A few odds and ends

Absent a large theme, let me toss out a few odds and ends for your digestion. In no particular order:

– When the pro-Brexit planners were organizing the vote, they tolerated Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson’s efforts, but did not involve them in the planning process. To see those two once again involved is not encouragjng to any future organized departure.

– There is a reason a certain US President does not want people looking down the Deutsche Bank rabbit hole. Malfeasance abounds with all parties, including the bank itself, which has been required to pay fines for money laundering. When you add to the mix a real estate developer who cannot get a US bank to lend him money and no better to place to launder money than in real estate, and it is not hard to fathom unscrupulous behavior.

– The US leaving three agreements will make the world less safe and prosperous, including the US. The Trans-Pacific Partnership was designed for the eleven participating countries to compete against China; with the US withdrawing, the other ten countries moved ahead, but it lost some clout without the US. Leaving the Iran deal (which they were in compliance with) was unwise. Instead of some stability, we are at risk, as much from Trump as from Iran. And, leaving the Paris Accord on Climate Change made us an outlier at a crucial time for our planet.

– Anti-immigration rhetoric abounds, yet facts are usually casualties in the debate. Rather than have a healthy, data-centric analysis, fear and blame are the selling points. It was succesful in the US, in the UK and in Hungary. People have a right to feel the way they do, but if they heard thoughtful discourse, they may be less zealous with their hatred.

– The ecologist and biologist Sandra Steingraber once wrote environmental impact tests are too geared toward a fifty year-old man, when children are more susceptible being closer to the ground, outdoors more, putting their hands in their mouths and mouth breathing more and without fully developed lungs and brains. I read yesterday, the Trump EPA is defunding tests to perform chemical impact analysis on children. Why? Steingraber, a bladder cancer survivor, notes we do not consider the environment enough as a cause for poor health.

That is enough for now. Let me know your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “A few odds and ends

  1. Nigel & Boris … oh, can’t you just imagine how much more damage those two could add to an already-bad situation? You know they are bad, for Trump has spoken favourably of them both, especially Nigel.

    I sincerely hope that Deutschebank and Capital One are ultimately forced to turn over Trump’s banking records … what an interesting can o’ worms there must be. Trump’s continued efforts to block and obfuscate, to throw up smokescreens, can only be interpreted as signs of guilt. I think we will never know the whole story, but I’m betting there is even more than we expect to find.

    As for the TPP, Iran nuclear deal and Paris Accords … we have repeatedly left our allies in a lurch and the day of reckoning will come. We will all pay the price for the ignorance of those who put Trump into office.

    And, to your last two snippets, we have as a leader a ‘man’ for whom facts are naught but a nuisance, something to be kicked out of the way. I read tonight that he has nay-sayed the move to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. Why? He claims that it was only being done for “politically correct” motives. The reality? She was a woman and she was black. Two strikes against anybody in Trumplandia. Sigh.

    Good post!

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