Wednesday walkabout (once again)

I plan to take a hike today, but it might be a tad warm. Water will be with me along with miscellaneous stories percolating in my mind.

The president famously said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his fans would still support him. Sadly, that continues to be proven true. Only 40% of Republicans believe Trump mentioned Joe Biden on the call with the Ukraine president. Yet, Trump admitted he did.

Note the transcript summary confirmed that he did. It also confirmed that what Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said was discussed was, in fact, not discussed. Pompeo will be in the crosshairs if he is not forthcoming. I learned a long time ago, smug responses to questions should not be given more credence because of their delivery style. It actually gives me pause.

While I am not a fan of Boris Johnson given his smugness and difficulty with facts, I must give him credit for allowing interviews with reporters asking pointed questions. Could you imagine the US president being interviewed by Chris Wallace? The reason Trump was prevented from being deposed by Robert Mueller is his inability to tell the truth.

Afghanistan had an election, but not many voted. Why? The Taliban made concerted threats of violence against those who did. Think of that as a major reason we should enable a fair voting system. The problem in America is not the wrong people voting, it is by far, not enough people voting.

Finally, former President Jimmy Carter turned 95 this week. He is the oldest former president we have ever had. This is after a cancer diagnosis of about five years ago. Carter is not top of the list when thinking of great presidents, yet he is arguably the finest ex-president we have ever had. The humanitarian and diplomatic work he has done is exemplary. Few people know that he helped lead an effort to eradicate hook worm exposure for barefooted people in imppverished areas. That is on top of his mountain of work for Habitat for Humanity.

That is all for now. Let’s go hiking.

10 thoughts on “Wednesday walkabout (once again)

    • Erika, agreed. The civil war comment was made by an evangelical minister and echoed by the president. Yet, on n a positive note, per the Associated Press, “Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a former Air Force pilot who represents an Illinois district Trump won in 2016, tweeted in response (to the president’s retweet of Jeffress’ remark): ‘I have visited nations ravaged by civil war….I have never imagined such a quote to be repeated by a president. This is beyond repugnant.’”

      This push back is needed on a president who just makes stuff up or echoes others to see what sticks. And, it will get worse as the president is a wounded animal. Keith

  1. The civil war statement was foolish in the extreme and the ridiculous preacher (whose name I have flushed from my memories would do well to visit the sites of Antietam, Gettysburg or Shiloh to name but a few and reflect on the agonies, the hideous injuries and the screams of the dying before he uses such immature language in what is obviously an unconscious wish.
    As for Trump repeating it….well I expect no better.

    • Roger, we need to be at our diplomatic best to push back on folks who parrot this BS. I mentioned to Jill I have had an interesting back and forth with a conservative editorialist for a regional paper. Keith

      • This is where your strength lies Keith.
        I would most likely be into sardonic mode DEFCON 2 after the first reply.
        These matters do need a subtle and diplomatic approach which you have and in consequence make up for the rest of us.
        (I had one but left it behind when I retired from the UK Civil Service in 2013 on the basis of ‘Guess I don’t need to do this for free’)

      • Roger, I am glad to see a few more legislators speaking out. I am of the mind, Trump has confessed to a crime by openly asking for assistance. It is self-serving and dangerous. China is thinking of possible steps – give Trump a token gift and gain in a better deal for themselves, eg. Trump looks weak and has weakened our tenuous position. Keith

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