Saturday after the sugar rush

The trick-or-treaters were beneath our estimates which means we have too many candy bars left. Yikes. The rain delayed our neighborhood celebration until Friday, which may have hurt turnout. So, we will need to unload some candy when the kids are home over Thanksgiving.

One family dressed up as “The Incredibles,” including mom and dad. They get the best costumed family award. We saw a few Power Rangers, a few Godzillas, several Disney princesses, a few Wonderwomen, a couple of Princess Leia’s and Stormtroopers, an adult Pink Flamingo, a couple of dinosaurs and few more individual Incredibles. One young man was dressed as a Cyan Cube, I guess representing an inkjet for a printer, unless I am unaware of a new superhero.

Speaking of trick-or-treaters, there is a neat video of a young lad coming upon an empty candy bowl at someone’s porch. He proceeded to donate some of his candy for the little ones coming behind. It was filmed by the door bell camera. A young good Samaritan. Well done.

Based on our sample size, which offered choices of full-size candy bars of Hershey plain, Hershey w/ almonds, Peanut Butter Cups, and Kit Kat Bars, the plain Hershey’s won out followed by the Peanut Butter Cups, with Kit Kats in third. The Hershey’s with almonds were not popular, but came in the assorted box of candy bars, so were offered up.

What kind of turnout did you have? Any interesting costumes?

24 thoughts on “Saturday after the sugar rush

  1. The kids don’t come by our house any more. They go to the other side of town where the wealthy people live. Apparently they have better candy! But we had a few visitors by arrangement.

  2. All of our candy was gone within 20 mins. Lol…. I guess I need to buy a lot more next year. I thought two of the giant sized bags would be enough. And our trick or treating hours are from 5:30 – 7:30. Funny we didn’t even make it a quarter of the way before running out. Lol… 😳😂😬

    • Wow, you must have lots of kids in the neighborhood. We have run out in the past, but it was usually late. Well, at lesst you won’t have the candy to tempt you. Keith

      • M, that is good. Our kids would let us eat their least favorites. Now, they are adults. My wife got a used VHS player so we could watch old family footage – we just watched my oldest child’s first Halloween – we painted his face up as a clown. Instead of saying trick-or-treat, he would announce “I am a clown.” Keith

  3. We had to go out, so we left our bowl of candy out, no takers. Maybe they didn’t see it, or perhaps the bad weather kept them in. Now we have a lot of sugary sweets in the house and my wife is keeping a very careful eye on them.

  4. Despite adding my house the Nextdoor treat map, I didn’t get a single taker again this year. I don’t know why I always break down and buy a bag of candy. It’s been years since I’ve had any takers in my mostly college student neighborhood. I found that the last few times I did have visitors, I had no idea who/what they were supposed to be. It was a wakeup call to how old and out of touch with pop culture I have become.

  5. It was cold, rainy, windy and even a bit of sleet, so we had not one single trick-or-treater! I was disappointed, but not surprised, for it was miserable out. But … I found a way to get rid of all the candy … I gave the whole lot of it to the neighbors! I just hope Maha doesn’t present me with the kids’ dental bills sometime next year! Thumbs up to the kid who donated some of his own candy to fill the empty bowl! Somebody has taught that kid well!

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