Former Judge announces her departure from the GOP due to president’s racist remarks

From today’s The Washington Post, the following are some powerful words from a former Judge who is leaving the Republican Party. This is as succinct as it comes and should be a long overdue clarion call to Republicans regarding the person they continue to rationalize on a weekly basis:

“A former top Texas judge says she has left the Republican Party over President Trump, after his racist tweet telling four congresswomen to ‘go back’ to where they came from.

Elsa Alcala joins a small group of conservatives alienated by Trump’s remarks as most of the Republican Party sticks with the president — including through his latest attacks on Democratic representatives of color, three of whom were born in the United States.

‘Even accepting that Trump has had some successes (and I believe these are few), at his core, his ideology is racism,’ the 55-year-old retired judge wrote Monday in a Facebook post. ‘To me, nothing positive about him could absolve him of his rotten core.'” 

What will it take for others to come to the same conclusion? A poll said while 68% of all Americans do not approve of the president’s remarks toward the “squad,” only 47% disapprove in the Republican Party. Another poll had Trump’s GOP voter approval increase by 5 points, while it fell by 10 points among Independents and two points in Democrats from a lower starting point.

As I ask GOP Senators on a routine basis, “is this the person you want to spend your dear reputation on?” The defenders do not fully know what will come out of the woodwork nor what he might do or say. At some point, the rationalizing will be hard to come by. They should be well past that point by now.

10 thoughts on “Former Judge announces her departure from the GOP due to president’s racist remarks

  1. Note to Readers: It bemuses me to hear the president relish in how his racist remarks are playing out in his favor. That sums up neatly why this person has defamed the office he holds. Setting aside specifics, this person is celebrating that his sowing division allows him to gain politically. Sadly, that has been his modus operandi for decades. It also makes the words above by the former Judge resonate, especially as she defines his “rotten core.”

  2. The Republican base is now the trump base and these republicans need the base to win re election. They will sell their soul and decency, just like his base.

    • Mary, agreed. My hope is there are more people like this judge who see the president’s now campaign of racism (we are beyond just remarks) for precisely what it is. The response to people who say the president is not racist is simple, “The vast amount of evidence and behaviors do not support that claim.” Keith

  3. It is good to see that some people in the GOP are finally opening their eyes to the fact that Trump is a racist demagogue, but … I’m still puzzled, for I would have expected a mass exodus from the party long before now. I wonder how those who still support Trump can sleep at night, knowing what they have wrought up on not only this country, but the entire globe, given Trump’s complete disregard for the environment.

  4. Note to Readers: German Chancelor Angela Merkel added her condemnation of the US president’s racist remarks to those of the Canadian PM, Scottish PM, Irish PM, UK PM and an EU Leader. These condemnations still are not getting enough airplay.

  5. Note to Readers: I sent the following letter to my local and hometown newspaper. Please feel free to use. I have been quite active on this subject letting Republicans who pushed back know they have political courage and letting others know about this judge and other world leaders who have condemned Trump’s racist remarks. In short, bullies like the president will not stop until they are made to stop bullying.
    If someone is having a hard time seeing the racism in Trump’s “send her back” theme he is now perpetuating, here is an easy question to demonstrate. Has he ever said “send him back” with critics like Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders? A follow-up is to ask why he perpetuated for years that Barack Obama was not born here? No, the color of someone’s skin and name matter. These are not isolated mistakes for which he apologized for – they are racist dog whistles.

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