case his motto would be “Divide and conquer”. It explains why he does everything in his power to keep this nation divided, keep us at each other’s throats, keep it “them vs us”. Not the behaviour of a man who wants to ‘lead’ a nation, but rather of one who wants to ‘rule’ a nation.

      • Jill, as cold and calculating as this sounds, it is in keeping with his modus operandi. He sows division. Keith

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