An interview with Putin in 2035

Good morning. This is Natalia Smirnov with Fox/ RT News. I am here with Tsar Vladimir Putin in the first of a series of interviews looking back on his career. Good morning Comrade Tsar.

Q – Comrade Tsar, what do you see as your greatest achievement?
A – I believe the reconstitution of the New Soviet Republic. We are once again a country of great importance.

Q – What were the key events leading to this ascension?
A – Clearly, the fall of a united west was most critical, but that took a lot of planning. I also believe our alliance with China helped show the world that we are the future.

Q – You mention a lot of planning, what do you mean by that?
A – It took proactive and reactive planning to accomplish our goals without using military might. My training allowed us to take advantage of social media to spread our messages and take advantage of opportunities.

Q – You mention opportunitues . What do you mean?
A – The crisis in Syria allowed us to gain a new friend, but expose Europe to millions of refugees that strained their economic and political systems. Brexit was another key as it greatly weakened the UK which is now down to England and Wales, but also damaged the EU. Clearly, getting a friend in the US White House who was malleable was a huge plus. The disruptive influence weakened both the west and the US. It enabled us to form an alliance with the US, especially when their debt overwhelmed their ability to do things.

Q – What were some of the obstacles?
A – We had to take the good with the bad. Having a US leader we could influence was good, but his unpredictable behavior added chaos to the equation. We learned to stroke his ego to get what we wanted. Another is France, Germany, Canada and Japan don’t always go along with us and China. Since the US became an autocracy, they are a better partner.

Q – One final question for this session. What concerns you most?
A – Sadly, it is water and food supplies. We have way too much sea water and too little fresh water. These desalination plants cost a lot of money. And, the world has had to relocate too many people from coastal cities. Look at the US city Miami – it is disappearing right in front of us. Plus, we are having to grow more and more crops indoors. With the loss of bees and hotter climates, growing crops outside is a challenge.

Thank you for your time Comrade Tsar. We look forward to our next visit.


33 thoughts on “An interview with Putin in 2035

  1. One word: chilling. Hopefully not prophetic, but … quite possibly it is. This is an excellent post, my friend. It should serve as a warning to us all, but especially to those who are turning a blind eye to what is right in front of their nose.

  2. Note to Readers: As I wrote this, I realized two things. It could have been much more complex and longer. But, also Putin is so clever at not admitting what he is doing. So, referencing getting “messages” out is code for misinformation, disinformation, and hyperbole.

    Putin is better at lying than the US president is as he does not allow his ego get in the way as much. The US president is too thin skinned and too big headed.

    What are some other events that might play a large role? One that I considered was the death of Senator John McCain who was a huge thorn in the sides of both Putin and Trump. Americans do not realize how well McCain is thought of outside the US, sometimes vilifying Putin’s efforts at the same conference.

  3. Great read Keith. And, unfortunately, not far fetched in the least. Hard to believe we are where we are. Mr. Putin could not have asked for a more accommodating boob in the White House.

    • Thanks Jeff. Anything is likely with this president. Rather than boob, I think the more apt word to define what is transpiring would absolutely drive the incumbent nuts – he is Putin’s stooge. While Mueller did not dig far enough on Russia, it is apparent from Mueller’s report that collusion may not have been necessary to influence. Keith

      • For sure Keith. It’s as if we keep running out of adjectives to describe him. I know I have.

      • True. I am weary of asking legislator questions, but will still do so. Dating back many, many months, a simple one has been “is this the person you want to spend your dear reputation on?” Silently, they have been thinking this, but only now are they realizing the monster they let grow and must eventually deal with.

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