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Vox on Fox. No, this is not a Dr. Seuss book title or quote. It is more akin to a quote from Mark Twain, “It is easier to fool someone than convince him he has been fooled.” Why? Vox has put together two You Tube videos which should heighten your concern over Fox News (see below), which my oldest son shared with me.

One video notes the power and reach of Fox. It traces its origins to a memo of Roger Ailes when he worked for President Richard Nixon. It shows how Fox influences the news covered, even if you don’t watch Fox News. Like a dog chewing on a bone, Fox will overinflate small issues to discredit the Democrat Party. This is why Fox watchers know who AOC is moreso than non-Fox watchers. This is why Benghazi became a bigger issue than it was as determlned early on by a nonpartisan review.

The other video shows their influence on one viewer who occupies the White House. This person has access to some of the best intelligence information in the world, but chooses to be more influenced by Fox and Friends. This must cause great consternation to people who do their darnedest to get it right as they get upstaged by entertainers who can sell a better story to a key listener.

The narrator of the Vox video notes the causal relationship between items said on Fox and Friends and this viewer’s tweets. The narrator notes he counted fifty tweets from this person within three minutes of the story being said on Fox and Friends. And, often the words are verbatim.

Even when I was a Republican, I did not watch Fox News. The opinion folks are simply over-the-top story tellers, who should not be taken serioiusly – Beck, Riley, Hannity, Riviera and so on are caricatures. The ones who found their conscious like Lt. Col. Ralph Peters or Judge Napolitano get vilified for speaking the truth. Peters left offering a condemning resignation letter.

If you do persist in watching Fox, pay more attention to Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith. The are news people. if you get your news from Hannity or Carlson or that viewer’s tweets – do yourself and country a favor and stop. You are being “Twained,”


7 thoughts on “Vox on Fox

  1. Note to Readers: I saw yesterday that GOP Congressman Justin Amash got a hero’s welcome back in Michigan for courageously speaking the truth. After reading the Mueller Report, he noted thaf the Presidenf is guilty of obstruction and AG William Barr did a disservice with his summary and testimony.

    For Harry Potter fans, you may recall the first movie where a classmate spoke up against his friends. He was awarded points for his courage. Amash deserves to not be alone in his party for two reasons – his courage and the fact he is dead on accurate. Please speak up to legislators to do the right thing.

  2. The British writer and humourist of the late 19th century Jerome K Jerome in his book ‘Diary of a Pilgrimage’ has the two central characters on a tour through Germany disputing the height of Cologne Cathedral,
    One supports his argument by stating ‘The Guide Book says’
    His friend interrupts scathingly ‘The Guide Book says?…You’ll be believing a newspaper next!’
    100 years + later and the public are still believing anything they read.
    In late 17th century England and scoundrel and fraudster Titus Oates published ‘Alex Jones’ type rubbish about Catholics and caused riot…..though in his case he was exposed and imprisoned.

    • Roger, great history lesson. My boss would often quote his father, “my dadddy used to say believe half of what you read and nothing of what you hear.” It needs to be updated for tweets, especially from the US President, which I infer to mean believe nothing at all the President communicates. The odds are in your favor. Keith

      • I apologise if I have said this to you before Keith as I have used it often….
        But if Trump said the world was round, I would at least check on a Flat Earth website to judge for myself their veracity of their arguments.

  3. This is a fabulous post, Keith. I have never watched F&F. To be honest, I didn’t even know what it was. I guess it is the Fox version of GMA, which I also don’t watch. I have traveled with friends who are addicted to a steady stream of noise, therefore the TV is on from the minute we walk into a hotel room until we leave. Anod on first thing in the morning. I’ve never paid attention to what, in particular, they are watching because frankly it all seems so ridiculously banal, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox? they all spout the same super-excited reports about the same story lines, all peppered with advertisements ad infinitum. It all makes my stomach lurch.

    I am somewhat addicted to watching 30 minutes of network news in the evening. I always laugh at myself for doing this, because what level of reporting can be achieved in 17 minutes (the rest being adverts)? But I do watch and I do notice that Fox is given lots of second-hand air time. This is also true of NPR, which I listen to a lot.

    I worry that America has crossed a threshold from which we may never be able to retreat. News is conflated with opinion (It seems half of the NYT is opinion, these days) and “consumers” are no longer capable of deciphering the difference, or even recognizing why the difference matters. News anchors are entertainers with perfect hair, teeth, and clothing. They may also be brilliant, but it is their stage presence that gets them the job. And they are herded. by wealthy news magnates, into narrow lines of acceptable story lines.

    Will America ever be smart again? When GWB starts looking like a genius, I worry.

    I have been told that I should pay attention to Shepard Smith. But I’m afraid I haven’t. I should watch “the opposition” to know and understand the issues….but it feels like being swallowed up in a tornado when I try.

    • Thanks Linda. This is why I watch PBS Newshour. More time, little shouting. Of the morning shows, CBS is more newsy, but still has too much opinion.

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