Tantrums, vapes, and hurricanes

The week that was had serious issues that threatened the lives of people mixed in with self-inflicted issues that caused temper-tantrums. In no particular order:

The Bahamas was truly devastated by Hurricane Dorian. The aftermath pictures are sobering. Okracoke, one of the southernmost Outer Banks islands in North Carolina, was hit hard, but the US mainland was spared the brunt of the storm, although damage occurred and lives were lost. That is the big story.

Yet, way too much time and effort has been spent trying to save face for the US president after ham-handed and unneeded efforts to play weatherman. Rather than admit he over accentuated the threat on Alabama, he had his staff spending valuable time coming up with a story that does not let the president’s little feelings to be hurt. What he fails to realize, it is the “rationalization” efforts that paint him in a bad light. It is akin to dressing up the “dog ate my homework” excuse.

Since we are talking about blowing smoke, the dangers of vaping are raising their ugly head. More kids are entering the hospital with breathing concerns traceable to some form of vaping. What has always concerned me is the amount of smoke the vapers exhale from their lungs. It far exceeds the amount of smoke a cigarette smoker would exhale. Call me crazy, but that cannot be good for one’s health.

Still on the subject of blowing smoke, ex-president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe died yesterday at the age of 95. After being initially praised for liberating and founding Zimbabwe, he proceeded to kill any opposition and become an autocrat. While so doing, he blew smoke at the world to mask his efforts.

Our British friends are realizing that having Boris as prime minister is not necessarily a good thing. Even pro-Brexit folks are likely lamenting this ego-centric choice. When time is of the essence, shortening the time to discuss a complex topic is not good stewardship. But, all of Parliament needs a “get out of the pool” order to allow them to check their egos, decide what they want and get their fannies to Brussels. A no-deal Brexit would be disastrous and would be felt immediately.

Finally, the US president acted on another temper-tantrum when the Department of Justice sued the State of California and four automakers for an agreement to comply with a higher mph standard than the Federal government wants. These automakers feel being good stewards will help sell cars and help them compete with other automakers. It is sad that Attorney General William Barr has stained his career being the president’s personal attorney and attacking people that disagree with him – that is autocratic behavior.

Have a great weekend all.

5 thoughts on “Tantrums, vapes, and hurricanes

  1. Note to Readers: Two additional comments. It is sad 34 divers lost their lives in a horrific boat fire, where people were unable to escape. So, tragic. My heart goes out to their families.

    It should be concerning to all that Iran is proceeding with nuclear development now that the US backed out of a seven party deal in spite of the pleas of the other six countries and our own Joint Chiefs. Unwinding this deal is yet another unforced error that may cost lives. What also bothers me is the median age of Iranis is 35, so we could have continued to altered perceptions of the US.

  2. I see Trump is still being a brat. There really is no more to be said, is there?
    Mugabe quickly resorted to the tragic choice of many a freedom fighter. To cling to power at any cost. Mandela was rather unique and put Mugabe to shame.
    Johnson is proving himself incapable of anything apart from resorting to type. Another one of the immature opportunists. Bombast and trying to run to nation in the same style as dominating the conversation at a dinner party.

    • Roger, good analogy on Johnson as the glib dinner party guest. Talk is cheap; action is harder.

      Mandela put Mugabe and others to shame, including the brat you refer to. I find it interesting that Trump’s short lived Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci is using the term “gaslighting” to define Trump. Scaramucci is setting up a PAC to prevent Trump from getting elected. Trump condemns him saying he hardly knew the guy – the response is then why did you hire him? Keith

      • Answer:
        He thought as Scaramucci had a ‘hard’ reputation he was his ‘kinda guy’.
        Of course the fellow was shown as unable to handle the heat of the job and was obliged to go, which is not as easy when a person gets into the Oval Office.
        Naturally he’s bitter about Trump. Who wouldn’t be, since loyalty and gratitude are not in Trump’s Lexicon?

      • Roger, the best answer to a Donald Trump job offer is “no thank you.” This is especially true if you realize you are not qualified for the job, even though the one making the offer does not. Keith

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