Wednesday walkabout – October 16, 2019

I went for a hike a day early, so I will write with tired legs. I shouldn’t be too tired as I ran into an old friend hiking this weekend on a local trail. He said he was walking after minor surgery, so he could start training for a 50 mile race. Yikes! It put my three mile walk to shame.

I used to run road races, but would never be confused with a fast runner. Once, as I neared the finish line of an 8K race, a girl nudged her father at one of the turns and said “Dad, look at him!” Unfortunately, she was pointing at me. The longest road race I ever ran was a 15K. To my surprise, they put out a list of how we finished. I came in second….from last. I did notice one person who cheated cutting off part of the course, so I actually finished third from last.

I was one of the boys who grew up fast. I was 6’0″ tall in the 8th grade. But, my foot speed was slower than when I was a quick football player in the 6th grade. I did eventually get faster, but would not ever be considered fast.

To my chagrin, my high school basketball coach also coached the cross country team. So, we had to run cross country to train. The coach liked to make us run gassers at the end of a long run. Gassers are finishing off with two 880s, four 440s, and eight 220s. At night, I would sometimes wake up to leg cramps, which was not fun.

This will sound strange, but I would rather run an 880 over a 440 anyday. On the latter, you feel like it is a sprint, so you run out of gas at the end.

So, I think I will leave the running to my friend. Hiking is much more sustainable.


11 thoughts on “Wednesday walkabout – October 16, 2019

  1. Congratulations, Keith!!! You are only the second person today who has managed to make me chuckle, and the first was not a person, but a cat! It isn’t important how fast you go, or in my book, even if you finish, but just that you tried. Until this summer, I walked 4 miles every day, but the heat and humidity, combined with my asthma, have kept me from it. Now that the weather has cooled, I am walking again, but I find that I cannot yet go the full 4 miles. No matter … I’ll get there. For now, I go as far as I can, then force myself to go another 10 minutes and head home. I used to run, also. I used to work until often 11:00 at night, then go home, change, and run for a couple of miles. Back then, it was what made me feel good. Now, I would break something! Keep hiking, my friend … it will keep you alive much longer, I think.

    • Hugh, those knees take a pounding on the tennis court. As a basketball player, they also get beaten upon on that court.

      As for running, I cringe when I see runners on cement sidewalks. The knees and ankles take the brunt of the force. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: I shared this story before, but I did cross the finish line first in one road race. As many folks ran ahead in the middle of the race, I came upon a man hammering a “race route” sign that had fallen down. He told me all those runners went the wrong way. So, I got to break the tape with the slowest of winning times.

  3. I cannot run to save my life…

    I think I must have a slight heart defect, because I have always been this way. As a child, I was always last in the Sports Day races, despite trying my very best. It is as though my lungs just can’t keep up with my body and eventually, I just run out of breath and oxygen to my muscles. I get ‘stitch’ in my side, no matter how much I have tried to work up stamina.

    I do love walking though… And can usually manage 10 to 14 miles without too much tiredness.

    I would stick to the walking Keith… There are fewer injuries, and the joints don’t wear out. Kind of important things at our age. šŸ˜…

    • Colette, I am with you on the walking. When I ran, I would invariably stop after three or four months having to start over later. It is harder to fall off the wagon habit. Keith

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