He doesn’t think he did anything wrong

He doesn’t think he did anything wrong. And, that is a part of the recurring problem. The US president thinks nothing of trading something to a country for dirt on an opponent. He did it before and will do it again until Congress says it is not OK.

But, that is not the only problem among the recurring equations. He sees nothing wrong with making money off the presidency. It is unethical and, at times, illegal. People feel obligated to stay at Trump facilities to curry his favor. He need not order it to happen, he just creates an environment that people feel they need to do it.

He thinks nothing of lying recurringly. He lies everyday, even when he does not have to. In fact, with about 1,000 days in office and over 12,000 lies per The Washington Post, that averages to 12 per day. While that seems a little high, it is closer to being correct than Fox host Stuart Varney’s zero estimate.

We should recall the words of his long-time attorney and fixer of Trump missteps. Michal Cohen said under oath, “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con-artist and he is a cheat.” Maybe it is because he has gotten away with it all of his life, that Trump feels he can continue with impunity.

11 thoughts on “He doesn’t think he did anything wrong

  1. You’re right Keith. The question now becomes, what the hell are Democrats going to do about it? I’m not convinced they will do what’s right.

    • Coupled with his obstruction of justice and the myriad of other missteps, impeachment is a suitable path. And, to be frank, the GOP needs to find the courage and be a part of this process to rid our country of this clear and present danger. Keith

      • Yep. We keep waiting…and waiting for them. They’ve sold their souls Keith. It’s Trump’s party now. I guess they hope people will forget once he’s gone.

    • Janis, see my note to Brookingslib. If you want to unnerve a Republican legislator ask them what will they have to rationalize next week, next month or next year? Then mention what you may have to defend may have already happened or be a new misstep. Keith

  2. Note to Reader: Since the US president likes to blame Democrats and the media, it is worth googling Fox News host “Shep Smith on Ukraine” and read his coverage of this Whistleblower issue. He and Chris Wallace are the true news people on Fox and are outliers from the pro-Trump editorialists who are more sycophant than news-oriented.

  3. Usually his sort never do.
    The only one I can think of was Louis XIV of France who was reported to have said on his death bed ‘I have loved war too well, Do not imitate me in this,’
    I can’t see Trump ever rising to that sort of level.

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