Tuesday’s gone with the wind -redux

Please hum one of my favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd songs, “Tuesday’s Gone,” as you read a few miscellaneous thoughts this Tuesday. In no particular order:

– Most news agencies are purposefully not mentioning rhe killer’s name in Virginia Beach. I did hear the killer was a pleasant fellow by all accounts. This rebuts the comment about the good guy with a gun stoppng the bad guy – how do you know?

– Why must every issue or small thing be contentious? This president wears me out and has increased stress levels around the country. Please Mr. Trump stop commenting on so many topics. Please stop picking fights when they are not needed.

– And, the press needs to focus less on the many pedestrian faux pas of the president and more on the bigger issues like tariffs and trade, retrenching from our global position, climate change, environmental degradation, ignoring debt, and ongoing obstruction of justice and diminishing our democratic institutions. Coverage of the small stuff dilutes the impact of the large stuff.

– The middle part of our country is hurting with the flooding from these frequent behemoth storms that slowly move across the country. Plus, it is impacting farmers at the very time they must decide what to plant, which is influenced by the tariff issues.

– Finally, speaking of tariffs, political comedian Bill Maher noted on his show on Friday that Democrats should start calling tariffs what they are – a tax. He said they should be referred to as a “Trump Tax,”

That is all I have for this Tuesday. “Tuesday’s gone with the the wind. My baby’s gone with the wind.”

6 thoughts on “Tuesday’s gone with the wind -redux

  1. Trump’s tariff tax… a perfect way to frame it. The right does this sort of short hand description very well (death tax, for one) and I think it is effective. It is surprising (ok, maybe not) how many people think the tariffed country pays the added fees.

    • Janis, agreed. Maher notes the GOP is far more consistent with a message, even when it is not really true. When I tell people the “failed stimulus” was untrue, even Democrats are surprised. The stimulus actually helped the economy, but the GOP stayed on message. It helps when you have a news network to promote the message. Keith

  2. It would appear Trump could not upstage The Royal Family. They are way above his petty league.

    • Roger, you will get a chuckle that he told his tweet following that people said the Queen never had a better time. He makes up his own news and has for four years. The truth does not matter, unless it works for him, but even then, he has to polish it further. Keith

      • Is he not the most ridiculous little creature to ever walk on a public stage of such high magnitude

      • Sadly comical. Yesterday, he said our moon was part of Mars. But, equating the border issue for Ireland post-Brexit to the US/ Mexico border issue takes the cake.

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