Republicans for the Rule of Law condemn Trump behavior (and obstruction) with Ukraine

As reported in Huffington Post this weekend, a group called Republicans for the Rule of Law is encouraging Republicans to remember their better angels. Here is a reprint:

“Now, dozens of Republican lawmakers have been targeted for TV and digital ads in a $1 million campaign that will begin running this weekend in their home districts. Among the first subjects are Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.), Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) and Sen. Lamar Alexander (Tenn.).
The advocacy group behind the ads, Republicans for the Rule of Law, is a project of Defending Democracy Together, an organization that counts conservative commentator and noted Trump critic William Kristol as a co-director. Other directors include Linda Chavez, who served in the Reagan administration, and Christine Todd Whitman, who served as Environmental Protection Agency administrator under President George W. Bush.

‘Republicans in Congress must condemn this behavior without reservation,’ Chris Truax, a legal adviser for Republicans for the Rule of Law, said in a statement to HuffPost. He continued:

‘It is no longer about whether Republicans believe President Trump or whether they support his policies. It’s about whether they support his admitted abuse of power and his efforts to secure a foreign government’s help in an American election.’

The black-and-white 30-second ads are similar, but customized for each lawmaker. ‘The country is in crisis,’ the ads warn. They slam Trump’s actions as an ‘abuse of power’ and warn it will happen again ‘unless Republicans … stand up and say it’s wrong.'”

This article speaks volumes. Please help the message get heard. My hope is Republicans will listen to these Republicans.



12 thoughts on “Republicans for the Rule of Law condemn Trump behavior (and obstruction) with Ukraine

  1. I’m encouraged, at least somewhat, by what I’m seeing here. I was working on a post featuring yesterday’s OpEd by Bill Kristol when I came across this post, so rather than re-blog, I tied it in with my post and linked to your post, with a recommendation to readers to come check it out. Hopefully, we are helping to get the message out that people are tired of the corruption in this administration, even republicans! Thanks for this news, Keith!

    • Jill, thanks. I just had an interesting back and forth with a regional conservative editorialist on my “Republicans should lead the impeachment process” email. He feels the Russia thing was a hoax and the Democrats are not following the rule of law. I am glad he wrote as he allowed me to define what Trump is being investigated as modus operandi – bully then obstruct. I did share I read the Mueller report and it certainly was no hoax. Keith

      • A hoax, eh? Wow … and the facts right there for anybody to see. A classic case of willful ignorance? Did you hear from him again after you provided him with some facts?

      • Jill, I did not hear back. I thanked him for his response, then pushed back. I also noted my admiration for those few Republicans with political courage to push back on this vindictive president. It should not be lost on people that whistleblower laws are designed with people like the presidenf in mind. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: I am copying a comment I wrote on Jill’s post about a minister saying there would be a civil war if Trump is impeached which the president tweeted.

    On a positive note, per the Associated Press, “Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a former Air Force pilot who represents an Illinois district Trump won in 2016, tweeted in response (to the president’s retweet of Jeffress’ remark): ‘I have visited nations ravaged by civil war….I have never imagined such a quote to be repeated by a president. This is beyond repugnant.’”

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  4. Note to Readers: A shorter version of the above and a previous email will hopefully get in a local newspaper. Fingers crossed. Here is the approx. 240 word version.

    Per a McClatchey news report on the Ukraine phone call and cover-up, “’Republicans in Congress must condemn this behavior without reservation,’ said Republicans for the Rule of Law legal advisor and spokesman Chris Truax…” Whistleblowers should be heeded because of the risk they take. We have been told by the DNI acting director that this one is credible. The partially released phone call is indicting enough per Judge Napolitano on Fox News whose opinion is supported by other legal people per Shep Smith, a Fox host. But, what should give Americans pause are these three things:
    – multiple sources in the White House felt the president abused his powers.
    – the White House lawyers tried to classify the call and move it to a national security data base – why?
    – this is not the first time it has occurred.
    In my view, based on this and the obstruction of justice and lying by the president portrayed in the Mueller report (which I read), the Republicans should be leading the impeachment efforts. You simply cannot be the self-portrayed party of law and order and let this president not be subject to the impeachment process.
    As an independent and former Republican, I have consistently shared my concerns over this regal-minded president with Senators and their staff. We are not a kingdom. We must support the difficult job Congress has as an oversight and governing body regardless of who is in the majority or white house.

  5. Note to Readers: Add former Republican Senator Jeff Flake to the list of Republicans who support an impeachment query. He said while he preferred to see Trump lose in the election, but if more turns up and Trump continues to act poorly, then Congress may need to act.

  6. A few Republicans and Fox News people have decided that they would rather live in the USA than Trumpistan.  That’s a bit of good news, but the rot is deep and predates Trump in several ways.  Here’s hoping it’s not too late.

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