A talented person

Below, is an edited version of a letter I forwarded to the USA Today which they graciously improved and used in their Weekend Edition.

“President Donald Trump is a talented person.

It consistently amazes me how the most untruthful president (including Richard Nixon) in my memory can convince his followers that everyone else is lying about him.

His biographers have noted the president has a problem with the truth.

So, on any issue about which Trump denigrates critics saying they are lying, Americans should dig further.

As an independent, I don’t mind people being more conservative or progressive than me on various issues.

What I do mind is when politicians lie or forget what they said earlier pretending as if it never happened.

That practice is especially bad when the person doing it is our president.”

What I found interesting is in the same section of the USA Today, the front page said the two people arrested for campaign finance fraud had dinner in the White House. Why is that important? The president said he did not know these people the day before.

The climate of untruthfulness has become more untethered with the departure of more reasonable voices and as the president has painted himself into a corner with rash decisions and inappropriate actions. His lying as a means of defense seems to have ratcheted up. It will only get worse as more people testify.


18 thoughts on “A talented person

    • Thanks, Hugh. Since they have an exclusivity requirement. I had to reach out to my local paper and ask them not print it. That is why I am citing the one they printed. Their small edits made it crisper. Keith

  1. Hello Keith. This president and his administration has taken gaslighting to never before seen levels. It is amazing to me the idea that tRump can say one thing on video played on national TV, and then even later that day deny doing it while demanding people agree with him. Believe me no matter what I tell you even if it is different than I told you a minute ago. And his cult followers do so. Hugs

    • Scottie, gaslighting is an apt term. Also, you mention another key failing. He lies so much, he cannot remember. When you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember as much.

      One habit that amuses me is when he contradicts himself in the same paragraph or sentence. Just yesterday in responding to a question whether Guiliani was still his attorney. He first says he has not talked to Rudy, then his next sentence he says he talked to Rudy last night. What? Keith

  2. Note to Readers: While it may surprise some to say the US president is more untruthful than Richard Nixon, it actually is not even close. The tapes of Nixon lying, scheming and being vulgar surprised people. It revealed a persona that people close to him may have known, but not others.

    The current president has a recorded history of being untruthful and bullying people. It may be news to his base, but Trump is acting as president how he has always acted. He does not like being told no and he likes even less being told he is wrong. So, he lies to change the answer and doubles and triples down a wrong answer. What is scary is the lengths he makes his staff go through to prove him at least sort of right. The hurricane drawlng is a perfect example.

    So, very little of what this president says or does is a surprise. Keith

  3. So true Keith. Isn’t it ironic that his first personal lawyer is sitting in prison for doing his dirty work. His campaign chairman is in prison as well. His National Security advisor awaits sentencing. And now his second personal attorney looks like he’s in big time trouble too. The people he hangs with seem to have no problem doing whatever it is he wants them to do. And he’s still not been held accountable. Keith, I’ve got to think he’s going to face justice at some point. If not? He truly is the teflon president, much like Mr. Gotti was the teflon Don for so long. But, even Gotti eventually paid for his deeds in the end. We can only hope Trump follows the same path.

    • Jeff, there is a “not” unexpected consistency. This is a key reason many people turned him down when offered jobs. His reputation precedes him. This is the lesson learned often too late by his toadies. Your reputation will suffer. Those few who recognized it early – Nikki Haley, James Mattis, Gary Cohn, etc. left with their dignity somewhat intact. Keith

      • Key word: “Somewhat”……I get what you’re saying though Keith. Perhaps more people of conscience will come forward, as the whistleblower did a few weeks back. Ambassador Yovanovich seems to be one of those people, and the Russian expert Fiona Hill is testifying next week. I’m hearing she might be equally forthcoming. I’m hopeful Keith. Perhaps the tide really is turning.

      • Jeff, I hope more ambassadors come forward. She may be an inspiration to others. There is an arc toward truth, but sometimes it is slow. Keith

    • Linda, he does not lie all the time, just most of the time. You have seen me quote Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked with Trump. He said, “Trump lies everyday, even about things of no consequence.” And, he lies when he does not need to. He has to take credit for things that do not involve him or make good news even better. Keith

    • Jill, thanks. My guess it will be more like “Rudy did this on his own.” By the way, I get ticked by folks saying there was no quid-pro-quo on the call woth Ukraine. Just follow the logic pattern. Keith

      • Yep, I’m sick of hearing that, too. It’s implied, whether it was said of not, and we all know that Trump doesn’t do a thing without getting something in return. Plus … we don’t have the entire transcript of the call yet. At this rate, I don’t know if we will until after he leaves office, since he and his team of lawyers are blocking everything.

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