Republicans should lead the impeachment effort

Whistleblowers should be heeded because of the risk. We have been told by the DNI acting director that this one is credible. The partially released phone call is indicting enough per Judge Napolitano on Fox whose opinion is supported by other legal people per Shep Smith, a Fox news person.

But, what should give Americans and Republicans pause are these three things:

– multiple sources in the White House felt the president abused his powers;
– the White House lawyers tried to classify the call and move it to a national security data base – why?
– this is not the first time it has occurred.

In my view, based on this and the obstruction of justice and lying by the president portrayed in the Mueller report, the Republicans should be leading the impeachment process. You simply cannot be the self-portrayed party of law and let this president not be impeached. Trump is a wounded animal and this will get far worse. Yesterday’s press conference where the president accused all of his accusers with ill-intent or bad behavior is just one example.

As an independent and former Republican, I have consistently shared my concerns over this regal-minded president with Senators and their staff. I see him as a clear and present danger to our democracy, our planet and the Republican party. What people fail to realize is the president has never reported to anyone besides his father. His regal behavior has been cultivated for many years.

But, the question that should scare the crap out of Mitch McConnell, et al is what will you have to defend next week, next month or next year? And, its scary corollary is you don’t know if he has already committed such a sin or if it is to be committed. (I have been saying this for months even before the latest Ukraine issue).

I have said all along, the president’s worst enemy looks back at him when he shaves. That image reveals an untruthful, unaccountable and (proudly) unprepared bully. And, it is proven recurringly, he does not think he ever does anything wrong, even when evidence to the contrary clearly exists.


Note: It was reported today: “Fox News anchor Chris Wallace called out ‘astonishing’ and ‘deeply misleading’ spin from President Donald Trump’s defenders over the whistleblower complaint on his contacts with Ukraine.”



21 thoughts on “Republicans should lead the impeachment effort

  1. Note to Readers: As reported today:
    “Fox News anchor Chris Wallace called out ‘astonishing’ and ‘deeply misleading’ spin from President Donald Trump’s defenders over the whistleblower complaint on his contacts with Ukraine.

    On America’s Newsroom, Fox News anchor Sandra Smith asked Wallace on Friday: ‘Your thoughts as we wrap the week — did it change anything?’

    ‘I think it’s changed quite a lot, Sandra,’ Wallace replied, before calling out the president’s supporters: ‘The spinning that has been done by the president’s defenders in the last 24 hours since this very damaging whistleblower complaint came out — the spinning is not surprising, but I think it is astonishing and deeply misleading.’

    Wallace explained that the whistleblower’s complaint lined up exactly with the transcript of the call between Trump and Ukraine’s president — and the whistleblower’s other claims also turned out to be true.”

  2. Speaking of the whistleblower’s complaint, it was said just this morning that the White House “confirmed the use of a separate system to house important documents with politically sensitive information, including the transcript of Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president.” So far, the whistleblower’s complaints have had corroborating evidence, including the partial transcript released earlier this week, and what the White House said today.

  3. The Repubs will finally realize that Trump is a liability and certainly not a viable candidate to run again. Then they might decide to turn against him. Prior to that talk about impeachment will simply make Trump a sympathetic character for all his many (armed and angry) followers. We must tread softly!

    • Hugh, I think the president screwed the pooch on this. And, it does not sit in isolation. The way to deal with a bully is to stand up to him. Since people failed to do this, he did it again. And, likely is doing it in orher situations. I feel it is time to act and get the GOP on board. Keith

  4. An excellent post, Keith … I concur with your thoughts. If the GOP has a hope of raising themselves out of the muck and redeeming any degree of respectability, they need to finally say “ENOUGH”, admit their mistakes and lead the calls for impeachment. Too bad there is no possibility of them being able to talk him into stepping down, as they were able to do with Nixon, for Trump’s mega-ego will never allow him to admit to anything or to give up that cushy office from which he is profiting ‘bigly’. I strongly suspect that this conversation with Zelenskyy is only the tip of the iceberg and that there is much more than we may ever be aware of.

    • Jill, the Ukraine ambassador resigning is the next show dropping. Yet, another person who wishes he said no to an employment offer.

      By the way, I want to know why Coats and Gordon were forced out of the DNI in August? There has to be something due to the timing. By the way, you know Trump must have blown a gasket when Maguire gave the whistleblower credibility. Keith

      • PS – The Guardian cites NYT article that addresses questions over Coats and Gordon’s firing. Here are the first two paragraphs:

        “Three days after his now infamous phone conversation with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Donald Trump abruptly fired his director of national intelligence in favour of an inexperienced political loyalist.

        According to a New York Times report, the White House learned within days that the unorthodox call on 25 July with Zelenskiy had raised red flags among intelligence professionals and was likely to trigger an official complaint.”

        Both Coats and Gordon are well thought of. Trump’s first pick had to back away as he fudged his intelligence experience.

      • You have a point … I always thought Coats was forced out because he was beginning to take election security a bit too seriously for Trump, but there may be yet another reason. Much food for thought these days … many dots to connect. I wonder if we will EVER know the whole story?

      • P.S. I did read tonight about a republican congressman, Mark Amodei, who is sort of supporting the impeachment inquiry, though he is withholding judgment on the impeachment itself. A small step, but perhaps an indicator that some republicans are opening their eyes and asking themselves if it’s really worth it?

      • Jill, I read this morning, the group Republicans for the Rule of Law is pressuring Senator Richard Burr to condemn Trump on the Ukraine issue. They will be running ads as well. It should be noted they ran ads in Kentucky and four other states to pressure McConnell and four Senators to push for election security funding, which McConnell succumbed to.

        Note when your GOP friends push back, ask them why this group is running these ads? Keith

      • PS – By the way, I saw that note on the GOP Congressperson. I think there are a handful of GOP Congresspeople who have an open mind. I do agree with you, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. This is modus operandi for Trump – by the way, the call is vintage Trump per Michael Cohen.

  5. I can remember watching with baited breath during the Watergate scandal and then curiosity during the Clinton debacle, but this all seems anticlimactic – so much dirt has already been slewed and the list of ‘sins’ reads like a graphic novel. I have no idea how the U.S. is going to recover from this presidency.

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