Wednesday walkabout a day early

Since the rain will be coming and may wash out Trick-or-treating, I went for a long walk today. Hopefully, we can give away all of this candy, as I certainly do not need to be eating so much chocolate. So, in anticipation of the chocolate rush, here are a few random thoughts from my walkabout.

God has a sense of humor. Why would a gray haired man still be subject to acne if he eats too many sweets? One should cancel the other out. This sheds light on the future Halloween candy munching.

My wife is known in the neighborhood as the big candy bar lady during Trick-or-treat. I have to be on my toes to make sure the older kids don’t come by four and five times. Of course, if it is a slow night, I ask for them to come by later.

I saw where a vote was taken on the scariest house in America. They voted for the wrong one. Hands down, the scariest house in America is the white one on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.

Speaking of being scared, the scary occupant of the aforementioned house is running very scared with the parade of people saying under oath he did what he said he did not do. His anger will only get worse the more scared he gets.

Being scared of acting like representatives of the people is coming to a reckoning. At some point, the Republican senators who are scared of the scary man will have to decide if they have a conscience and a spine. The white haired man who would take his place also scares me, but not like the Jabberwocky who has a hard time with the truth.

Finally, we should be scared of the new normal of large forest fires in California, the dryer drought prone areas, the stalled weather systems and increased coastal sunny day flooding. I would add we should be scared of the increasing movement to previously colder areas by insects who spread tropical diseases.

I would listen to the scientists and act more aggressively on climate change. Naysayers who name call the town criers like Greta Thunberg need to answer with rational ideas why they are so doing. They scare me as much as the Jabberwocky.


17 thoughts on “Wednesday walkabout a day early

  1. We only give candy to the very little kids since the older ones never even bother to wear a costume! We hand out the candy early and then turn the light off and cower in the basement! I won’t comment on the clown in the big house as it makes me sick.

  2. Much to be scared of this Hallowe’en for sure, particularly in D.C. I love the name you have given him … Jabberwocky! So very fitting! Like you, we are expecting a rainy Hallowe’en, so we’ll likely be stuck with a full bowl of chocolate, most of which we will give to our neighbors Maha & Ali for their boys, for being diabetic, I’d rather not have to look at it, knowing I shouldn’t. After 68 years, you’d think I would have learned a bit of will power, wouldn’t you? Thanks for the mention above, and thanks for taking us along on your Wednesday walkabout!

  3. I like the way you slipped in and out of humour in this one Keith, all in perfect synchronisation.
    Maybe a political firestorm is heading Trump’s way….only in his case he’s not the innocent caught in its path.

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