You can’t comb over climate change

“You can’t comb over climate change,” the sign read at the Climate Change strike yesterday. This metaphor speaks volumes about a huge problem that a certain person in leadership continues to hide like thinning hair.

The kids get it. Their passion and acknowledgement of the existential threat to our present and future is even applauded in halls of government. Yet, it shames these legislators who still do not act because their funders tell them not to.

I am both a tree-hugger and a capitalist. I have actually said this to legislators in open forum, which usually draws a chuckle. Yet, i am more than gesting. I left the Republican Party a dozen years ago in large part due to their ostrich-head-in-the-sand stance on climate change. My thesis is I could not be a member of a party that is ignoring the greatest threat facing our planet. There is no Planet B.

The cost of failing to act now will dwarf the cost of action. But, the economics go deeper. The cost of renewable energy is more on par with fossil fuel costs from a production standpoint. When all costs are factored in – acquisition, environmental degradation, transportation, burning, maintenance, health, litigation – the cost of renewables is actually much cheaper than coal and cheaper than natural gas. The dropping costs of renewables continues to drive the increase in their use. Iowa actually gets over 35% of its electricity from wind energy, eg. Even Texas gets over 16% of its electricity from wind.

Being a capitalist, the place for investment is in growth industries, not retrenching ones. Coal has been in demise for the entire decade. Solar jobs are 5X more than coal jobs. And, per the recently passed oil tycoon, T. Boone Pickens, natural gas was needed to buy time before wind and solar decreased in cost. He said this in the first half of this decade.

So, the future financials favor renewables. Yet, then we must add in that climate change thing. We must address the heating planet being worsened by humans. If we don’t, it is more than just our kids we need to worry about. We need to worry about us.

The kids get it. Adults, are you paying attention?

33 thoughts on “You can’t comb over climate change

  1. I think the lawmakers will only take action once the citizens of this country wake up and smell the coffee and demand that they back away from the fossil fuel industries, demand that they encourage the further development of renewable energy. And far too many of those citizens are content in their lifestyles to make those demands. A recent conversation with a friend left me frustrated, for she made it plain that she was not about to trade her big gas-guzzling SUV for a more fuel-efficient car, was not about to give up her hamburgers or the convenience of her throw-away plastic bottles. Until we can get through to people like that, I fear change will come far too slowly.

    • Jill, I don’t know if we will ever convince the hard core naysayers. But, we must ask, listen and ask again, if the answers are unsatisfactory of our legislators. And, we must tell them this a key reason we will not vote for them. Keith

    • Too true. The last thing these kids deserve is riducule, but I will not be surprised if the shallow US president does just that. He cannot be bothered to attend an important climate change meeting in his home city. Keith

      • Roger, I tend to avoid the word man or adult, as either would be accountable which is not a description of the US president. Keith

      • Very true.
        No he does not match up either as a true man, being someone who accepts their flaws and tries to get on with Life and certainly not an adult, adults have a sense of responsibility to others.

      • Roger, true. His only claim to fame is the economy which wasz almost eight years into a growth period. “Look what I did” he touts. Keith

      • Apparently 2018 was the worse year for gun violence in the USA.
        Did he take credit for that?
        (I know it’s a low blow but when it comes to Trump I am passed dignified arguments, he has not earned that right from me)

      • Roger, I recall him saying he wpikd end terrorism in the US. A white supremacist is as much a terrorist as an Muslim extremist. So, he is noticeably silent on that campaign process. While wenare at it, he said he had a better, cheaper health care plan. He has been president for 32 months….Keith

      • Roger, today he said he should win several Nobel Prizes, if they voted correctly. What comes out of his mouth can still amaze, but when people believe this BS, it is does become comical and sad. Keith

      • I saw that….
        It was painfully embarrassing to observe
        Similar to one of those occasions when a keynote speaker gets up and within a few minutes you realise they have either forgotten their notes or the auto-queue is broken and they are trying to wing it.
        Only in Trump’s case he believes it.

      • Roger, that is part of the circular argument. Trump hears about a right wing conspiracy (maybe planted or fed by the Russians). Once he says, his boy Hannity or Fox and Friends repeats it giving it a little more height. Then Trump hears it and thinks it is true. Keith

      • When historians come to write up this era of American politics Trump will not be considered as a person, merely a symptom or an illustration of a certain mindset.
        To use a 19th century phrase, which some how suits him.
        ‘He is a humbug sir. A mere humbug!’

      • Roger, presidential historians have already been less than flattering. Just this one example, he does not think he did anything wrong. It also should not be viewed as an isolated example. Keith

      • We also have the less than edifying sight of when Greta Thunberg arrived, she is in the back of room with others.
        Trump lurches into the room scowling and with all the finesse and aplomb of a drunk shoving their way to the front of the queue then starts talking in a charmless way.
        No civility. No dignity. No maturity.
        An example of a boor.

    • Hugh, agreed. I think it is up to those adults who get it to empower and be empowered by these kids. We need to say listen to them and highlight all the progress going on. We have wasted too much time as a country. Keith

      • This is told as my view of Climate Change deniers and their belief it’s not as bad as it seems or ‘something will sort itself out’…….
        One late afternoon a man hears on his local radio station that the heavy rain warning has now turned to a severe storm with high likelyhood of flooding. He diligently gets down on his knees and begins to pray to God for guidence and delieverance.
        The rain driven by strong winds begins, as the night goes on there’s a knock on his door a patrolman from the Sheriff’s Office turns up to warn of floods and says he might need to get out of his home. He thanks the patrolman and says God Will Provide. He then prayers again.
        Later on the river breaks and the flood waters are rising, a small inshore craft manned by the rescue services turn up. He turns down their services and says God Will Provide. As they have just received an urgent call to save a family of five, they make the decision and leave him. As before he prays.
        By the early hours on the morning his house is beneath a raging flood and he is sitting on the roof. Along comes a helicopter, the crew urge him to get ready to be rescued. He says he is fine and God Will Provide. The crew plead with him but the winds become stronger and the helicopter crew must break off the rescue attempt lest their craft is blown to destruction. He prays.
        Shortly his house collapses and he is drowned.
        Some celestial time later he finds himself before Saint Peter, very wet and very cross.
        ‘A tempest came,’ he cries ‘I prayed and prayed most diligently and yet God still let me drown. Where was God when I needed Him!!’
        Peter sighs and is about to speak, when there is a tap on the man’s shoulder, he turns around and there is God, who says to him.
        ‘I sent you a radio warning. I sent you a patrol man. I sent you a rescue craft. I sent you a helicopter! What more help did you need already ?’

      • Roger, great story. It jives with a comment I made about a sect that foregoes modern medicine. To me that is arrogant to know how God will deliver his help. A doctor’s brain and deft hands is indeed a miracle. Just think of how a doctor’s life-saving efforts would be viewed. Lazrus-like? Keith

  2. I agree with the climate change call for action. I would go even further than what I have heard from most activists. No houses larger than 2000 square ft. No private airplanes, no family to own more than one home, no cars that have an engine larger than 1600c.c., ban all forms of racing with motorized vehicles, Dr down all forests and build solar farms, build the wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts that Edward Kennedy stopped. I could go on but you can see what we need to do!

    • Keith, thanks for your comments. There is so much more we call could do. Have you seen the documentary called “Ice on fire” produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. It focuses on two categories of changes that are occurring, but need to be leveraged even more. 1) Putting less carbon in the air and 2) taking more carbon out of the air. There are many more natural ways to do this, as well as the many ways you mention. Thanks again, Keith

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