Too often we miss the point

Between tribal politics and some media too aligned with tribes, we miss the key points. Examples are in abundance.

On the Greenland issue, the issue is not wanting to buy Greenland, which other presidents have voiced. The issue is how it was raised. The president was scheduled to visit Denmark. The time and place to broach the subject was face-to-face. And, if the answer was no, the president could have been prepared to discuss a joint investment. All of this could have been done without offending a key ally.

Brazilian president Jari Bolsonaro has decided that the burning Amazon is not good for optics. Yet, the concern is it horrible for the planet. Now, he says he will accept the financial help from the G7 if French president Emmanuel Macron apologizes. The planet’s lung is burning – fix the problem. Your ego is secondary.

British prime minister Boris Johnson keeps  saying a no-deal Brexit is manageable. This runs counter to what CEOs are saying. Don’t tell us it is, tell us what you plan to do to mitigate the problems. The point is Brexit is a huge undertaking and it continues to appear the UK government is ill-equipped to address this. So, until Johnson is more forthcoming, Brits should  be skeptical. Suspending parliament is an autocratic move, the US president would envy.

Oh, Prince Andrew. You can say you did not do what you have been accused, but footage of you seems to betray your words. Jeffrey Epstein was someone you should not have been around. The fact two famous womanizers – Bill Clinton and Donald Trump – did so does not help your argument. The point is why do important men believe they can treat people like they own them and get away with it? Sadly, until the people who aid, abet and hide these crimes stop, these high powered men will continue to do so.

Finally, why is the US president such an errand boy for Russia? Here is a country that attacked the US to influence the election and is continuing to do so. They are denying travel visas to members of Congress which has Congress in a bipartisan uproar. So, the president is insistent that Russia rejoin the G7 glossing over why they were kicked out. Why is Trump so rewarding of Russia? That is the point. A clear message from the Mueller report is the significant level of contact between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

Those are the points that need to be made. And, we need leaders and the better media to step up and make them.

8 thoughts on “Too often we miss the point

  1. Hello Keith. On the Demark visit I have read that originally Denmark had not issued an invitation. tRump simply announced he had been invited, so the Queen did make the invitation. That tRump then turned around and made an issue not to go was beyond rude and an embarrassment. Hugs

    • Scottie, thanks for the clarification. What does not get played up enough here is the concerns when Trump offends other leaders, especially allies. This was an unforced error. But, he cannot help himself. Just today, he is picking on Puerto Rico BEFORE the hurricane hits – why?

      But, the India example from July got such little play here. He announces to the press standing next to the Pakistan PM, that the India PM asked him to mediate between the two countries over Kashmir. Within the hour, India releases a press release saying no such request was made. He offended India and, once again, revealed how untrustworthy he is.

      By the way, no one in their right mind would ask Trump to mediate anything – his ego is far too large and is understanding is far too little, as he chooses not to study.


    • Janis, thanks. Boris has made a huge mistake, but that will be revealed over the next few months. Donald just continues to drive off the road. Prince Andrew has created a mess. As for Jair, he is just bound to copy all of Trump’s bad habits. Keith

  2. Sigh. There is a big mess that needs cleaning, not only in the U.S. but everywhere, it would seem. Bolsinaro’s disregard for the environment is both maddening and frightening … you are quite right … he started the fight with Macron, but now is not the time for pettiness. Put the damn fire out! And Johnson’s move to prorogue Parliament is autocratic and dangerous for the UK, but also I fear will give Trump ideas about perhaps trying to shut down Congress for an additional month while he manipulates money to build his infamous fence. Meanwhile, the world is burning and young Greta Thunberg has more sense than most of the world’s leaders.

    • Jill, contrast these stories to yours on Greta Thunberg. She responded to critics that said she needs to be a kid by saying she would like to, but she needs to speak up about the problems adults are ignoring.

      By the way, there is a report today that said 67% of Republicans age 18 – 34 are concerned over what humans are doing to the environment. This party will need a paradigm shift or face obsolecence. Keith

      • Greta is having such a positive impact! I have no use for the naysayers and critics such as the one I received a letter from this morning. And yes, I saw that report and thought that in 10 more years, if they don’t turn down a different path, the GOP will cease to exist.

      • Jill, there is a lot more money behind the naysaying or watering down effort. A science teacher said she has seen over 30,000 hoax websites versus 700 peer reviewed science websites warning of the concerns of climate change. Further, the fossil fuel companies are providing free educational materials that water down human influence. This is a far cry from Shell’s video from the early 1990s about climate change or Exxon’s scientists doing lectures on climate change, before they decided to go into “hoax” mode and hire the tobacco industry’s PR firm. Keith

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