A few questions to ponder – October 27, 2019

A couple of questions to ponder:

– why is the US president directing the US Attorney General and why is he aware of findings?

– why is it so hard for ardent Trump fans to believe hard-working, diligent ambassadors who have served both Republican and Democrat presidents?

– why are we not celebrating the political courage of these ambassadors who are testifying while knowing the president is very vindictive?

– why are not more questions being asked of AG William Barr who white-washed a more damning Mueller report?

– why did the GOP stormtroopers brag that they had not paid attention to what these heroes were testifying and had not read the Mueller report?

– why are legislators OK with a morally corrupt and likely criminally corrupt president?

– why do two Republican lawyer groups say the impeachment inquiry is justified?

– why do Trump followers think the ten plus year economic growth in the US started January, 2017? Could it be they believed his lie how horrible things were and unemployment was as high as 42%? It is amazing how it dropped to beneath 5% after the inauguration.

Mind you, I am glad economic growth continued, but what concerns me is we borrowed from our future to make a pretty good economy a little better for a little while. Instead of paying down debt in good years, our deficit climbed 26% to $984 billion for the fiscal year ending 9/30/2019. This is the fourth straight year of increases. We are over $22 trillion in debt today and it will be near $34 trillion in eight years sans change.

Trump said the economy will suffer if he is not reelected. The truth is the economy has been softening for more than a year and will continue to soften next and the following year and regardless of whether Trump is reelected.

Just a few questions to ponder.


10 thoughts on “A few questions to ponder – October 27, 2019

  1. Hello Keith. Great questions. I think the answer to each of them is power. Gaining and keeping power, no matter the cost is the true goal for these people. To do that they enthrall the cult of tRump, or as Hillary called them, the deplorables. Hugs

    • Scottie, you hit the nail on the head. It is not just the Republicans, but they are the best example. My former party has overhauled its mission to align with Trump. So, instead of free trade, they are about tariffs. Instead of protecting people and our interests abroad, we are becoming nationalistic. Instead of valuing diplomacy and service, it is downsized. And, so on.

      We must get beyond this or we are doomed as a democracy. Freedom of the press and speech must be cornerstones. I read again today how a Trump supporter said he is the most trustworthy person in DC, which is not even close to being correct. Keith

  2. I fear the sad answer to each and every one would be along the lines of…
    As long as they have 50 -60 millions followers who would rather have a crook than a Democrat in The Whitehouse then all is justified.
    It is difficult to errode Denial of The Truth in those circumstances

    • Roger, it is an uphill battle. There are some who support the president that are saying the killing of a terrorist makes up for screwing the Kurds. What is also lost is Trump is willing to use our troops to protect oil, but not people who fought with and for us.

      We need to look at facts and what they mean not who wins a PR war. We cannot wallpaper away that we screwed an ally and other allies take notice. And, not to overlook the obvious, but the president told Ukraine, we will help you if you help me. Why would any leader trust the word of the US president. I do not. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: The following is an abbreviated version of a post which i forwarded to my newspaper under the title “Toys in the ATTIC.” Please feel free to make this your own and send it in:

    “GOP presidential candidate Joe Walsh was floored when an interviewer felt the president does not lie. Let me offer five toys (or Trump lies) in the ATTIC as examples.
    A – he missed a G7 meeting on the Amazon to meet with two leaders who were in the skipped meeting.
    T – he repeatedly says China pays for the tariffs (US importers do and pass on the cost).
    T – he said everyone agreed on the transgender military issue while everyone waited to brief him
    I – he said India asked him to broker peace with Pakistan when no such request was made.
    C – he lied about ACA co-pays for poor people before eliminating their funding.

    When lies hurt people or our reputation, they need to be called out especially when made by the president.”

  4. Note to Readers: While the world may be a little safer with the elimination of the ISIS leader, it should not be viewed as a big eraser that erases all of our troubles. What I do not care for is a person who has never fought in a war telling us how someone died.

    To me, it is a taunting end zone dance after a touchdown, which belittles the office of presidency. It also may back fire as inspiration for their cause.

    Again, the world may be safer, but in my view you do not celebrate the manner of death. Of course, I have always felt you should celebrate a touchdown like you have been there before.

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