From where I sit

The following is a letter I forwarded to my local newspaper. The timing is due to yet one more letter I read which portrays critics of the US president as just not liking him or Democrats who want to change the outcome of the election.

As an independent and former Republican, it troubles me how easily the US president convinces people that his critics just don’t like him, are Democrats or both. From where I sit, Trump’s worst enemy looks back from the mirror when he shaves. It is not his critics who are regularly untruthful, bully people, denigrate media and opponents, and believe they are above the law. It is not his critics who consistently lie about who pays the tariffs (it is importers not China), nor who invents stories like India asking him to broker a discussion with Pakistan over Kashmir, which was denied by India within an hour. From where I sit, the biggest purveyor of fake news, by far, is the one who tweets so much.

In the latest Trump episode involving a whistleblower who has “credibly” raised an issue per the Inspector General’s office, Trump tweeted how could someone think he would say something improper to a world leader? The answer is because you have done it several times before – think siding with Putin over his intelligence leaders in Helsinki, think lying to the Australian PM, think repeating the same comment to the German Chancellor eleven times before realizing what she had been saying.

Please feel free to use the above letter, modifying it as you see fit.

11 thoughts on “From where I sit

  1. Hello Keith. I commend you for being willing to read the editorials in the papers from people who support tRump. I gave that up here where I live as most of them are far divorced from reality. It was too hard on my blood pressure. Do you think any of them read and comprehend what you write, or anything that disagrees with the narrative they have formed in their seeming worship of tRump? I do not understand the cult like drive to believe him over all the evidence that shows him wrong and the desperate need to deny reality. You write very well, your letters / posts are understandable and not in any way bombastic. Do you think you can reach them? Do you think there is anyway to break through the wall of denial and the commitment they have for what they think tRump is? Hugs

    • Scottie, many thanks. If I can reach a few, it is worth the effort. I think we need to use short phrases to gain traction – that is what Trump does. “His worst enemy stares back from the mirror when he shaves” hits home because his fringe supporters may recognize this truth. Calling him a “clear and present danger” is bolder, but is also the truth.

      As for keeping at it, this perserves my sanity. Keith

      • Hello Keith. Thank you . There are few people today willing to stick their neck out in predominately Republican areas because they are afraid of the backlash. Online that backlash can be very severe. Recently a young YouTube person I know was driven so hard by the hateful who were convinced they were correct that she started to self harm again and videoed it. These same people that did that to her claim to be the better more moral people. We need people willing to engage the right, we also need people willing to call them out and refuse to let them sweep the harm they do under the rug. It is hard to know which one to be or where to draw the line. You seem to be able to speak to them, I hope they listen. Hugs

      • Scottie, I do try. I don’t always succeed. I keep thinking of Daryl Davis, a black man who talked over 100 KKK members out of their robes by listening to them. Then, he asked questions. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: I wrote on Jill’s post that with the latest Trump variation from GOP mantra (the attack on state’s rights), we should call the GOP by what it is – the Trump Party. Between this attack, the departure from free trade, the careless attitude toward debt, the closer embrace of extremism, eg this does not resemble the old GOP. Keith

  3. I tip my hat to you Keith for your continued dignified and restrained approach to these issues, like Jill I have long since slipped from that stance. Your maturity is to be applauded.
    What still baffles me is why some praise Trump when he is incapable of any of the dignity of the office and displays all the immaturity of a six year old arguing with another six year old over whether that was a ‘strike’ or not, or worse a fourteen year old on being told to clean up their room.
    Of course people don’t like you. Ask any previous president, it goes with the job! There will be people who do not like you…’s called democracy. (fool)

    • Roger, thanks. It is the rationalization of his harmful, untruthful, unethical, corrupt and illegal remarks and actions by his sycophants which disturb. It is not OK to use the power of the presidency to punish critics and obstruct justice. It is not OK to ask foreign leaders to investigate opponents. Both of these last two actions are impeachable offenses. Keith

      • Indeed they are.
        And by the constant support of this blimp of an ego, constantly feeding him the notion that he is actually as effective President of the USA is something ethically tantamount to treachery to the USA and carried out by many parties

      • Roger, any statue of Donald Trump will have one arm patting himself on the back as he stands atop his adoring fans who are on a small island horrified by the encroaching water. Keith

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