Sober and bigger questions for White House actions

To me, judging sober testimony from an entertainment vantage point shows poorly. I found Messers. Kent and Taylor credible, honorable, duty-bound and courageous. The context they offered was helpful. I am proud we have public servants like these gentlemen. I also think when Taylor answered a question saying what the president did was “wrong,” that actually resonated with a few Republicans. We should not forget these people have testified under oath, one that it appears they take seriously.

Yet, a point made near the end should be highlighted. The aid was not released until after the whistleblower issue was made public and there waa bipartisan frustration with the president. Mr. Nunes and friends need to be reminded of this point and Taylor’s point that what the president did was wrong.

A huge question should be asked and asked again. Why is president Trump asking Rudy Guiliani to run a shadow diplomacy? Even if Guiliani was Gandhi, he has not been vetted by the Senate. There is an even bigger issue of which this is a part. Other countries do not know who speaks for America. Those are not my words. These words come from other countries’ diplomats. This creates chaos and mistrust.

It matters not the party of the president. What he is doing is “wrong.” He needs to be held accountable even if it does not lead to his removal from office. It is that important.

13 thoughts on “Sober and bigger questions for White House actions

  1. This presidentship would have presidents and their advisors wincing and quivering in their graves in sheer exasperation at the ineptitude.
    Last year I read ‘The Best and the Brightest’ written in 1972 by David Halberstam which charts how talented men still managed to place the USA in Vietnam. What Trump and his various crews would have done when faced with such a challenge does not bear thinking about.

    • Roger, we have seen three people testify under oath with seriousness of purpose. I am very impressed with all three. To your point, it is hard enough to govern with facts, but ignoring them per The Pentagon Papers are choosing to not consider such as the current president makes it nigh impossible. To me, the two days of testimony confirm the folly of rationalizing corrupt actions. Keith

      • Indeed.
        It has to be accepted in the complexity of government and in keeping us in stability (as well as reasonably secure), there will be a measure of questionable morality. We should be mature enough to ask ‘What would I have done in their shoes?’.
        However Trump ignores the rules and blusters his way through so he can maintain his La-la land for his voter base.

      • Roger, one of Trump’s biggest toadies, Sean Hannity, is feeding his viewers that the Impeachment hearings are a sham. Yet, I don’t hear him talking about his role in the smear campaign of Marie Yovanovitch. Trump eats up the malarkey Hannity feeds returning it in an untruthful feedback loop. To Russia, using the duo is like shooting fish in a barrel. My guess is the Russians, Chinese, etc. have flowcharts on how to use these feedback loops to spread disinformation. Keith

  2. Since we are currently traveling, I’m unable to watch the proceedings… which may be a good thing for my sanity. I do read the wrap-ups and the end of the day, though and I, too, am so proud of these patriotic civil servants. That the GOP isn’t backing them up in the face of trump’s crimes is shameful. So many only seem to finally find their spines again after they leave office. I wonder how they will look back on their role in this moment in history?

    • Janis, very credible and honorable people have testified under oath. I focused on their opening remarks which they set the context of a dubious modus operandi. The president’s tweets real time are more of the same trumpeting of untruths and blather, which are not under oath. Keith

  3. Well said, my friend. I had tears when Ms. Yovanovitch received a standing ovation on her way out. Such credibility and professionalism from her, Kent and Taylor stands in stark contrast to Trump himself.

    • Jill, she exemplifies what is good in public service. The president could not be accused of such. Refer to my response to your comment in “Three Simple Questions.” Keith

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