The day the earth stood still

Monday. October 7, 2019, will be known as the day the earth stood still. It is a tipping point when the Republican party leadership started to realize their leader is a cancer on their party and the country. Many have had their concerns, but more than a few are voicing them now.

Two factors are converging. A second whistleblower has come forward with credible concerns the president may have broken the law. Further, the lawyer for the second said there are multiple whistleblowers not just one more.

The other is the president announcing the abandonment of US support for Kurdish forces in Syria. The Kurds were a key backbone in fighting ISIS. This announcement by an ill-informed person in leadership is bad on many levels. There is bipartisan pushback including from GOP Senate leadership on this move which paints the US in a very poor light. It is so bad, even a Fox and Friends’ host was critical of the president.

I need not get into the continual attacks on the Federal Reserve chair, the announcement of more tariffs on Europe or the prolific attacks on the Bidens and all critics. As Anthony Scaramucci said two months ago, the president is “off the rails.”

And, it will get worse. The president is a wounded animal. His inability to be truthful is worse. His bullying and beligerance is worse. As Fox News host Shep Smith said, the president has committed crimes right in front of our eyes.

The group Republicans for the Rule of Law said the president must be held accountable. Addlng his poor Syria decision to abandon the Kurds, he is also showing his ignorance of issues and allegiances is a danger.

For momths, I have shared my concern the US president is a clear and present danger to our democracy, our planet and his own party. Now, more and more are realizing this. This may not lead to impeachment, but it shows the president’s currency within his party is devalued.

18 thoughts on “The day the earth stood still

    • I saw that. Graham has ruined his reputation. His ardent and correct criticism of Trump when he was candidate was replaced by acquiesence, primarily after his friend John McCain died. I think it started when Graham invited Ivanka and Jared to the McCain funeral against his friend’s wishes. Now, he and others have let the monster grow, maybe to the point of their own irrelevance.

      Let’s hope this is the tipping point. It sure needs to be.

  1. I wish I could share your optimism. A lot more Republicans need to see the light before we can move on to the next step…whatever that might be. His approval ratings are still remarkably high, and even higher among Republican voters. He is the emperor with no clothes, but dazzled eyes are still seeing golden raiments. Meanwhile he is the bomb in our system of government.

    • Linda, agreed. But, there is movement. The Washington Post reported 28% of Republicans support an impeachment inquiry in a recent poll, with 18% supporting a removal from office. That is just shy of 1 in 5 Republicans wanting him out. He certainly is a naked emperor not realizing he has broken the law and the difference between truth and lies. Keith

      • Yep, I’ve seen that poll. And it’s encouraging. I keep thinking that Nixon won 49 states in 1972, and he was gone by August of ’74. So, those numbers could keep moving in a positive direction if he keeps ‘self-impeaching’ as Speaker Pelosi predicted he would do. Cautious optimism Keith.

      • Jeff, he is indeed “self-impeaching.” A person who does not know the difference between right and wrong or truth and fiction should shut up. As Mark Twain said “it is better to let people think you are a fool than to speak and remove any doubt.” Keith

  2. Presumably Trump will continue to rely on his voter base who will turn a blind eye just to ensure a Democrat will not get into the Whitehouse.
    The question is. What about the rest of the electorate? He doesn’t seem to have converted any large numbers to his way of thinking

    • Janis, I think things are beginning to happen. To me, seeing Shep Smith and Chris Wallace criticize, rightfully, the president is one thing, but to see Fox and Friends be critical is a huge change. Keith

    • Addendum to Note: I reached out to about ten Senators (nine GOP and one Dem) applauding their political courage for pushing back on the president either on Syria or Ukraine or both. Key themes on Syria, we are turning our backs on the Kurds and we will not be trusted in the future.

      On Ukraine and China, I believe the president may have abused his power asking for help on the Bidens. As for the Ukraine call, there is a lot of lying, obstructing and cover-up going. There are more than two whistleblowers. Plus, you Senator know this is Trump’s modus operandi.

      As an Independent, I support the House impeachment inquiry. We are not a kingdom. If they impeach him, I expect the Senate to treat this with seriousness of purpose.

      Please join me in calling, emailing or writing these Senators. Thanks.

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