The young folks see the need to act now

“I am growing up in a world whose life systems are unraveling”

Jamie Margolin

The young Mr. Margolin is an attendee at the second annual International Congress of Youth in San Juan, Puerto Rico. People like him and Greta Thunberg recognize the need to act.

Unfortunately, too many of the adults in legislative positions are too beholden to funders to do the right thing. Whether it is not acting on climate change, allowing companies to pollute, or perpetuating profit margins for industries that prey on consumers off fear or some form of pacifier, the legislators are obsequient to their cash cows. And, why do these funders give them money? The Return On Investment (ROI) is huge. The fossil fuel industry has benefitted from multi-trillion dollars of government welfare.

But, these young people look at what is happening and clearly realize what the beholden legislators cannot – WE ARE SCREWED, unless we act. What makes their battles so uphill, is the funders are spending an awful lot of money to keep their ROI going.

The money being spent to convince people climate change is a hoax, not too bad, a natural evolution, etc, dwarfs those trying to get scientific peer reviewed information. As an example, there are about 700 peer reviewed websites discussing the realities of climate change, but there are 30,000 plus faux science sites. And, the current US president’s cabinets are busy burying peer reviewed reports on climate change, deleting data and reports and repositioning or running off climate scientists. Yet, one more climate scientist left the Dept. of Agriculture last week, as his warnings on rice harvests were being buried. “Why?” is an excellent question.

Climate change is not just causing rising sea levels, but that is a huge problem for coastal cities like Miami, the most at risk large city in the world. We are seeing stallled weather systems consistently flood areas. We are seeing drought areas experience worse droughts. We are seeing larger forest fires. And, we are seeing more tick and misquito borne illnesses with more standing water and higher average heat.

Action is occurring due to innovators, cities and states. We need the US federal government to leverage these efforts and not block them or mask the problem. The kids get it. They will also live with the world we are leaving. So, what kind of world do we want to leave them?

16 thoughts on “The young folks see the need to act now

  1. The worst we possibly can it seems.What puzzles me is these legislators are parents and grandparents themselves, don’t they care about their own families?They spend so loong hiding climate change facts they cannot but be aware of the truth..The world is going to suffer.

    • David, I agree, but there are two powerful forces at work. The fossil fuel industry owns the Republican Party and Fox News is their mouthpiece. So, it is more difficult to get the facts heard by the people that need to hear them. Also, since school budgets are tight, the fossil fuel industry provides study materials which downplays climate change. It is a tripod of disinformation. Keith

      • Mary, true. What has been of interest is the shareholder groups that are forcing fossil fuel management to keep them apprised of climate change action. This was a reason Shell got out of a petroleum lobby group in the US earlier this year. Keith

  2. Minutes ago, I read a news alert that reported today’s further gutting of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 by Trump. I am enraged and in tears! The Trump administration’s blatant disregard for anything other than the profit of big business is beyond appalling. Your well presented post points out the fallacy and dangers of the present administration’s actions and inaction. I think that my much loved and oft repeated quote is fitting : “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” – Unknown. I had for decades believed those to be from an 1854 speech by Chief Seattle, as they were attributed as such. I have since discovered that this quote, among others attributed to Seattle, were written in 1971 by a screenwriter for a film about ecology. The truth of that was not uncovered until the early 90’s! Nonetheless, the words still bear repeating. Thank-you!

    • Ellen, the lack of stewardship is shameful. We must call these failure on the carpet. We must let legislators and news organizations know of pur concern. I have even be reaching out to Fox News saying certain actions are a bridge too far. I think bragging on these kids help. Yet, some shock jock in Australia was ridiculing Greta Thunberg as a person, not what she was saying. Big man, just like the childish US president. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: Like a certain president, an Australian conservative writer named Andrew Bolt attacked the Greta Thunberg, the person rather than her views. His focus was on her being on the spectrum of Autism, which is a surprise to me, as she does not let that hold her back and is quite the force.

    Here is her and others’ responsed per The Guardian:

    “Andrew Bolt showed ‘absolute ignorance’ when he mocked the teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg in a column for the Herald Sun, an autism awareness advocate says.
    The high-profile columnist for Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers and Sky News commentator attacked the 16-year-old campaigner as ‘deeply disturbed’, ‘freakishly influential’ and ‘strange’ in the piece published on Wednesday.
    Thunberg responded on Thursday, turning Bolt’s words back on him to say she was ‘deeply disturbed’ by the ‘hate and conspiracy campaigns’ run by climate science deniers.”

  4. Some of the faux- science are a positive menace as are their cousins the exposure site.
    I’ve had several run ins on Facebook with people decrying Unicef for staff payments, etc when the true threads from people on the ground reveal quite a different story. I actually read one which in all damn innocence said ‘An anonymous e-mail said….’… An unattributed e-mail is to be believed????..I gave a rather terse reply.
    (Sheila made me stop engaging with them because she said I was enjoying it too much)

    • Roger, I guess the most appropriate response might be “if you were me, would you believe someone who cited an anonymous source?” A little more daring add on might be, “I don’t accept the president’s asserion when he cites anonymous sources, so I can’r really accept yours.”

      But, the most effective retort is “I understand your point, I just don’t agree with it.” Keith

      • PS – On a different subject, it should not give your citizens comfort that Donald Trump and John Bolton said a no deal Brexit is the best option. Trump just wants a deal to take advantage of a weaker trading partner. It is that simple. It should also concern everyone that businesses there are pleading to not have a no-deal Brexit. Keith

      • Roger, someone once asked me to intervene on something because “you suffer fools better than I do.” I think that waa his way of unloading a problem on me. I think it is the result of dealing with clients with not the best of ideas. Keith

      • It shows Keith, indeed it does.
        When I worked in the UK civil service I used to pride myself on keeping cool and empathising. I was paid for it.
        After retiring and trying the same approach with the most narrow minded and unpleasant UK crew who claimed they were liberal because they prided themselves on being atheists, I thought…… ‘ bad words’ I’m not getting paid for this anymore’ and now have a very low tolerance when it comes to dealing with Intolerance and Ignorance.

      • Roger, my poor wife gets to hear the less diplomatic version. Speaking of people who need others to be tolerant of him, what does Nigel Farage gain from disparaging the royal family, especially when he shows a lack of clarity on secession? This is picking a fight with the wrong couple. Keith

  5. I’m struck by the memory of us when we were Greta’s age. We, too, were going to change the world. We were going to make peace reign. We were going to clean the oceans, rivers, and lakes and save the endangered species. But then we became part of the churning system of funders and deal makers. It breaks my heart. Is this change an inevitable part of growing up? Mother Earth will rule supreme, but the human race and so many of the animals and places we’ve loved, will not exist. She will recreate…hopefully a better, more sustainable world. Or perhaps, this is all the same circle of life, death, and rebirth?

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