I guess I am just dumb as well

Per The National Review, “Senator John Kennedy (R., La.) slammed House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi at a rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Eddie Rispone in Louisiana on Wednesday. ‘In three short years, President Trump has doubled the growth in the greatest economy in all of human history. And do you know what our Democratic friends have done for him?’ Kennedy asked an arena full of supporters in the city of Monroe, Louisiana. ‘Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to impeach him.’ ‘I don’t mean any disrespect, but it must suck to be that dumb,’ Kennedy said.”

For now, let me mention and set aside the incorrect statement made by the Senator about doubling the growth of the greatest economy (which softened to 1.9% annualized growth last quarter) in all of human history and I won’t even address that we are over ten plus years of consecutive month economic growth when the president has only been president for just shy of three years or that China and India have higher growth rates. Let me focus on the last statement.

Name calling serves no purpose and shows the author has a poor argument. From where I sit, let me mention a few things I posted on the Senator’s website:

– the US president has been credibly accused of abuse of power, obstruction of justice, extortion of a country for personal gain, and violation of campaign finance laws
– these allegations come under oath by many well-respected diplomats and staff who have served multiple presidents of both parties
– these testimonies have come at great personal risk by these public servants given the vindictive president and his syvophants
– this is on top of the Mueller Report which did many things, but did not exonerate the president of obstruction of justice and confirmed he is untruthful.

I guess under the Senator’s scorecard, that means I am dumb as well. Call me stupid, but I think we owe these public servants the same duty that they adhere to. Call me dumb, but I think Senator Kennedy’s colleague Lindsey Graham is also forsaking his duty by saying he won’t read the transcripts.

Well, I guess this independent and former Republican voter is just plain stupid. For some reason, I thought Senators swore an oath like these public servants did to serve the US constitution.

Love or hate Nancy Pelosi, she is at least doing her job. Senator, why don’t you do yours. Stop worrying about keeping your job and do your job.

14 thoughts on “I guess I am just dumb as well

    • David, thanks. You would think. What I found interesting beyond the “dumb” comment is the incorrect assertion about the economy. The tax change and de-reg helped a pretty good economy get a little better for a little while, but it did not double and it certainly is not the best ever in world history.

      Please feel free to publicize this story as I think it is emblematic of the Republican hyperrationalization of a deceitful president. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: I must confess the senator’s name calling is perturbing to me. I can’t decide if it is more offensive than Graham’s saying he won’t read the transcripts. The name calling is a grade school playground antic. A senior senator or president should not be name calling. Yet, Graham is just acting like a sycophant in support of a president who has been accused by more than a few of wrongdoing.

    • Brendan, so true. To your point, more jobs were created under Bill Clinton 22.9 million) than under any other president, yet that did bother Republicans from voting to impeach him in the House. Keith

      • Brendan, when Republicans brag on the Trump economy, a response is you are then saying Obama was a great president – 90 consecutive months of growth, more than doubled stock market and less than 5% unemployment after inheriting a recession. Keith

  2. I can’t bash the senator on his name calling, because I’m hearing the same on the other side of the fence and I even admit to using some pretty awful monikers for the Trump Train myself. But his nice little sound byte “it must suck to be so dumb” is the mark of a charbroiled pot calling the kettle black. I loved that Alabama lost their game last night. I mean, I feel sorry for the Alabama team for the jinx in their midst, but I enjoyed the irony.

    • Linda, we must call out the nand calling on both sides. I do my best to avoid such, but it is hard to avoid at times, especially when describing something. Is a person a sycophant when he acts in that manner? When someone acts in a racist manner is he a racist? When someone is being untruthful often, should we call them a liar

      My wife hears my more raw comments, as a certain public official makes you want to curse. Yet, we must focus on the action and less on the person. It is hard. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I sent a variation of this post as a letter to several newspapers including the Times-Picayune in Louisiana. Please feel free to use it to suit your purpose.

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