Just to be clear

Cutting through a lot of noise in the news, just to be clear:

– Getting dirt on a campaign opponent from a foreign entity is something of value – it is illegal to do this no matter how much it is rationalized by sycophants in your party. The message lost on the man in the White House is you don’t want to be beholden to a foreign government – that is why the law exists. The key question for me is the man speaking only of the future?

Watching the US Open at Pebble Beach on Monterrey Peninsula, my wife and I recall playing this course in 1992 about two months before the US Open at the same course. It is as beautiful as it looks on TV. The pros make this hard course look easy. Yet, one thing they don’t tell you on TV is guard your valuables and food as the seagulls swoop down and take them from unattended golf carts.

– When the Special Counsel in the Justice department, who the president appointed, says someone on the president’s staff is in violation of the Hatch Act (politicking on the taxpayer’s dime) after multiple warnings to cease and desist, action is required. Yet, unless she resigns, the “law does not apply to me” president won’t take action.

On the same trip we played Pebble Beach, my friend (we traveled with another couple) and I played Spyglass Hill as well. Pebble was hard, but Spyglass was painful. The first hole is over 600 yards – I thought I would never get to the green. We also played a course named Spanish Bay where the marshes are protected by law. You could see the result of an errant golf shot, but could not reclaim it due to the postings.

– Senator Mitch McConnell is the key blocker in passing a bill to further protect our election process. I have heard a security expert and a conservative pundit be critical of McConnell’s weak-kneed response. Both of these commenters said it us because McConnell did not want to hurt the president’s feelings as he gets volatile thinking people are questioning his legitimacy. Note the major take away from the Mueller report is the Russians influenced our elections. And, just today, there is an article that the EU thinks the Russians impacted their recent vote through social media.This is an indicting criticism of McConnell. Please ask him why.

The golf trip in 1992 led us to wine country for two days of tours. Too many tastes of wine will get you snockered. An interesting memory is the owner of one winery was out mowing the grass as we visited. Our final two days were in San Francisco, my favorite American city. We took the advice of our B&B chef and enjoyed some neat restaurants, one of which the wait staff sang opera and Broadway songs while serving.

– As with the US president, if the Brits end up with Boris Johnson as Prime Minister the two leading English speaking countries will be led by two people who have a very hard time with truth. That makes me sad for democracy. If Johnson wins, it will be interesting to see how Trump and Johnson handle their first disagreement when neither’s word is worth a darn. It is already apparent, Angela Merkel is the leading voice in the western world as she commands respect far more than either person.

I intermixed our trip to the San Francisco area with the current US Open there. I felt just talking only about the real news might be too depressing.  I hope all the fathers out there have a pleasant day tomorrow with their families.

11 thoughts on “Just to be clear

  1. Note to Readers: I have written about this before, but reading yet one more list of untruthful remarks made during the week ended, the president once again noted China is paying for the tariffs. This is simply not true and has been refuted by economists time and again. For the umpteenth time, importers pay the tariffs (not China) and far more often than not, pass those costs on to consumers. WE pay the tariffs, not China.

    Please ask a Trump supporter the following question as there is only one of two answers. Does the president not know how tariffs works OR does he know and is purposefully lying to garner support? There is no other option. Either answer is plausible. Per twice-Pulitzer prize winner Bob Woodward’s book “Fear,” where he had 700 hours of interviews, Trump is known to get a misconception in his head and never let it go. Once he gets that way, no data will find its way in to convince him otherwise. Yet, the possibility he is lying purposefully is also an easy path to follow.

    Again, making decisions off untruthful information is a concern. Even today, someone attacked those tankers. Was it Iran or some group that wants us to think it was Iran? We need the truth and I must confess I don’t want to hear it from the president as he has little credibility. He jumps to conclusions before facts are known and simply reread the above as further evidence.

  2. Excellent post, and I love the way you interspersed fun trivia about your trip with the less fun news of the day. I share your take on Angela Merkel … at present it would seem that she is the only leader of the Western world who understands her role, has a conscience, and is intelligent far beyond the rest of the pack. She makes Trump and Johnson look like the buffoons they are. Have a great Father’s Day, my friend!

  3. The 17-mile drive through Pebble Beach is breathtaking. I don’t golf (thank goodness because I imagine the green fees are pretty expensive) but I’ve enjoyed that drive many times over the years. Your memories of your trip were so much more happy than the news of the day, so thank you for that! Happy Father’s Day, Keith.

    • Janis, you are right on the beauty and the cost. Pebble is very expensive, especially for a twosome. It is even more now. This was quite the memorable vacation – good friends, golf, wine, scenery and food. My wife lost her hot dog to the seagulls, but there are stories of watches being swooped away.


  4. Neither able to tell the truth, they both have the morals of the gutter, caring only for their own appetites and egos. In addition neither is remotely capable of dealing with the mature responsibilities of the officers they aspire to;Johnson has yet to be elected and Trump has failed to display any of the qualities of President and since he had less votes than Clinton I personally refuse to acknowledge him as a legitimate President of The USA.
    Since I am having a visit from my demons I will curtail my response here Keith as the language will descend to Full Metal Jacket as would the suggestions as to their just fates.
    All they serve to do is to remind each and every person eligible to vote of the importance of exercising that duty. In these days opting out is not a responsible action.

      • Quite so Keith. Quite so.
        Of course we can all annoy Trump now with two words….
        ‘Megan Rapinoe’
        (Loving the Women’s Soccer World Cup…too tough a game for their male counterparts.)

      • Roger, so true. If you really want to annoy him, refer to him as Comrade Trump, as he seems infatuated with Putin and the autocrat squelching of the media as well as welcoming his help to win. Keith

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