Stating obvious truths

I feel like I am walking around in a constant state of disbelief. How can people rationalize certain behaviors as acceptable when they are obviously abhorrent, petty, childish, unethical, illicit, etc.? So, let me state some obvious truths.

It is not OK to shrug off as “well-intentioned” the fact staff members tried to protect the President’s fragile ego and hide the name of an air craft carrer honoring three American heroes named John McCain. This is petty and childish.

It is not OK that a Republican operative known for his gerrymandering skills left a smoking gun reference to adding the citizenship question on the 2020 census to enable more gerrymandering to help the GOP. Folks, this is cheating. Both sides have done it, but the GOP through ALEC is cheating in an organized manner.

In the UK, Boris Johnson may be on trial for actively lying about the financial impact of Brexit. He also is a candidate to be the next Prime Minister. In Texas, they would define someone who was long on talk and short on substance as “All hat and no cattle.” That would define Boris’ modus operandi quite well.

Now that Robert Mueller reiterated what is in his report, he directly and subtlely contradicted the President and his Attorney General. It could simply be said that “there is something there there.” The President’s staff and sycophants are doing there best to say “don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain,” but do pay attention to him. And, ask your Senators some why quesfions.

Between going against his staff to belittle Japan’s legitimate fears over North Korea to making yet another surprise announcement to impose tariffs on Mexico if they do not do even more to halt migrants entering the US, here are two more painful examples that the President is a loose cannon. The military has a term for short-sighted and poorly planned (and communicated) decision-making that puts people in harm’s way – they calk it a clusterf**k. That aptly defines the President’s modus operandi.

People can rationalize away, but the above is pretty obvious to me. And, these examples are not anomalies, The horribly conceived, unplanned and poorly conceived travel ban that was pulled in two days is similar to the Mexico tariff announcement. It reveals the President still has not learned from his mistakes.

11 thoughts on “Stating obvious truths

  1. I, too, feel as if I’m walking around in a constant state of disbelief. As if in this world nothing can be taken at face value, as if the world is no longer the one I was in just a short while ago. How … how can republican lawmakers sit on their patooties and allow these things to go without comment, except to call out the other side for noticing. And how can the public, republicans in particular, but even some democrats, simply ignore it all and assume that it will all work out? Every single one of the incidents you mention either reduce our respectability in the eyes of the world, or tarnish our own system of government, our own rule of law. If anybody had told me three years ago … I would have laughed and said, “No way, José!”

    • Jill, when I realized that George W. Bush was not a good President and that WMD was a contrived excuse, I did not hold him in contempt like I do the current President. We are a lesser country and people with this person who acts mercurially? untruthfully and bullies others. And, his policies are harmful to the very people that got him elected. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: What adds to my disbelief and stress is politicians and their sycophants “lying with impunity.” They know they can and the fall out is small.

    Here is an easy example in the news. Trump has said on multiple occasions that the country on whom tariffs are placed pays the tariffs. Each time, economists correct him saying importers pay the tariffs and pass some or all onto consumers. In other words, US shoppers pay the tariiffs.

    There are only two reasons for this continual misinformstion, neither are good. Either the president does not know which is scary that “Tariff Man” does not know how they work. Or, he is continually lying to the American people – the fact he repeats it again and again, means he thinks his followers don’t know the difference. What is equally frustrating is when his staff repeat those lies.

  3. Your post is so accurate Keith. We live in times when the truth is scolded and punished. Lies, on the other hand, are seen as the new position of strength. How did we ever get to this position when we would rather allow our minds to be poisoned, rather than go up against a corrupt system?

    • Thanks for swinging by. I sure hope people do not see lying as strength. I think people may mistake for strength what the lie is telling them is strong. I view lies like false bravado – the president does both which shows a lack of character.

      Here is an easy example. Trump built his persona on the false bravado of telling actors “you’re fired” on a show. Yet, in reality, he has trouble firing someone in person or even over the phone. Comey found out on TV he was fired. Rex Tillerson was fired by the Chief of Staff. And, my favorite anecdote which defines Trump – he had Andrew McCabe fired on his last day before retiring to deny him a pension. What kind of person does that? Maybe your husband can explain that one to me because I have a few words in my head that clearly define the kind of person that does that. As a colleague who did not like to curse would say, “Bad word, bad word.” Keith

    • Linda, the issue on hiding the McCain battleship minimizes a key point. Let’s assume Trump did not know (I am not convinced this is true), then someone on Trump’s staff who is walking on eggshells did not want his combustible boss to see the McCain.

      What is lost is the president is so petty and shallow that his people act so his feelings won’t be hurt. This is helicoptering parenting over the toddler-president. Lastly, McCain and his father and grandfather are war heroes and deserve far more respect than they are getting a from a president who cannot rememember which foot he got a medical deferrment on. So, no Messers. Mulvaney and Trump, this was not a well-intentioned faux pas. Keith

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