Letter to editor – as a Republican, I won’t follow blindly

A letter to the editor in my paper today was entitled “As a Republican, I won’t follow blindly.” The following are his first two paragraphs:

“Why are American citizens turning a deaf ear to the obvious wrongdoings of the president of the United States.

As a registered Republican, I am appalled that my fellow American citizens aren’t ashamed of the total disregard for the truth that is being emitted from Washington.”

This emperor has no clothes. He is also a national security risk as he belittles and embarasses an ally in need of our help for personal gain.

7 thoughts on “Letter to editor – as a Republican, I won’t follow blindly

  1. The author of the Letter to the Editor is really asking the million-dollar question! Why are so many Americans tolerant of the lies, horrible personal attacks, and the trampling underfoot of the rule of law? It defies any rational explanation.

    • John, I agree. It is lost on so many that these folks testified under oath at great risk. Now more emails are supporting the testimony. Trump is harming an ally for personal gain. That is flat wrong. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: Jill reminded me of Republican State Senator John McCollister of Nebraska who has been speaking truth about Trump’s lies and corruption. There are Republicans who care about our country more than what the party is doing under Trump. I encourage you to use the letter writer’s words above to share where appropriate. Sadly, the GOP legislators know Trump is detrimental to our country, but lack political courage. Send them these words.

    As proud as I am of McCollister and this Republican, I am truly sickened by the efforts of Lindsey Graham and disgusted by those of Devin Nunes. The latter should have been removed from the committee he is on and I shared as much with Speaker Paul Ryan. Another thing Nunes did on top of his 2017 and 2018 unethical and partisan stunts, is he refused to hear a traditional annual briefing from the heads of the intelligence agencies. A why question is appropriate.

  3. Like Adam Schiff said in his closing on the last day of hearings Keith: Where are the Howard Baker Republicans today? Or something to that effect. Remember? What did the President know, and when did he know it? If we could only go back to the future……

    • Jeff, they are so few in number, they are overwhelmed by the strident base and not helped by the silent sycophants. Feel free to borrow this post and send it out. I blended it with my one on more why questions and have been sending ti select legislators. Keith

      • Jeff, thanks. My thesis is they need to hear from people who see what is going on. To be frank, given the history of the person in the White House, the self-serving actions and corruption is probably more rampant than people believe. Keith

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