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One of the underlying themes of the Ukraine issue is the undercutting of diplomats doing a job without bothering to tell them what is going on without their knowledge. Setting aside the abuse of power and possible criminal activities, what the president did is just a poor leadership practice. A true example that happened to me might help illustrate this point.

I was client manager on a client relationship with a dear long term client. The client was looking to outsource some major internal work, which my company only did a small part. My client was asking me to help them source other providers, so I started to pull together a team to do so.

Without telling me, my company agreed to partner with a larger company to offer a proposal for the outsourcing. After pulling together a team, I was apprised at the last minute we were actually bidding on the project I was going to help source. Really? So, I apprised my client of the conflict of interest and we suggested he consider a competitor for the sourcing work.

None of this had to happen. My company could have told me up front what was going down without me being embarassed. Plus, it embarassed our bidding partner as they got wind of my sourcing efforts. And, it embarassed my main contact.

This came down from the top. In my or any business, you don’t leave your people hanging. You arm them with information and tools to do the job. You want people to have your back, not go around you snd not tell you they are so doing.

This is what was done by the US president to his diplomats in the field dealing with Ukraine. They were playing a hand they were dealt, but were not informed Rudy Guiliani was playing at another card table.

I have said before, not standing up for your people is poor leadership. So, is not informing them of what is happening. But, it does not just affect us. Ukraine and others wonder “who speaks for America?” Who does?

10 thoughts on “True story example

  1. Note to Readers: Testimony by DOD Asst Secretary Laura Cooper late this afternoon blew a hole when Ukraine knew of security hold:

    Per Reuters, “Cooper said that her staff had received an email on July 25 from the State Department saying that Ukraine’s embassy and the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee were asking about security assistance.

    ‘On July 25 a member of my staff got a question from a Ukrainian Embassy contact asking what was going on with U.S. security assistance,’ Cooper told the House Intelligence Committee at the impeachment hearing.”

    To me, it reveals Ukraine knew what was going down. It also reveals they are scared of Trump cutting assistance. They are not unlike Republican legislators in that regard.

  2. Other countries are not the only ones wondering just who speaks for the U.S. … I don’t think any of us know at this point. But to your point … you are so right … it is poor practice for a leader, whether of a company or government, to act without transparency, to keep everyone in the dark, or fragment the information such that one hand has no idea what the other is doing. But then, would we expect any better of the person in the Oval Office?

    • Jill, I had read research from financial reporters who have covered Trump for years. He gets high marks on merchandising, but poor marks on management. Quite frankly, he is far worse a manager than expected and no where near what a leader should look like. Keith

      • That sounds about right … he sold half the nation a bill of goods, but has since failed to deliver or delivered shoddy goods. Like you, I knew he would be bad, but he has far exceeded even the ‘worst case scenario’ I was picturing back in January 2017.

      • Jill, he does not have the patience, empathy or diligence to be good manager. Conservative pundit David Brooks the White House us equal parts chaos and incompetence. Keith

    • Mellow, so true. Other country leaders see these things. It will make them question if helping the US is worth it. Can you imagine Donald Trump trying to build a coalition of countries to do something? They would only do so to gain financially, as they cannot trust future action from a person who has sand castle conviction. Keith

  3. He doesn’t deserve the highly skilled and ethical public servants that still exist in his maniacal administration. But I am so thankful that some of them are still there and that there are heroes among them who are brave enough to stand up against him.

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