Yet another road rage shooting

On today’s local midday news, we learned of yet another road rage shooting. Call me crazy, but a human life is much more valuable than an argument over right of way or a simple mistake in judgement while driving. So, the other person screwed up and you took his or her life?

Help me understand this? One thing I do know, if a gun was not present, that other driver would still be alive. And, the shooter would not be headed to jail. Lives are changed when a gun is present.

A man who killed the husband of a woman who parked in a disabled person parking spot was convicted of manslaughter and is in jail. He was right that the woman should not have parked there. But, by starting an argument, her bigger husband, who emerged from the store, took offense and pushed him to the ground. The man on the ground shot him. Should a person die over a lapse in judgment? The one thing I do know is if a gun was not present, the shooter may not have been so emboldened and certainly would not have killed someone.

The Second amendment advocate is only partly right and mostly wrong when he argues “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” Actually, without the gun, arguments may not be started or would end up in a fist fight. So, the more accurate quote is “People with access to a gun, kill people.”

More often than not, the person getting killed is the shooter. By far, the majority of gun deaths are suicide. We spend too much time focusing on mass shootings, when the far more common gun death happens everyday.

Background checks on all purchases with as accurate a data base that can be compiled are key. Elongated waiting periods are key. Red flag laws are key. Just these three measures, may reduce suicides. Initial and recurring training on safety will help with accidental shootings.

Nothing has been done since the last mass shooting. Now is not the time is a stalling technique and it works. So, I argue now is the time and the focus should be on the daily shootings.


7 thoughts on “Yet another road rage shooting

  1. I am shocked about how little the inhibition threshold has become. Aggression and no respect for life. Guns or not, it is sad and tragic how so many have lost their compassion and tolerance. And yes, if there were no guns, maybe lots of senseless deaths could be prevented. But as long as there is so much aggression violation will still happen with other weapons.

    • Erika, with advent of social media and news segmentation which traces back decades, we have become less civil to each other and it is harder to have civil disagreement. So, feelings get hurt and access to a weapon causes death to resolve the argument. We must practice civil discourse. Keith

      • Absolutely, Keith, respect and the value for life vanished. All of those brutal virtual games only support the dissolving and the difference between real life and virtual life or social media becomes a dangerous mix. We need to socialize more in real life since many lonely people find a new identity in social media which makes them transform.

      • Erika, a lesson lost on too many, is often the it is wiser not to respond or not opine. Two ears and one mouth – use them in that proportion. And, that Jesus guy said something about treating others like you want to be treated. Keith

      • Nodding while reading your words, Keith. We have become a very selfish society. I like that one mouth/two ears logic… has something!!

  2. I agree completely. But here’s something else that mystifies me. Why is there so much RAGE? Are people just not learning how to control their tempers as children and then that escalates into adult violence? I know everyone’s in a hurry and trying to be 3 places in one time and 2 people at the same time. But losing one’s temper to the point of violence is just nuts.
    I was reading in our local paper this morning about a murder incident that involved 5 people. It was confusing and perplexing, but the gist of it is that a guy and two girls drove across town to the home of another girl who wanted to fight with one of the “three.” Long story short, a hidden gun emerged and killed one the “fight” girl and injured her sister. The mother of the dead girl was in an uproar about her daughter being killed. Ok. I understand that. BUT, her daughter was one of the two girls “who wanted to fight each other.” What’s up with that? What kind of daughter had this woman raised? Did she try to stop her daughter from getting in fights? How about teaching some anger management rather than escalating ever provocation into a fight. From the mug shots, I suspect drugs were involved, too. But really. People!!!

    • Linda, the lack of civil discourse is a major factor. Whether it is passing around a “talking stick” in circle or telling people to not get so bent out of shape, we must get better. Too many folks are “outraged” by a perceived sleight. Really? When we let people bother us, we are ceding our power. If no offense is taken, then you are not offended. Keith

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