Climate change shout out

Earlier this week, the US president began the official process to abandon the rest of the world by leaving the Paris Climate Change Accord. As a response, I posted the following on the websites of many Democrat presidential candidates. Please feel free to modify and use accordingly.

“Please shout from the roof tops that if you win the presidency you will have the US rejoin the Paris Climate Change Accord the day of your inauguration. Leaving this agreement is poor stewardship of our planet and detrimental to our global leadership.

In less than three short years, we have recurringly ceded our global leadership role forsaking our allies and trading partners. We have also become less trustworthy because our president cannot be trusted. Rejoining Paris would be a huge step back to being a good neighbor.”

11 thoughts on “Climate change shout out

    • Janis, that would be great, at least the things he has done poorly or in the wrong direction. He has tried to do this with the Obama presidency, which is sad because some good things did happen under Obama’s watch. Keith

    • Roger, that would be rich. He made his announcement to leave on the White House lawn to polite applause. Ironically, it was the day after Exxon Mobil shareholders voted that management had to share a plan on addressing climate change. Also, this week’s announcement occurred the same week the New York AG vs Exxon Mobil case is being argued. The case is on Exxon Mobil misrepresenting the impact of climate change on their business to shareholders. Keith

      • Shareholders fighting back….I could grow to like capitalism.
        (Sorry for the frivolity, on FaceBook I’m currently engaged in one of the classic bitter fraternal (or sorietal) Labour disputes over whether tactical voting in a General Election is a shrewd tactic or a mortal sin…you would think some people live only to be in Opposition and complain)

      • Roger, shareholders can make a statement. CalPERS and Blackstone have a lot of clout.

        People can’t just complain. They must vote, tactical or otherwise. The young folks complaining about Brexit and Trump must vote. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: I will likely write a post on this, but I just got back from a Climate Change strike in Charlotte, where none other than Greta Thunberg was the key speaker. She came to join Mary Ellis Stevens, a 9th grade student, who had been striking like Greta. The crowd was estimated at 1,200. Thunberg even handled a heckler like a pro, saying why don’t you can back stage so we can talk afterwards.

  2. Sooner or later, the rest of the world will get tired of the U.S. pissing away their future and will take action. We are rapidly becoming the outliers … there will be a price to pay.

    • Jill, a key will be to replace this person in the White House. Even if shamed, he will claim fake news. That is why I think Dems need to put the hammer down. We are being a bad neighbor and partner to the rest of the world.


      • Jill, I think Trump can lay that claim now. Other leaders have to plan around him. Even on more normal things, an global economist said the “White House does not speak with one voice.” Keith

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