Independent comment pushing back on “A false narrative links the GOP and racism”

An editorial appeared in my local paper called “A false narrative links the GOP and racism” by J. Peder Zane. I will let you find the article on your own, but the premise is to say Democrats have cried wolf on racist remarks for a long time, in his attempt to defend the indefensible. So, the accusations on the current president are just more of the same in Zane’s view.  Here is my email to Mr. Zane pushing back on this premise.

Dear Mr. Zane,

I read with interest your editorial published today in The Charlotte Observer. As a 60 year old white man from the south and an independent and former Republican voter, I disagree with your premise. I know dog whistle racism when I hear and see it and, while your coin of phrase “yellow dogs” being the only ones hearing it is clever, it is offensive. Nixon used it as part of his southern strategy and I saw Jesse Helms use it recurringly in its most artistic form. And, three years ago, I equated Donald Trump’s campaign comments with George Wallace and his racist remarks. This is not a new phenomenon.

To be frank, I have grown weary of my former party’s leaders defending a retreating line in the sand of indefensible behavior by the person who occupies the White House. I have shared such concerns often with my two and other Senators pleading with them to condemn the latest set of the president’s behavior, tweets or remarks. I also ask them, what will they have to defend next week? We are better than this. And, our leaders must be our better angels, not our worst.

But, don’t take my word for it. Leaders in Sweden, Germany, UK, Ireland, EU, New Zealand and Scotland have condemned his racist  remarks toward the gang of four. Yet, let me close with a quote form a Texas judge from an article in The Washington Post in response to his racist remarks and doubling down on them earlier this month.

“A former top Texas judge says she has left the Republican Party over President Trump, after his racist tweet telling four congresswomen to ‘go back’ to where they came from.
Elsa Alcala joins a small group of conservatives alienated by Trump’s remarks as most of the Republican Party sticks with the president — including through his latest attacks on Democratic representatives of color, three of whom were born in the United States.
‘Even accepting that Trump has had some successes (and I believe these are few), at his core, his ideology is racism,’ the 55-year-old retired judge wrote Monday in a Facebook post. ‘To me, nothing positive about him could absolve him of his rotten core.’”

I realize you are a popular conservative-bent editorialist, but so are George Will, David Brooks, Michael Gerson, Erik Erickson and others who have pushed back on this president and his behavior and words. So, I will ask you the same question I have also asked GOP Senators – is this the man you want to spend your dear reputation on? These conservative-bent editorialists have said no.

Keith Wilson

16 thoughts on “Independent comment pushing back on “A false narrative links the GOP and racism”

    • Janis, it is doubtful. You will see this one again. What the email allowed me to do is cite world leaders, a former GOP judge and several conservative-bent pundits. What the president and his pseudo-news sycophants try to paint is it is only Dems who feel this way. As an example, I could not find a conservative outlet that spoke of Trump’s India/Pakistan SNAFU, but he just invented a conversation that never occurred. Keith

    • Susan, I will when I figure it out. Some of the best candidates do not stand a chance – several governors, Delaney and Bennett – as they are moderates. Mayor Pete impresses me every time he talks as he knows the issues, but Trump will highlight his being gay and is America ready yet?

      I will stand with sny of the others. I think Warren has momentum, but people need to listen to what she is saying. She does her homework and has debate experience, yet Trump and the GOP will pull put the socialist attacks. Bernie falls into the same category. Booker and Harris would be interesting.

      But, Joe may still be left standing. I hate that a person who has been bipartisan all his life is getting beat up for it. So, stay tuned. Thanks for thinking well of my opinion. Keith

    • Roger, I was just reading an article that GOP Senators are shellshocked by the Trump-fed chaos, not too mention the number of GOP congresspeople who are retiring or just not running again, one of which is a woman trying to get more women to run.

      • We can only hope the corrosion has set in. The only way this freak of the system will be not just defeated but humiliated and not become a legend in the GOP is by the party coming to its senses.

      • Agreed. They cannot just leave, they have to condemn actions. After being corrected, more than a few times that it is not China paying the tariffs, it is importers who pass most of the cost on to consumers, this untruthful person said at a rally in Ohio – you are not paying the tariffs, China. This confirms in my mind that he may not know – he knows and he is purposefully lying. Repeatedly.

      • Roger, I read this morning that the most reputable (in my view) GOP Congressman, Will Hurd, has decided not to run again. He is a former CIA employee and has been a student of data and decorum. He has been critical of the president on numerous fronts including the border rhetoric, racial remarks, and not addressing the Russian interference more demonstrably. Keith

      • Roger, you may want to check out the article in The Guardian today as to how the rest of the world views Brexit and how the process has damaged the UK. All Brits need to read this. From the outset, the Brexit vote has made me sad for the future of the UK.

        But. If the UK must leave, they should not leave without a deal. The PM is being foolish to think otherwise and is leading the country down a poor path. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has come out against her old boss’ rhetoric aimed toward black Congressman Elijah Cummings. Apparently, Cumminigs house was broken into. I have written before that Trump has endangered people with his rhetoric, which is not only very unpresidential, it is abetting a crime, if someone gets hurt. He will say it is not my fault. He is the guy at a party that starts a brawl and denies culpability.

    I am well past the point of impeachment, which the GOP needs to be a part of. I want them to force his resignation. We do not need this kind of person in a position of leadership in our country. His Republican friends in legislation know the person is reckless and untruthful. Yet, they are too scared to act. Per the Judge’s quote which I repeat here, this should be telling.

    “To me, nothing positive about him could absolve him of his rotten core.”

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