Of course, Trump is a racist

Of course, Donald Trump is a racist. The evidence is overwhelming dating well before he was president through today.*  He is the president of our country, so we need him to be one of our better angels, not our worst. He sets the tone, as does any person in a leadership position. So, we must encourage him to act like a leader.

Yet, what his actions say counter his words condemning four women of color telling them to leave the country, a dog whistle racist remark, while saying he “does not have a racist bone in his body.”

His actions say it is OK for a white man to criticize our country, even distort the truth in so doing. Make America Great Again was sold on denigrating the way it was.

His actions say it is OK for a white man to call people names like loser, failure, and ugly who criticize or accuse him rather than push back on the issues.

His actions say it is OK for a white man to be untruthful and bully people including our allies and trading partners at the same time getting cuddly with non-benign autocrats.

His actions say it is OK for a white man to try to obstruct justice or have active and numerous conversations with nefarious foreign sources to help win an election.

His actions say it is OK for a white man to grab any woman by her private parts or walk in on them while they are changing clothes as he has bragged of and been accused of. I won’t even speak of other accusations.

His actions say it is OK for a white man to call Mexicans rapists, ban people coming from Muslim majority countries, equate people wanting to preserve their civil rights with white nationalists who want to take them away and claim we don’t want immigrants from “shithole countries.”

And, his actions say it is OK for a white man to mock disabled people, demean a war hero because he was captured and insult a Gold Star family because they dared to criticize him.

I am not condoning any politician for cursing at another or being unfairly critical of a group of people based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, religion, etc. We must demand civil discourse from our elected officials. But, it is OK to be critical of Israel policies just as it is OK to be critical of America’s just as the current president did when he was a private citizen.

We must call out racism when we see it. And, when someone has to preface that he is not a racist, look further. And, we need our leaders to be our better angels. Yet, that does not let us off the hook – we must be civil in our discourse.


*Note: A few items to ponder:

  • Trump has settled the same court case twice for discriminatory renting practices to African-Americans, the second time when he was sued for failing to address items he promised to in the first settlement.
  • Trump took out a full page ad to sway public opinion on five black teens and young adults who were convicted and later exonerated by DNA for raping and killing a jogger in Central Park.
  • Trump made his political inroads by saying repeatedly for years that President Obama was not born in America. If this had been a white President, he would not have done such. When he finally said he was wrong years later, he blamed Hillary Clinton (I know the latter is not racist, it just shows that he is not accountable).
  • Trump has said Mexicans are rapists, banned travel from Muslim dominant countries, and noted we do not want immigrants from “shithole countries” naming a few of them along the way.
  • Trump equated people defending their rights to those of white nationalists who were saying the rights of non-whites do not matter during the Charlottesville protests – this led to the eventual resignation of Gary Cohn, his National Economic Advisor, who is Jewish and almost resigned immediately, but stayed onto get the Tax bill passed.
  • Trump treated Puerto Ricans differently and condescendingly after the hurricane disasters than he did people from Florida and Texas.
  • Trump is less concerned how refugees and immigrants trying to enter the US are treated once they are detained. It was thing to have a harder-line policy, but treat people like chattel is not very Christian-like.
  • Trump’s latest efforts are dog whistle comments that have been hurled at people of color or non-WASP ethnicity for multiple decades.


15 thoughts on “Of course, Trump is a racist

  1. Note to Readers: In not a surprising revelation, the US president was once again loose with the truth as he denigrared his new target, a muslim Congresswoman. But, not only did he lie about her, he is trying to weasel out of his responsibility for inciting the “send her back” comments. This episode reveals how undeserving this person is for the office he holds. Acciuntability. Truthfulness. Honor. None of these words are top ot mind when I think of the US president.

  2. It is easy to see that Trump is racist. As an outsider, I can tell you that our respect for Americans as a nation is taking a dive. I cannot understand the mindset that approves us and supports this behaviour. I have watched many interviews where people say “you just have to ignore his antics, he’s doing a good job.” In our opinion, people who say that have tainted themselves with the same brush as the man himself.

    • VJ, outside of the economy doing well, which any president has a limited ability to influence and which he largely inherited, I would argue his policy changes have ceded our global influence, harmed our environment and made our debt and civil discourse worse. Keith

  3. Great post, Keith! Had I not just done one on racism this morning, I would re-blog this one. There is a saying, “Actions speak louder than words”. Trump can deny all he likes, but his actions dating back decades say otherwise. He is in a position to influence people, not only in this nation but globally. We are rapidly losing the respect of others, almost exclusively because of Trump and his policies, his failure to support our allies while cuddling with our enemies. Yes, he is a racist, and I suspect even those who deny it are aware of it on some level. Again, great post!

    • Thanks Jill. Republican leaders know he is a racist; they just cannot bring themselves to say it. I firmly believe to save our country, our planet and their party, the GOP needs to stand in lockstep with the Dems to impeach him. I wonder if Nancy has whispered to Trump “are you there yet?” Keith

      • I was just reading that a group of republican members of Congress called a meeting earlier this week with Mike Pence to discuss with him how to get Trump to tone down his rhetoric, and also that Ivanka had spoken to him about it. Perhaps they are seeing their elections next year floating off into the sunset? I admit that I wasn’t surprised, but was puzzled that the House democrats weren’t more supportive of the call for impeachment this week. I’m not sure what Nancy Pelosi is waiting for. If she’s waiting for the perfect time, it’s not likely to come.

      • Jill, I heard that as well, but it also appears he is reverting to form now praising his raicous NC audience. It is similar to Charlottesville – they bottled him up for one day, then he reverted to racist form.

        My guess is Pelosi is hoping for Mueller helping break the ice next week. Again, what GOP needs to fear is what looms ahead that they will have to defend. Trump was right about one thing – he could shoot someone and his base would not care. Fox News is culpable in this madness. Keith

      • But of course. Does he honestly believe that We the People are all so stupid that we cannot see through him, cannot see the lie in everything he says and does? Yes, I’ve said the same … the name “Teflon Don” seems to be quite apt. What, then, does it take, I wonder?

      • Jill, to me it is obvious and always has been. But, it is easier to fool someone, than convince them they have been fooled. Trump knows that and exploits it. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: If someone is having a hard time seeing the racism in Trump’s “send her back” theme he is now perpetuating, here is an easy question to demonstrate. Has he ever said “send him back” with critics like Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders? A follow-up is to ask why he perpetuated for years that Barack Obama was not born here? These are not isolated mistakes for which he apologized for – they are racist dog whistles.

  5. Note to Readers: While condemning Trump’s remarks, Senator Lindsey Graham stopped short of calling the remarks racist or the president a racist. Times have changed, because is 2015, Graham called Trump a “race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot.”

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