A little bit of this, a little bit of that this Wednesday

Happy hump day. Let’s cruise into the downside half of the work week. With multiple themes percolating in my mind, here are few little bits of this and that to bite into.

Former host of “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart has been fiercely active in helping gain funding to pay for the medical costs of the 9/11 first responders in NYC. He gave an “out of the pool” criticism to a Congressional Committee in person as the funding has run out. He said in essence the first responders did their jobs, now you do yours. Forceful is an understatement. Let’s hope it sinks in. Congress and this president need to be shamed like that when they fail to do the obvious. In essence, he said I don’t give a crap about your politics, do the right thing. Amen brother.

The greatest talent of the current US president is marketing schtick. He can make a pair of twos look like a full house better than anyone. Like this analogy, most of what he does is untrue or blown way out of proportion. He knows fear sells, so he sells it daily, if not hourly. One of his greatest triumphs is to convince his followers that everyone is against him and that only he speaks the truth. He has his followers parroting his remarks saying “you just don’t like him” or have “Trump derangement syndrome.” In other words, it is your fault he lies far more than he does not.

The best line I read recently in a letter to the editor was an attempt to combat this. The letter writer said it is not the media and not the Democrats who are causing all of this chaos. He noted that the US president does not need any help in causing chaos and defaming his own character. He does a very good job on his own. I have said it differently – the greatest enemy of Donald J. Trump is the person who looks back from the mirror when he shaves. One of the reason why the volume of criticism is so high toward him is to combat the significant number of mistruths and the fact he has so many followers who see his lies on their phones.

Kudos should again go out to Republican Congressman Justin Amash from Michigan and Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina. Amash is an attorney and has read the Mueller report. He is a very lone and lonely voice in saying in writing that there exists grounds for impeachment of the president. It should be noted over 1,000 former federal prosecutors agree with him. Yesterday, he resigned from the Freedom Caucus and the vindictive president said he would “squash” Amash. To me, I see Nikita Khrushev pounding on the table at the UN with his shoe saying “we will bury you.” Fear sells.

Burr is also a lonely man, but he at least got a little air cover from Mitch McConnell. Burr subpoenaed the Junior Trump in to testify to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Burr got backlash, but Junior was a “no-show” twice, so Burr asked a judge to get Junior’s fanny in to talk. The issue is Junior may have lied to the Committee about his awareness of the Moscow Trump tower that attorney Michael Cohen briefed him on. Junior said he was only a little aware of the Moscow development issues, but Cohen said he briefed him 10 or 12 times. Like father, like son.

Finally, I have been conversing with our astute British blogger Roger. We are of a like mind (note he is astute even when I don’t agree with him) that the Brits are looking to a very Trump-like prime minister in Boris Johnson. That is not meant to be a compliment. The only poetic justice is if the he wins and the Brits do a hard-Brexit, Johnson will be front and center in the mess he helped create by being untruthful. I understand the rationale, but am not a fan of Brexit – it will dampen the British economy and global clout and that saddens me.  But, if the UK follows through, please, please work out a deal. A hard Brexit, so says business leaders, would be as unwise a decision as the country leaders could make (or fail to make in this case). It should speak volumes that Trump, Johnson and Nigel Farage want a hard Brexit.

That is all for now. Have a great rest of the week.


11 thoughts on “A little bit of this, a little bit of that this Wednesday

  1. I watched a clip of Jon Stewart’s impassioned speech yesterday and was moved to tears. I understand that the House unanimously passed the victim responders bill, and now it moves to the Senate. I think Stewart needs to give the same talk to the Senate, specifically to Mitch McConnell, who will no doubt do his best to quash it.

    Thumbs up once again to Amash, for sure! I tweeted my own representative, who is a member of the House Freedom Caucus that Amash divorced himself from, and told him that in my eyes, Amash is a hero for standing for what is right.

    Yes, our Roger is very astute, and the man never forgets anything! He has more knowledge and good sense in a single brain cell than most people have in their entire brain. I, too, am very concerned for our friends across the pond, and don’t see a good solution in sight. It is likely to become a matter of the lesser of many evils. Like you, I think a hard Brexit would be the worst possible scenario. And then, they are at the mercy of a dishonest, lying, self-centered Trump for trade deals. Sigh. The world has turned upside down, it would seem.

    Good post, Keith!

    • Jill, I am glad the House listened to Stewart. McConnell will do something, as well as the optics are poor, if he does not. I am delighted you applauded Amash to the Freedom Caucus rep in Ohio. Reps and Senators need to hear from rational people touting those with courage. Trump fans need to know how much courage it takes for one of their own to stand up to a person who is as vindictive as they come. They need to realize they do their homework and are on the side of the Angels when they do. Keith

      • I was mistaken … it was only the committee that voted unanimously, but it still has to go to the full House for a vote. Sorry. I got happily carried away there. I would really like to see others encouraged by Amash and take up the gauntlet. I suspect that is why Trump is making such a point to fight Amash, for he wants to nip any potential movement in the bud. Let’s hope some others find their consciences laying around and decide to dust them off and actually use them.

      • There was an op-ed piece today called “Where are the Republicans?” Amash and Burr cannot do this alone.

  2. Thanks so much for the reference Keith.
    The Conservatives have been thrown into a panic by the 5 minutes worth of fame of Farage’s latest vanity project, and thus do they turn to the one who can out Farage at playing Farage. In the Party’s eyes Johnson’s credentials are ‘impeccable’. Right Public School. Right College. A degree in Classics (which is a shame for anyone who worked hard for their degree in Classics). During his tenure as Mayor of London he took credit for other people’s efforts. And of course he is a ‘wit’ at dinner parties- having a compliant audience.
    Johnson’s tenure as Foreign Secretary ranged between Lacklustre to Disinterest to Disastrous and indicates what we can expect. Although as you have pointed out, he will be in the glare of the public eye and no amount of ‘witty remarks’ or columns in prestigious newspapers will spare him from censure.
    I don’t mind the Conservative party allegorically slitting its throat in its deluded stampede, and I wait with morbid fascination to see how this over-rated scion of London’s ‘elite’ system will fair in the real world. What I do object to is them dragging the whole of the UK with them in their collective folly. As with Corbyn he is a divisive figure with no idea of how to weave a convincing inclusive pattern in a divided nation.

    • Roger, regardless of party, when they lie down with wolves, they will get fleas. Johnson, Corbin, Farage, Trump, McConnell et al are in the wolves category. To your point about Johnson and the same goes for Trump, a great leader deflects credit to others; a poor one accepts credit even when it is not due. No one should ever accuse either person of being a great leader. Keith

      • It is a sad time that these small folk of little true character, courage and worth should be elevated to the status of leaders.
        If they had seized power in a military coup there would be some very cold comfort but the fact they have willing supporters through a democratic system when their myriad faults are so obvious is very depressing.
        Glad to be back exchanging views
        Best wishes

      • And, as a father, it pains me that kids will see these two people as role models for what not to do. Lying is OK. Bullying is OK. Denigrating others is OK. Not being accountable is OK.. Not doing your homework is OK.

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