Toys in the ATTIC

When Republican presidential candidate and former Congressman Joe Walsh made it to Fox News for an interview, even he was stunned when the host said he did not think the current president lies. The truth is not only does the president lie, he lies more than he does not with a tally of over 12,000 lies and counting while in office.

While many of the lies are akin to a toddler denying he said or did something (even with his hand in the cookie jar), the ones that trouble me most are those that impact policy or our global standing. On the latter, the US is less trusted because the president is untrustworthy. On the former, people are harmed physically or financially.

With this in mind, here are five lies that may be “toys in the attic,” to the childish president, but are detrimental to people. ATTIC is the acronym to help even a Fox News host to remember them.

A = Amazon: Trump blew off the G7 meeting on the burning Amazon forests and climate change saying he was meeting with the leaders of Germany and India. Trouble is they were in the meeting he blew off.

T= Tariffs: In a repetitive lie, the president continues to say China is paying for the tariffs and each time it is refuted by economists. US importers pay the tariffs and pass most of the cost to consumers. The Congressional Budget Office says the average American (not Chinese) citizen will pay an extra $1,000 due to tariffs.

T= Transgender: This is the president at his worst. Per the book “Fear,” by two-time Pulitzer Prize winning author Bob Woodward, defense staff and leadership awaited the president for a 10 am meeting to brief him on four options for handling transgender issues. While they waited, the president sent out two tweets around 9:05 am. The tweets said the generals had already briefed him and it was a consensus to choose the most aggressive option. This made Defense Secretary James Mattis so furious as it was untrue and wasted time and effort, he said he would not take orders from a tweet.

I = India: This was yet another unforced error the president brought on himself. While at a press conference with the Pakistan leader, the president said he was asked by the India prime minister to broker discussions between the two leaders over recurring tensions in Kashmir. Within the hour, the India PM put out a release saying “no such request was made.” The White House staff was eerily silent after the president’s comment and India’s response. In an interview on NPR, I heard how this damaged our relationship with India.

C = Co-pays: This lie relates to the president cutting funding to reimburse insurers for co-pays and deductibles for people making less than 2 1/2 times the poverty limit under the ACA. Trump said, untruthfully, this would only impact insurer profits. The CBO said it would increase the deficit by $10 billion per annum as premiums would increase. Further, those not getting a premium subsidy would see an increase. If that were not enough, BCBS of North Carolina noted they were not going to have a rate increase in 2018 before the president edict, but increased premiums afterwards.

Sadly, there are so many more to choose from. When I heard this supposed news person say the president does not lie, it was and is highly offensive. Three attorneys who worked for the president have said the following about the president’s lack of truthfulness.

-Thomas Wells said before the election in an article “Donald Trump lies every day even about things of no consequence.”

– Michael Cohen said under oath “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con artist and he is a cheat.”

– Don McGahn, former White House counsel, resigned rather follow Trump orders to obstruct justice (and lie about being so instructed) per the Mueller report.

Lies are toys in the ATTIC to the president. He has so many toys, they just pile up. But, the truth is these “toys” are painful realities to us and the rest of the world.

13 thoughts on “Toys in the ATTIC

  1. Note to Readers: A key lesson of leadership (and beyond) is do not waste people’s time. I have seen CEOs set-up a committee to study which advisor to hire (or action to take) when the decision had already been made. It is when the committee recommends an alternative course, do they realize they were pawns in a charade.

    In the transgender example above, the president wasted people’s time. It also happens when his staff must scurry to make him look less idiotic as they did with Sharpiegate or trying to keep the USS John McCain from his sight.

  2. Keith, I love the way you worked up that acronym! Creative, indeed! As for Stuart Varney, the Fox anchor who said Trump does not lie, he is either as big a liar, as big a fool, or as ignorant as Trump … or perhaps all three. What galls me, though, is that just last evening on Facebook, a woman took me to task for being an ‘anti-Trumper’, and told me that Trump is doing a wonderful job of putting this country back together! I was stunned … he’s taken a bloody sledgehammer to this country, not put it ‘back together’. I presume she watches Mr. Varney and the other Fox News buffoons. Sigh. Excellent post, my friend!

    • Jill, many thanks. What we call lying, others in his base call straight talk. If you feel game, please feel free to tell your friend that you shared your comment with an independent and former Republican voter. He was curious to know his or her reaction to now three Republican candidates for president who call Trump out on his recklessness and untruthfulness. Keith

      • Yes, in the new alternative dictionary, lying = “telling it like it is”. Ah, it wasn’t a friend, just somebody who commented on a comment I had made. However, your question is a good one, and I’ll ask it next time I find myself in one of these “discussions”. I try to avoid them, but every now and then, my fingers just start pounding the keyboard before my brain has a chance to start screaming “Get Out!!!” 😉

  3. Very cleverly constructed Keith.
    The line of Trump doesn’t say lies is such hoo-ahh.
    No one is this fractured world of ours does not tell lies (even if they are little fibs), and as for politicians I say this as an observation not as a condemnation they all do in some form or another….sadly a requirement of the job, to make it work.
    Saying Trump does not tell lies, is just asking for ridicule. (he’s being married more than once that qualifies for a few for starters!)

    • Roger, thanks. While all politiciana lie, he has lapped the field. Your point about multiple marriages is a good one, as I would wager more than a few lies were told by the husband in all three. Boris is untruthful as well, but he doesn’t hold a candle to the US president for falsehoods. Keith

      • In the UK most of us in opposition to Boris eventually we will be bound to say.
        ‘Well, he went to public school*. What do you expect?’
        * What must be confusing for yourselves, is that a Public school in the UK is a place where those rich enough can send their children for an elitist (as opposed to a good) education and avoid the trauma of having to mix with the ‘lower element’.
        A place associated with privilege and bad behaviour- Boris Johnson is a positive caricature of the result.

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