Medicaid expansion is needed for NC says this retired benefits professional

As North Carolina continues its stalemate on Medicaid expansion, it might be interesting to heed the words of former Ohio Republican governor John Kasich. When Ohio moved forward with the Medicaid expansion, he called it a “no brainer.”

Now why would he say that? Kasich noted Medicaid expansion would not only help people, it would bring $13 billion to his state over several years. George Washington University did a study that said Medicaid expansion would help a state’s economy, help a state’s rural hospitals and help people. We should also remember NC Republican Mayor Adam O’Neal of Belhaven walking to Washington seeking the expansion of Medicaid after his colleagues in Raleigh turned him down as he tried to save his town’s hospital.

Rather than offer stale arguments, it would be nice if the Senate and House leaders figure out a way to get this done. Let me add the voices of The Commonwealth Fund, RAND Corporation and Economic Policy Institute that echo the results of the GWU study. NC is already in the minority on this. Please let’s find a way to help people.

Let me close with a truism about health coverage to think about. Those with coverage will see doctors earlier and will have access to prescription drugs to avoid future train wrecks. Preventive care and health maintenance are better paths forward for people and healthcare financing.

Note: The author of this post is a retired benefits professional who is a former actuary, former benefits consultant and benefits manager for a Fortune 500 company

20 thoughts on “Medicaid expansion is needed for NC says this retired benefits professional

      • Roger, here they call it “Trickle down economics” which is the biggest con that has been debunked in four separate studies. It actually wrecked the state of Kansas. It is better described by the name it was given during the Robber Baron period in the US. It was called the “Horse and sparrow theory.” In essence, you feed the horse (the wealthy) and it what it excretes can be eaten by the sparrows (everyone else). Keith

  1. This makes sense. The former Rep Gov of Florida (Scott)!turned down millions of federal follars to find Medicaid though he was a recipient of welfare as a child. Typical Republican wanting to make points with leader. We have a new Gov, DeSantis also Republican but so far I’m impressed with his sensible and empathic governing.

  2. Well said Keith. And I might add that Kentucky Republican Governor Matt Bevin, who lost to the Democrat Beshear yesterday was another who was steadfast against Medicaid expansion. Beshear’s father, who was governor before Bevin, was a staunch proponent of it. I’m pretty sure it weighed heavily on the voters minds and contributed to the younger Beshear’s victory. These guys just don’t get it.

    • Jeff, it surprises me how political this has become. It is traceable to not giving any credence to the ACA even if if it would help people. That is why I cite Kasich’s “no brainer” comment.

      As I shared with Scottie on his blog, the states did not expand Medicaid rank poorly on healthcare quality. It is not just cause and effect. It is states that do not help people in need that correlate to these worse ourcomes. Keith

      • You’re a common sense independent Keith. The Republican Party is bereft of such people anymore. At some point, a reckoning will come for them. You’d think it would be pretty soon with Trump in charge. I just don’t know though. After Obama won again, they did an autopsy that suggested a change was coming. Instead, they doubled down on extremism. Hard to believe.

      • Jeff, many thanks. I want to emphasize what the Republicans in the House and Senate did to pass an ACA repeal was an absolutely horrible process that priduced absolutely horrible legislation. Fortunately, Senator John McCain saved our country and his party from embarassingly poor legislation. What made McCain so perturbed was the rushed process. The president and his sycophants can complain all they want, but McCain saved their hind end.

        By the way, for those who want an excellent source on healthcare data and analysis, I encourage you to go to The Commonwealth Fund website.


  3. Hello Keith. I would think that business and governments would do all they can to keep the population healthy. It not only cuts down on costly illness and future long term care needs but a healthy population is far more productive. Seems to me it is a cost benefit to have healthier people longer. Hugs

    • Scottie, well said. To further your point, if the ACA was done away with it would cause a recession. People would trade buying merchandise for needed meds and doctors’ visits that had been largely paid by a healthcare plan. Keith

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