A plea for progressive Democrat voters

The following plea is made by an Independent voter who has been a member of both parties. I am fiscally conservative and socially progressive. I am an advocate for the disenfranchised, environment and debt education. What all this means is I believe in helping people climb ladders, equal opportunity and rights, protecting our environment, but recognizing we have to pay for things.

My plea for progressive Democrat voters is as follows: If someone

  • cares about our global reputation and trade,
  • cares about good healthcare options,
  • cares about fighting climate change,
  • cares about protecting the environment and bee pollinators,
  • cares about our growing debt problem made worse by this president,
  • cares about civil rights and liberties for all,
  • cares about common decency,
  • cares about data-driven analysis, and
  • knows that our economy has been growing for over 120 months, only 30 of which have been under this president,

then please vote for Donald Trump’s opponent.

But. you must vote and not phone it in. Trump won in 2016 because he got people who were not crazy about Hillary to stay home or vote for Jill Flynn.

As for the Democrats – beating Trump truly is the major consideration. He is a clear and present danger to our democracy, our planet and even his own party. Please do not nominate a candidate that will not appeal to moderate Dems and Independents. Trump should not win this election if Dems do this. He can win if he continues to resonate with his race baiting and fear mongering of perceived evils of socialism and Dems nominate a George McGovern or Walter Mondale like candidate (please research how they did in the general election).

I am writing this to any progressive readers. We cannot be stupid about this election. Trump is beatable, but he can also win. Watergate was all about making sure Nixon ran against McGovern and not Edmund Muskie and getting dirt on McGovern once they got Muskie to drop out of the race (please research Nixon’s dirty tricks and Muskie’s tears of anger). Trump is more corrupt than Nixon, per conservative writer George Will – I agree. He will do everything in his power to lie, cheat and bully. Take that to the bank.

Finally, a note to all Democrat candidates – get every fact you can correct. Trump uses facts and truth as commodities – sparingly and only when they help him. But, even then he is prone to embellish his own role in good news. Fact-checkers have reported all candidates fudge the truth, but they also show no one comes close to Trump’s rate of lying. Do not be like that. Argue facts, diplomatically and forcefully. And, if anyone or group promotes violence in reaction to the hateful rhetoric, be quick to condemn it. Violence has no place in political discourse.

15 thoughts on “A plea for progressive Democrat voters

  1. Excellent advice, my friend. Now, let’s hope your advice is like the “shot heard ’round the world”, and that it is heeded, for otherwise, I fear very much for the future, not only of the U.S., but of the world.

    • Jill, it is critical that Trump is shown the door. Otherwise, we will move closer to autocracy and America will further tarnish its image. Keith

      • I think we are already moving closer to autocracy, and you’re right, he must be shown the door, for I fear that next year may a turning point otherwise.

      • Jill, the move to autocracy is in part his ego and in part due to changing demographics. That is former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt’s point – the move to autocracy is predicated on whites becoming a plurocracy not a majority in the future. While that sounds Machiavellian, again the source is a former GOP strategist. He noted if Dems did not take the House, we would move closer to Trumpistan. Keith

      • I have actually heard a couple of his supporters being interviewed who said they wouldn’t mind if he had absolute power. Rather a slap in the face to all those who have, through the years, fought and even died for our freedom, isn’t it? Trumpistan … an apt name for it, methinks.

  2. Excellent. I agree there are many good candidates but rhetoric will get us nowhere. This is not just about DJT, it’s about a power. I truly believe we need to take a step back and look at the entire landscape.

  3. Note to Readers: One of the suggested readings below the post references a Former Republican Strategist warning for Dems to vote to avoid the US from becoming Trumpistan. That post will scare you.

  4. Note to Readers: To me, it is imperative for Democrat candidates to focus on issues. Trump wants a mudfight, as he is not well versed on issues. They still can push back, though.

    Here is a good example. Of course, Trump’s comments toward four female elected representatives are racist. Have you ever heard him say “send him back” to Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders? Would he have questioned Barack Obama’s citizenship if he were white? The answer is no because what he is doing is dog whistle racism. This is uncalled for especialky for the president of the United States.

  5. I so agree with you, Keith. We’ve suffered the whiplash of going from progressive leaning leadership to, well, what is gripping the country now. Our next leader needs to be able to speak to middle America, not just the poor, but the almost poor who are so easily swayed by glib language that tells them they don’t have to pay for their neighbor. The Democratic Party is a shit show of small minded individualists who want attention and have the hubris to think they have all the answers. Not one of them is talking to the people who fear “socialism,” taxes, and government oversight. America, perhaps the world, will not survive another 4 more years.

    • Linda, thanks. Healthcare, economy for all, environment, climate change, global trade and partnering, civil rights are more than enough to focus on. But, we also must pay for things and pay down the debt which just got even more worse with the budget that is agreed upon. Keith

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