Hillary please don’t

As an Independent, I have read that some are encouraging Hillary Clinton to run again. Please don’t. After two bites at the apple, America needs you to move on.

We are already dealing with the most untruthful and corrupt president in my lifetime and that includes Richard Nixon. I strongly support the impeachment process – we must get to the bottom of this, especially after the parade of honorable public servants have raised concerns over Trump’s abuse of power.

For those overlooking the damage citing the economy, please note we are 10 + years into our economic growth and Trump has only been president for just short of three years.

Note: The above was a letter I sent to my local newspaper and hometown newspaper.

18 thoughts on “Hillary please don’t

  1. Agreed Keith. The thing is, when these folks do get a ‘bite’ at the apple, they keep wanting even more because it’s so tantalizing to them. The old ‘fire in the belly’ theme comes to mind. The prospect of being president burns ever so strongly in that belly. Hillary is no different. Mitt Romney is another one. We know there are others out there as well, including those vying for the Democratic nomination. But yes, it’s time for Mrs. Clinton to move on. The upcoming election will be divisive enough with you know who running for reelection. We certainly do not need to give him an even larger punching bag.

  2. Hello Keith. There is a portion of Democrats that I call Republican lite, and others call corporate Democrats. The Joe Biden Democrats that basically do not want much change in the system. Their donors like the system as it is now, and are OK with a few small tweaks, but don’t rock the boat and slow down the huge profits. These Democrats believe the whole country lives in some mythical center and is dying for a center candidate like Hillary. Because their preferred Joe Biden is losing ground with the base, they want to push another one forward. They don’t care that is not what the base wants. They are even pushing Mayor Pete now that he has renounced his progressive ways and has retreated to a center position. That happened right after he started to meet with big money donors and going to PAC fund raisers. Curious timing? Even Nancy Pelosi, who when asked why she should be speaker referred to her ability to fund raise large amounts of money, said that she wants the center candidates and wants the more popular ones to back off their message. Their messages are what is making them popular. The party has run safe middle candidates in all the elections we have lost. New and exciting candidates have won, candidates that challenged the old ways of doing things and seemed to promise a new way. Hillary was the safe candidate who could win, she did not do so. The country is primed to vote Democratic, we simply need to give them a reason to do so, like what will we do to make their lives better. Not more of the same. Hugs

    • Scottie, agreed on the why Hillary. As an independent, I fear folks like me won’t warm to Warren or Sanders. I said in the last election, our country is not smart enough to vote for Bernie, but we are stupid enough to vote for Trump.

      I fear a Mondale and McGovern type election result. We have to remember what Nixon’s dirty tricksters were up to – they did not want to run against Muskie, so they did their best to run against McGovern.

      If Warren or Sanders carry the banner, I hope people listen to what they say. Medicare for All is something to consider, but it is more complex than a campaign and needs thorough analysis sans politics. I would rather Dems shore up the ACA and maybe offer a Medicare option buying time. Ironically, the average ACA premiums are declining 4% at the same time SCOTUS is looking to kill it.

      This is a long answer, but Dems need to be thoughtful about who they put up. Defeating Trump is a serious mission. I would vote for Warren, but she will have to win over some Independents and Republicans who don’t like Trump.


      • Hello Keith. As to the Democrats needing to be smart who they put up, the smart move is to put up who they believe in, the one who brings them out. Someone who would vote for a “moderate” Democrat yet wouldn’t vote Democrat if it is Warren or Bernie is simply not interested in not having tRump president. During the primaries everyone should vote who they prefer, but it is the Democratic primaries we are talking about. The Republicans have their own. In the general election only 1 candidate out of two is going to win. Any vote not for the Democratic candidate is a vote for the Republican ( tRump ) . No third party is going to win, no write in is going to win, so any votes for them is a vote for tRump. During the general anyone who is serious about not wanting tRump in the white house better vote for the Democrat no matter who they are. If they wont vote for Warren unless she moves more right, they are basically voting to keep tRump. We can worry about too progressive or too center after we recover what we can of the country.

        Keith I find it funny no one tells the Republicans they must come to the center to attract independents or moderate Democrats. It is always the Democrats people want to move right while the left hard charges more right each year. I want to see more progressive, I remember when the things talked about as progressive today where talked about in the 1970’s / 1980’s as mainstream Democratic positions. The left has moved right at the same pace the right has and now what is center left use to be right wing. I simply an tired of giving up ground and figure it is time the the others come left if they don’t want crazy hard right. Independents don’t want to be Republicans but they want Democrats to be Republican lite. That is the type Hillary was, and Kerry, and Mondale, they all lost. Why should anyone vote for Republican lite if there is a regular Republican on the ballet? Hugs

      • Scottie, the keys to this election are PA, WI, MI, VA, OH, FL and NC.If Hillary did not run such a poor campaign and had Comey not given people a reason not to vote for her or at all, she would be president. I have my eye on several candidates in the Dem race for various reasons. Warren is smart, prepared and a good debater. Buttiegieg speaks impressively on a host of topics. Klobuchar does not get the credit she deserves and would be a good candidate. Harris remains a viable candidate. Biden still connects with people. Bernie always interests, butt he may have missed his chance. And so on. There are no perfect candidates. There are some others that don’t stand a chance, but are good candidates. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

        Having said that, the last two Dem presidents were moderates. There is something about the appeal beyond the Democrats that helps resonate. Keith

    • Erika, Jill wrote a good post about a baseball pitcher for the champion Washington Nationals who is declining an invitation to the White House. He wrote a well-thought out letter as to why. When someone said he dishonoring the president, he said the current incumbent is dishonoring the position, so he is protesting his so doing. Keith

  3. I fully agree … and I cannot imagine that she would be so foolish as to put herself through that again, knowing that she would have even less chance at winning this time than last.

    • Jill, I agree. I used the opportunity as a lever to send a note in to the paper. I want people who may not support what I say to read it and then read what else I wrote. Having someone be critical of both Clinton and Trump will hopefully get a message across. Keith

      • Jill, this interview with Junior was disappointing. He started with a hugw lie that went uncorrected. He said Republicans were not allowed to ask the witnesses questions. The three committees are just beneath 1/2 Republican. As the transcripts showed, Republicans did ask questions. This is what I call a narrative which is vintage Trump. I will admit, Junior is a far more polished speaker than his father.

        The other huge lie was Republicans have never fought back until Trump. Really? Republicans havs traditionslly been more ruthless than Dems – ALEC and cookie cutter voter suppression laws, Richard Nixon, Lee Atwater, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Roger Ailes…Dems are political as well, but Republicans making things up at a far more rampant rate led me to leave the party.

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