May the Force be with you – don’t click

Black Friday turned into hefty cyber sales. Today, is officially Cyber Monday, so the expectation is high for even more sales. However, a key financial lesson is if you don’t buy, you save even more money. So, use the Force to not click.

I realize I am not telling anyone anything new. But. people want your money, so they will make it easier to get it. I think there has been a trend toward more personal purchases from holiday gifts. It is clear the car commercials have gone down that path to lower year-end inventory. If you must buy a car, your best savings will be at the end of December not the beginnning.

Yet, resist the urge as much as you can. I tell people you can go broke saving 1/2 off if it leads to more purchases. The other reason to resist is the hyper-commercialization of Christmas. This is a key reason I am frustrated with the infringement on my favorite holiday of Thanksgiving.

So, use the Force. Resist the urge. Don’t click on Submit or click far less. Black Friday and Cyber Monday lead to Red Debt.

13 thoughts on “May the Force be with you – don’t click

  1. I was saying to Sheila I can envisage the whole run up to Christmas being turned into a Commercial Version of Advent, where every day is given a special name, the inference being you must buy something on that day.

  2. I hate shopping, especially this time of year when the crowds are thick, parking is a hassle, and it just turns me into a growling, cursing crone. So most of my Christmas shopping is done online, but I am frugal … I already know what I am looking for and where to find it, and I’m not led astray by adds and promises of “additional savings”. And, I purposely did no shopping on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I’m a stubborn wench. 😉

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