Greta Thunberg joins a ninth grader in Charlotte for climate change strike

Her words were clear. We must “unite behind the science.” Sixteen year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg joined ninth-grader Mary Ellis Stevens in Charlotte along with 1,200 other people for a climate change strike. I was one of the 1,200. Several young people spoke, with only a few adult voices making it to the dais. The crowd was multi-generational, multi-ethnic and multi-racial. It was wonderful to witness.

Below is a brief article from The Charlotte Observer on the strike. I was struck by several things she and others said.

– Thunberg made a point of referencing many of the indigenous tribes from our area. To me, this is representative of the saying “we are not inheriting our land from our forebears, we are borrowing it from our children.”
– a young UNCC student activist who is African-American noted that people of color are more impacted by climate change than other groups, yet they get under-represented at these events. The reason is the events are held during the working day, and not everyone has the luxury of getting away from work or school.
– Thunberg handled a heckler with the aplomb of a seasoned politician. After listening for a few seconds, she said why don’t you come back stage afterwards and we can talk about your comments?

I was incredibly proud of the young folks in attendance. I think Thunberg is a hero for her courage and candor. My favorite sign was from a young adult woman standing near me that said “You cannot renew lost time.” I told her that her sign was excellent. In my view, we have lost eleven years due to the Bush/ Cheney White House and the Trump White House. Good things have happened in spite of their lack of leadership on this topic, but these efforts could have been leveraged even more by concerted federal action.

11 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg joins a ninth grader in Charlotte for climate change strike

  1. The more I hear about Ms. Thunberg, the more impressed I am. Her handling of the heckler was absolutely spot on! I hope her courage and enthusiasm are spreading to thousands of people while she’s in this country! Thanks for sharing, Keith!

  2. Note to Readers: Trump is not the first Republican president to be antagonistic with dealing with climate change. George W. Bush and his very involved VP, oil industry executive Dick Cheney are respomsible for the following:
    – adding language to the 2005 Clean Energy Act that exempted frackers from the Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Air Act.
    – appointing a petroleum lobbyist as White House Council on the Environment
    – redacting all scientific papers that referenced climate change or global warming (Governors Scott Walker (WI) and Rick Scott (FL) liked this so much they copied it)
    – pushed the hoax concept where hoaxers were invited to testify in front of Congress

    Of course, the best thing about Bush winning was it permitted his opponent Al Gore to educate people globally.

  3. Greta is a force that is slowly changing minds. What an accomplishment for a sixteen – year-old! She is wise, far beyond her years and she makes her detractors look stupid, because they generally are (lab fed rats to the elitist causes most of them)! I am glad she is a tough cookie. She has a lot of enemies but time is on her side for mobilising the youth who will take over from the idiotic politicians currently running the global show. Hopefully though, Greta and her peers will not fall prey to the insidious preaching from those who would use their enthusiastic innocence for subvertive counter-politics.
    We need a clean break to a compassionate society if we are to survive either functionally or as an interconnected part of the rest of the animal kingdom.

    • Colette, well said. it amazes me the amount of name calling and very derogatory comments made toward this sixteen year old by adults. What is unknown to many and the reason the fight is needed, is there are roughly 750 peer-reviewed science websites that address climate change. Yet, due to funding by an industry with huge pocket books, there are roughly 30,000 websites that are not peer reviewed which get referenced as fact. This makes it difficult.

      What is ironic, Shell produced an educational video in the 1990s about the dangers of climate change and Exxon Mobil is in court right now fighting testimony that comes from its own scientists from the 1970s – 1990s, before their leadership decided to hire the tobacco PR firm and go into hoax mode.

      Greta deserves the kudos she is getting as she is a truth seeker. Folks like Dick Cheney, Andrew Wheeler, are just hired guns for the industry to sell a story. I hppe Exxon Mobil is convicted of misleading shareholders, but we will have to wait and see what transpires. I do understand the 21 children suing the US government over inadequate climate change action have a good case.


    • Note to Readers: As I typed this yesterday, I almost typed a hypothesis that her announcement will unnerve the US president. Guess what? This announcement unnerved the president. He, per his modus operandi, berated the temperament of Greta Thunberg. Not issues. Temperament.

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