Off with his head

Given former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci’s (the Mooch) recent comments that his former boss is “off the rails,” I started to write a post about the Mad Hatter. But, there is a more appropriate caricature of the president in “Alice in Wonderland;” he acts more like the Queen of Hearts.

Any one who dares to criticize the Queen, will lose his or her proverbial head. The Mooch has been criticized for his remarks and advocacy to see the president is NOT reelected. The president said he did not know (the Mooch) that well. Yet, one would ask why he picked him to be his Communications Director, which was such a square peg/ round hole placement that it lasted eleven days.

Eugene Robinson’s latest editorial is called “Trump panicking that reality presidency won’t be renewed.” His opening and closing paragraphs are priceless. Here is the opening:

“Uh-oh. President Trump is in such a state of panic about his dimming reelection prospects that he’s getting his lies mixed up and occasionally blurting out the truth.” Robinson goes on to note Trump said it is hard for Amazon to compete with Samsung when the former has to pay tariffs, forgetting his lies that China paid the tariffs.

When the liar lies so much, he cannot keep track of them. It makes his staff panic as well. And, it has consequences. The Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats had to resign because he told the truth. And, his number two in command had to go as well, as she copied her boss and told the truth.

The Queen of Hearts president cannot tolerate someone disagreeing with him, especially when that person speaks the truth. Only the president can disagree with himself. After changing his tune, he will say he never said that or it is fake news he said that. He does not seem to care that he is on record saying such.

Sadly, his sycophants (let’s call them by the less flattering synonym “toadies”) are too scared to push back as the Queen will turn his base on them. So, the toadies go silent or offer milquetoast criticism of the latest regal faux pas. They do not want to risk the vindictiveness of the Queen.

Or, the toadies will do worse and actively berate people saying uncomfortable truths. Right now, his toadies are piling on the Mooch for his remarks. Further, the Queen’s attorney fixer Michael Cohen was berated as untruthful to obfuscate his testimony in front of a House committee. But, the irony is they were accusing him of lying to protect Trump, while they were admonishing him to protect Trump.

What should have been heeded from Cohen’s testimony are two clear messages. First, Cohen’s job was to bully and threaten people and entities who knew of Trump’s poor behavior into not releasing it. He said he wrote over 500 letters threatening institutions not to release any of Trump’s history they possessed.

Second, the words he opened with should be heeded. “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con artist and he is a cheat.” This man knows him better than many. Why did he say that? The reason these words are not heeded is an age old practice in Washington. If you denigrate the critic (i.e., cut off his head), then you need not pay any attention to what he said.

Yet, what Cohen said gibes with comments of others. Attorney Thomas Wells said about his former boss, “Trump lies everyday, even about things of no consequence.” Former economics advisor called his former boss a “prodigious liar.”

This is why each of us must push back when the president is untruthful, bullying or hateful in his actions and remarks. Showing Republican legislators there are consequences for their acquiescence and even toadiness to this person, is the only way to embolden them.

15 thoughts on “Off with his head

  1. Keith, I am just done with LMAO because Mr. T. canceled visiting Denmark because they did not sell him Greenland. What has he expected? That they are taking bows and kissing his feet because he wants to free them from that country? This is so ridiculous 😂I just wonder what sanctions he will set on Denmark now… OMG!

    • Erika, I just posted this comment, so I will repeat it here as it is germane.

      “Trump has offended Denmark with his Greenland banter and has attempted to save face by not going. This serves no good purpose. So, because he decided to make an issue of out of something (in buying Greenland), he now has caused friction. As Ronald Reagan would say “there you go again.” Call me crazy, if he really wanted to buy something, why would he not ask them privately if it was for sale, rather than announcing his intentions on twitter. He says he is this great deal maker, but the evidence is lacking. For example, he conceded two things to Israel without getting anything in return. No wonder they love him.”


      • OMG, Keith! This says it all! How professional is it to announce my intention to buy a country on twitter?! I mean, this doesn’t even need an explanation. It speaks volumes about his quality as the leader of the USA! Pityful, embarrassing, ridiculous,…

      • Erika, and he is the self-touted deal making genius. We must not govern and negotiate on twitter, but that speaks volumes about his perception vs reality bent. Keith

  2. Good post, my friend! Your analogy of Trump as the Queen of Hearts in Alice is apt, and the “off with his head” modus operandi seems to be the only way he knows to deal with his critics. Frankly, anyone who is so sensitive to criticism should never be in a public office, for there is always going to be somebody who doesn’t like you or like your policies & practices. In Trump’s case, the majority of the nation do not like what he is doing and has done, so criticism on a daily basis is inevitable. For one with such a huge ego, he sure is thin-skinned!

    • Jill, after interviewing Trump for about fifteen hours over the years, Howard Stern made the observation that Trump is too thin skinned to be president. The toadies that actively beat up people on his behalf are the worst kind. They are slimy. As noted, they are beating up the Mooch because he dared say the Queen of Heartss is off the rails. Keith

      • PS – I wonder if they have been attacking the former Texas judge Elsa Acala who left the GOP after Trump’s racist remarks adding he was “rotten to the core.” Also, New Hampshire Belknap County Commissioner Hunter Taylor also announced he was leaving the GOP citing Trump’s treatment of refugees and immigrants and deporting people.

      • Oh yes, he has his cadre of henchmen to take on any who speak against him and try to make them look like fools, but in my book, it only raises them up a notch. For example, I used to have absolutely no respect for Scaramucci, but now I find that I actually kind of like the guy! 🙃 Rather like that saying, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

      • Jill, henchmen is a good word. I just wrote a comment to Roger using the Denmark example. Rather than quietly reach out (like on his scheduled trip) to see if Greenland is for sale, he tweets out of the blue and reacts poorly when people tell them what they think. Now, Trump has created yet another issue with a staunch ally. High level discussions do not belong on twitter. All it does is create attention.

        This is an exemplar of why other leaders do not trust America. Its president is untrustworthy and not a good faith negotiator. This is not new, by the way. Keith

      • I quite often wish that someone on his staff would take his tweeting machines away from him, or that Twitter would ban him … for life! I got banned for calling someone a ‘bimbo’, but he gets by with racist remarks, threats, and patent lies. The most unprofessional way imaginable to communicate to the public. Sigh.

        You’re right … he has downgraded the U.S.’ status in the eyes of the world. His rollbacks of environmental regulations in and of itself would have been enough to raise the hackles of most of the rest of the world. Then he disrespects the Queen, trashes Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Macron, and others, while praising bin Salman, Putin, Duterte and Bolsinaro. What a mess.

      • Jill, yet his base will simply not believe what is happening right in front of them. Even I have staunch relative who thinks the “liberal media” is so against him. But, when I cite Republicans and former Republicans who are against him, that falls on deaf ears. Keith

    • Roger, I have not. But, the title seems apt. I will check it out at least a summary of the plot. You know, I have been thinking that Trump’s chest beating is similar to Khruschev pounding the table with his shoe and saying “We will bury you.” Keith

      • Although it does show Hitler as a complex figure….for instance he is so very much the gentleman to his secretaries…. the ranting and dellusionment at the end do remind me of Trump.
        I think there might be a difference between Trump and Khruschev; the former is still that immature brat, while the latter was a performer, skills honed under the hardest and most unforgiving of mentors, Stalin. The former an immature son of privilage still prone to tantrums, the latter ‘whatever works’.

      • Roger, Hitler had to be endearing, otherwise he would have betrayed his evil intentions. It is like serial killers, abusers and pedophiles – they appear to be rather normal folks.


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