Soggy Sunday – raining on Boris and Donald

We are getting much needed rain from a storm called Nestor. I don’t think Nestor ever made it to formal hurricane status, but it did spawn some tornadoes in the Florida panhandle.

Speaking of rain, the British parliament rained on Boris Johnson’s Brexit parade. What does the future hold? The one thing that must not happen is a no-deal Brexit. Brexit will be challeging enough, but a no-deal Brexit would be a Trump worthy disaster.

Speaking of Trump worthy disasters, there are three that are in the news, although he backtracked on one under Republican pressure. In the middle of being investigated for abuse of power, he abused his power saying the next G7 conference would be at a Trump resort. “Unforced error” is the kindest definition of this announcement, which was uttered by Neil Cavuto of Fox Business. Trump changed his mind, but of course blamed others for this unwise decision.

The abandonment of our Kurdish allies ranks up there as a betrayal of our trust. As conservative pundit David Brooks said on Friday, how does it make South Korea feel, being surrounded by China and North Korea, to have to rely on the US led by such an untrustworthy person? Noted columnist Christine Flowers announced this week she is leaving the Republican Party because of this move and the rationalization by Trump supporters. Let me keep it simple – Trump screwed people that fought on our behalf.

Finally, after the testimony under oath by Marie Yovanovitch, Fiona Hill and others, a picture has been painted by these reputable public servants that the US president has been running shadow diplomacy through his personal attorney Rudy Guliani. Setting aside these efforts are designed to dig up dirt on the president’s opponents, we have more than a few people representing our government in positions of import who have not been vetted by the Senate, including but not limited to. Guiliani, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. With Trump’s chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, confirming what these state people testified under oath, we are left with a simple fact. The US president broke the law and abused his power. Do not let his sycophants try to whitewash this – it is wrong.

Keeping with this “Soggy Sunday” theme as rain pelts the president’s actions, as Creedence Clearwater Revival sang, “who will stop the rain?”

10 thoughts on “Soggy Sunday – raining on Boris and Donald

  1. Hello Keith. Listened to Mike Pompeo on a morning news show, he refused to admit there was any wrong doing, everything was great and grand, and hey Obama did it too. Just flat out lied about things because reality doesn’t matter in the land of alternative facts. Hugs

    • Scottie, one of the tactics I find highly offensive is smugness. This is when a person reacts in a boorish manner to refute your criticism. It is a “how dare you ask me that” defense. Pompeo uses this approach. An interviewer on their toes would push back with a quick enumeration of facts. “Mr. Pompeo, does it concern you the president was doing shadow diplomacy without you?,” eg. Keith

      • Hello Keith. Thank you, that is a perfect discrimination of what he was doing. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I know it bothered me greatly. The interviewer did try to push back but you couldn’t have cut through Pompeo’s attitude with a chainsaw. Hugs

      • Thanks. It takes an interviewer who both knows the facts and has chutzpah to push back without losing his or her cool. Keith

  2. Here’s hoping the storm passes you by without causing you trouble Keith.
    Regards Brexit, I have currently enjoying a book by Thomas Penn ‘The Brothers York’ which deals with the lives & times of Edward IV, Richard III and their brother Duke of Clarence during the Wars of the Roses; the political machinations and changes in loyalties coupled with the fickleness of the People in General is very useful in getting a fresh perspective on Brexit.
    Regrading the overall theme of your post; another ‘CCR’ songs comes to mind ‘Bad Moon Rising’

    • Roger, politicians with no conviction are like weather vanes in the wind. Being wishy washy is as old a political technique as graft. I would love to see the UK remain in the EU, but for people like Johnson, Trump, etc. to tout a no-deal Brexit is just foolish.

      As for that “Bad moon rising,” it may already have risen at least here in the states. Keith

      • Keith as regrads Brexit I would be comforted if Johnson and Co were simply railroading this in despite masive protests.
        Sadly there is a substantial numbers of the public who insist we leave for no good reason. They fall back on being patriots and the UK being independant again (which apparently it wasn’t).
        In 5 years time I shall have a black T-shirt with the simple slogan ‘Toldja’.

      • Roger, the bad part of making Boris bear the brunt is the good folks like you will suffer. When you step back to what is transpiring is both Boris and Trump are making trade more difficult. And, when that happens, companies seek other supply and sales chains. Keith

      • Even hard-left socialist such I have to accept Commerce & Trade have their own rule, tides and currents. Why cannot such ‘champions’ of The Free Market system see this?
        To use a quote by Marlyn Monroe’s character out of ‘Some Like It Hot’….
        ‘See? Not very bright’
        (We use that quite a lot in our house when discussing Brexit)

      • Roger, I often mention Nobel Laureate in Economics John Nash whose Nash Equilbrium is still used today. In essence, everyone profits more if each seeks to maximize profit for the group. From the movie “A Beautiful Mind,” Nash realized if all his buddies chased the prettiest woman in the room, only one could win. But, if they each helped each other with other women, they each could find a companion.

        I read yesterday that this was a mission statement to help Europe recover post WWII. This is contrary to Trump’s zero sum game. He wants to stand atop a pie that may be smaller rather get a bigger slice of a bigger pie. As for Brexit, I fear, as do economists, the UK will get a smaller slice of a smaller pie, even with the smoothest of deals. It has alresdy started, but will accelerate, EU headquarters and distribution centers will shift to places like Dublin, Frankfurt, Paris, Lisbon, etc. Keith


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