Reach out and touch…our leaders with your concerns

I have been in contact with the offices of sixteen Republican Senators to share my concerns about an American problem, not a Democrat or Republican one. I am also going to send the following email to several Democrat Senators.

If you agree with my mission, please feel free to adapt the following to suit your style and message. The staff I speak with say they are hearing from others with these concerns. Calls are better than emails, as you can actually converse and share your frustration.

“Dear Senator, thank you for your service. I am independent and former Republican voter who is following closely a group called Republicans for the Rule of Law. This group is pushing Congress to strongly consider two issues and are sending highlighted copies of the Mueller report to each member.

First, the Senate should move forward a vote on the bipartisan election security bill. It is very perturbing the Senate leader is standing against such a vote. The Russians influenced our 2016 election and already working on 2020.

Second, they side with the courageous statement by GOP Congressman Justin Amash that there are grounds for impeachment in the Mueller report. It should be noted a bipartisan group of 1,000 plus former federal prosecutors agree.

This is not just a Democrat issue, it is an American issue. We are not a kingdom, we are a republic. And, no one is above the law, even the president.

I have shared with my Republican Senators the above. I am concerned for our democracy and our planet, as our credibility has waned around the globe with this untruthful president. Please act.”

Thanks for your time and interest.


5 thoughts on “Reach out and touch…our leaders with your concerns

  1. By the way … Roger asked me to let you know that the reason you aren’t seeing his comments on your posts is that WordPress is sending them into either cyber-space or Spam. It’s odd, for it isn’t doing it on all the blogs he reads, only yours, Gronda’s and Jerry’s. Sigh … technology!

    • Jill, thanks for letting me know. I am having issues where I cannot access my admin by iPhone. That is a reason I send so many anonymous comments to your posts. I can read my blog as a reader, but that is all. Keith

      • WordPress has been making changes, and every time they do, they manage to screw something up. My late ex had a saying that I live by … “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. 😉

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