Note from Nebraska GOP State Senator

Last month, I sent an email to a Republican State Senator in Nebraska complimenting him on his political courage to be critical of his own party. For his courage, he received a letter from the Nebraska Republican Party inviting him to leave the party. Today, I received this email.

“Dear Keith,
It’s State Senator John McCollister here. I’m the Nebraska legislator who called out the complicity of the Republican Party in enabling white supremacy 3 weeks ago.

If you are receiving this message, you are one of the kind people who sent me a personal email. There have been literally thousands of messages and with so much going on, I haven’t been able to respond to everyone individually. I want you to know I’ve read your notes and they have touched my heart. I wanted to send you all a message here to keep you informed about what has been going on and future plans. To recap:

Three weeks ago I had enough. After yet another mass shooting linked to a white supremacist, I tweeted out the following thread:

The Republican Party is enabling white supremacists in our country. As a lifelong Republican, it pains me to say this, but it’s true. 

I of course am not suggesting that all Republicans are white supremacists, nor am I saying that the average Republican is even racist.’

Almost immediately, the post started gaining national attention. Prominent news anchors, celebrities and political figures all seemed to be talking about it and reposting. The night after, I was on CNN. A few days later, I was on Morning Joe:

None of this was planned, in fact it caught me quite off guard. State senators typically don’t attract much attention or controversy.

But I had to say something. The activities of this president are BEYOND the pale. Hate crimes are on the rise. Racism and discrimination have been mainstreamed. Just yesterday there was another mass shooting. I may be a registered Republican but I’m a human being first and clearly see what’s going on. Many want me to stay quiet. I will not be doing that.

In my remaining time in the Nebraska legislature, I will tell the truth about this president and about the viability of the two-party system. The GOP wasn’t always this way. We used to believe in fiscal responsibility and sustainability. We used to believe in environmentalism. We once stood up for civil rights.

I have a VISION for what our party can and should be and I want to keep spreading this vision. I want to use my new platform to have honest conversations about what is happening no matter how inconvenient it may be. I want to promote a more inclusive GOP.

If you want to join me on this quest, there are a few ways you can help. 🙂

#1. In my experience, convincing voters who’ve already made up their mind is a hard sell. Our efforts are better spent talking to non-voters or undecided voters. In the 2016 election, close to 40% of the voting-age population didn’t vote. Let’s change that in 2020. Let’s have conversations with friends, neighbors and go-workers so we can get out the vote.

#2. If you’re not already following my pages on Facebook and/or Twitter, please do so and help me SHARE posts when I release them. The larger our reach, the louder our message.

#3. If you want to make a contribution on my website, the proceeds will go to spreading this message in the biggest way we can. We will create more content. We’ll make graphics. We’ll be able to hire some smart folks who are savvy with the internet. The bigger our team is, the louder our megaphone will be and I intend to keep talking.

And that about summarizes everything. Thank you so much for your compassion. I wouldn’t be sending this message were it not for your letters of support. You give me strength.

-John McCollister

Nebraska State Senator

Copyright © 2019 McCollister for Legislature, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you sent us a message.”

We need more elected officials to speak the important truths, especially when their party needs to do better. I applaud Senator McCollister for his courage and truthfulness. We all should.

11 thoughts on “Note from Nebraska GOP State Senator

  1. Wow, Keith, this state senator certainly is like a breath of fresh air. Hopefully, some GOP senators in DC will wake up and smell the coffee.

    • John, I agree. Please feel free to get his message out. More people need to know about it. I also left a message with the Nebraska GOP leader who sent McCollister the eviction letter. I applauded McCollister’s courage saying he is precisely what the GOP needs more of. Keith

  2. What a breath of fresh air … I, too, applaud Senator McCollister for his courage and conscience. I will follow him on both Facebook and Twitter and share when I can. Thanks for sharing his letter, Keith, and reminding us that they aren’t all a bunch of self-focused goons.

    • Thanks Jill. There are a few conservative columnists who have been writing there is no connection, so to see a politician say it is obviously is true flies in the face of that. That is why the Mark Thiessens, Peder Zanes and Stuart Varneys need to think hard about spending their reputations on sycophancy to an unworthy leader. Keith

      • I’m not aware of Peder Zanes, but Thiessen and Varney, as well as some others, well deserve to find themselves looking for a job shucking corn after Trump leaves office. It amazes me that any serious journalist would even work for Fox … I’m always amazed that Chris Wallace stays.

  3. It is encouraging to hear that a Republican Senator has spoken out loudly and clearly about the travesties that some members of his party and the person in the seat of power are handily perpetrating. Based on this email to you, it appears that he plans on remaining a Republican and working to return the party to its former policies. I must wonder if that will be possible in light of the invitation given to him by the Nebraska Republican Party. I do commend him for sticking to his principles no matter the personal cost and there will be more costs to come should he fulfill his promises as stated in the email. I hope that he will succeed! Thank-you for sharing.

    • Thanks Ellen. I hope he is successful in getting the message. Our Republican friends need to hear more from their own party, so please share his message. I will likely forward to an email distribution list soon. Thanks, Keith

  4. Note to Readers: I have posted this letter and my context on the websites of about 25 US Senators, mostly Republican. I have also forwarded this to an email distribution list, as well as about twenty newspapers and columnists and twenty or so state and local legislators. McCollister’s words resonate as they come from someone in the tribe. Please feel free to adapt this and share with your legislators.

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